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Page last updated at 12:30 GMT, Monday, 28 February 2011
Corus: Blast furnaces to be lit as early as September
Corus when it was closing
When Corus closed, it shook the lives of people on Teesside

Despite being mothballed more than a year ago, it's believed that the blast furnace at Teesside Cast Products could be relit as early as September 2011.

Dave Cocks, the man who lead the team responsible for shutting down the massive furnace, has now been tasked with the re-start.

He said: "It's a bit like starting a giant barbeque."

A deal was signed on Thursday 24 February to save the plant by Thai firm SSI.

Dave Cocks described the process of relighting a blast furnace: "What you do is, you put kindling in... in a blast furnace kindling is actually railway sleepers.

"So we put several hundred tonnes of railway sleepers in the bottom of the blast furnace, then we put a big bed of coke on top of that, then the iron ore goes in on top of that.

"And then by blowing in pre-heated air - because the air that goes into a blast furnace is about 1,000C (about 1,832F ) that air causes the timbers to burn, which causes the coke to burn, and slowly over a matter of days, you introduce the amount of heat that you need."

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