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Page last updated at 10:49 GMT, Friday, 3 September 2010 11:49 UK
Glorifying God with house music
By Glen Keogh
BBC Tees Blast reporter

Ben Jack
Ben Jack writes from the heart: "My faith is my muse"

If there's one thing you don't immediately associate with Christianity it's house music.

Ben Jack is the manager at Christian radio station Cross Rhythms Teesside.

He's played all over the country, released work on drum and bass label Rubik Records and is soon to play events in Canada and the US.

So what's the difference between Christian house bands, and just your run of the mill bands? We met Ben to find out...

Ben Jack achieved his success by playing some Christian music at what he refers to as "secular" nightclubs, but then decided to stop the club antics and perform solely at Christian events.

This decision benefited his music career as his upcoming gigs are his best to date and it begs the question. Is religious music really that different from regular music?

All bands write about what they're interested in and I wanted to write about my faith
Ben Jack

Ben said: "I started out DJ'ing at 17-years-old with non-Christian music, but because I was Christian and felt strongly about my faith I wanted to merge the two together

"I went to work for a national Christian organisation and DJ'd Christian music all over the country there.

"I then started to use some Christian music in secular nightclubs as well as songs by secular artists which had lyrics that could be applied to my faith.

"Feel the Vibe by Axwell was always a great one. I love those lyrics."

After playing the club circuit for a few years, Ben got noticed and was signed to Rubik Records. Mainstream success could have beckoned but he then took an unlikely route...

"When I got signed I released an EP but then started writing my own music with other Christian DJs," he explained.

"We went under then name Aorta and all our songs were based around faith as that's the most important thing to me.

Christian festivals

"All bands write about what they're interested in and I wanted to write about my faith. My faith is my muse.

"Even though Aorta is now finished, I don't play clubs anymore. I like playing Christian events and festivals to serve the Church.

"Since I made the decision to stop playing clubs, my career has actually gone from strength to strength.

"I'm now playing international Christian festivals, and I wouldn't have had the chance to play in these places otherwise.

"I honoured God and now he is honouring me."

Ben says his main objective is to become as close to living like Jesus as possible. Is this what sets Christian artists apart from others? Jesus didn't throw televisions out of hotel windows after all.

"It has been difficult to combine my faith with DJ'ing. If I wrote secular songs they would get heard by a wider audience, but I don't mind.

"I don't want to be famous, I just want my music to glorify God".

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