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Page last updated at 07:42 GMT, Thursday, 8 April 2010 08:42 UK
Lego Amy Winehouse built by Darlington teenager
Justin Ramsden has made a Lego bust of Amy Winehouse
Expert Lego builder Justin Ramsden with his bust of Amy Winehouse

A Darlington student has made a stunning tribute to pop star Amy Winehouse - from Lego bricks.

Justin Ramsden spent two weeks and used dozens of bricks to make the Lego Amy, now on display in his bedroom.

Justin has also sculpted a self-portrait and is working on a model of Darlington's Barclays Bank.

The 19-year-old said: "I've always been passionate about Lego. Some people stop playing with it but I never have."

Best ever

Justin said he originally started work on a Lego likeness of David Bowie, but was finding it tricky to get the Thin White Duke's features right.

He explained: "I've always liked Amy's music, and when Bowie wasn't working I was flicking through a music magazine.

Amy Winehouse has a really interesting look so I decided to try making her with Lego
Justin Ramsden

"It had named her the top artist of the century, she has a really interesting look so I decided to try making her with Lego.

"I'm really pleased with the way the model turned out. It's one of the best I've ever made."

Dark ages

Lego bust of Amy Winehouse
Justin took two weeks to make his 'Lego Amy'

In his time, Justin, a student at Darlington College, has turned out hundreds of Lego models.

He says he began playing with Lego "as soon as I was old enough to pick the bricks up," and is a member of The Brickish Association.

Justin said: "The Brickish is for adult Lego fans. I'm one of the youngest members, at 19 I'm supposed to be in the 'Lego Dark Ages.'

"That's when you've gone away from it, people usually come back when they're about 30. I've just never stopped."

And Justin's latest project will soon be on display in the middle of his home town.

In a scheme run by Darlington Council and Justin's college, he is working on the model of the town's Barclays Bank.

Chocolate factory

Justin said: "It should be finished by the end of April. After that, it'll go on display in Buxton's Yard as part of the Art in the Yards project.

"The idea is to bring art close to the public. It's a real honour for me to do it and I can't wait to see it on show."

Justin, who is also a music photographer, hopes to get a full time job with Lego.

The Lego company was founded in Denmark in 1932
Children around the world are said to spend 5 billion hours a year playing with Lego
The name Lego comes from Leg-Godt - Danish for 'play well.'

He added: "That is my dream. I did some work experience with Lego in Denmark, it was incredible.

"I felt like Charlie out of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

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