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Page last updated at 10:18 GMT, Friday, 13 August 2010 11:18 UK
Teesside biofuels firm tackles bad smell
Ensus biofuels
Residents in Lazenby say the brewery-like smell makes them feel sick

Engineers at a Teesside biofuels firm believe they have found a solution to odours which have sparked complaints.

Redcar MP Ian Swales said he met with angry residents in Lazenby who claimed a brewery-like smell from the Ensus plant at Wilton made them feel sick.

After talks with the Environment Agency the company will be installing oxidising equipment to temper the odour - but not for 10 months.

People have told BBC Tees that the smell was impacting on their lives.

Thermal oxidisers

Vicky Foukes, who chairs the residents' committee said: "It shouldn't be tolerated.

"It's devastating and it is making people have to stay inside with the windows shut, and it's not right."

Ensus said it had already tried several methods to tackle the problem, which was caused by a mistake in the design of specialist machinery.

Engineering director Peter Sopp said the next step would be to install thermal oxidisers which would burn off the offending particles.

He said: "We want to minimise the smell.

"We realise we're testing people's patience, and appreciate people putting up with this, but we will get the problem sorted as soon as we can."

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