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Page last updated at 12:52 GMT, Tuesday, 27 October 2009
My anti-obesity diary: Week Six

My anti-obesity diary: Week Six

A teenager from Darlington has been fitted with a gastric band, after reaching a weight of 24 stone.

Nineteen year old Abigail Bryan, a DJ by trade, first applied for the procedure at the age of just 13.

Doctors have warned that the procedure is not a miracle cure for obesity, but Abigail believes it is the only solution for her.

Six weeks after the operation Abigail is starting up Salsa dancing and looking for hip-hop classes.

Week Six

I still haven't lost anymore weight this week I really think it's because I need my band filling.

Your body gets used to the amount you eat and you stop losing weight after a while, so you need to make your stomach smaller again to reduce your food intake without feeling hungry and that means filling the band with saline solution to tighten it up.

I called the hospital this week but what a palaver that was!

I rang Monday morning but the woman I needed to speak to was in a meeting, then I rang Monday afternoon but she was in clinic so then I rang her on Tuesday and left her my name and number and she rang me back, but still nothing is definite yet about getting my band filled this week.

Hip-Hop lessons

I'm still really busy with Uni and I worked Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights this week and Uni during the day, so it's been hard to fit in normal meal times sometimes but I am trying my best.

I didn't manage to put any organized exercise into this week like I said I was going to in week five but I have done a fair bit of walking.

I'm starting salsa lessons with my friend Toni on Monday night... and I also want to find somewhere where I can do hip-hop lessons... I think that I am quite a good dancer anyway so it will be exercise and enjoyable too.

Abi at work, during week six
Abi at work, during week six

I can't help but think that when people read last weeks diary, and then this weeks, and see I haven't lost any more weight they are going to think that I am just eating rubbish and that I have had the surgery for nothing.


But people don't really know how hard it is to cut out so many different foods from your diet, this week I have craved pasta and bread but I have shrugged it off because I know I can't eat it and I've just carried on with what I can eat.

I hope that I do get my band filled next week as it is getting me down a little bit when I step on the scales and it doesn't move but I'm sure I will get back on track soon.

It's quite difficult to adjust to being thinner too because a guy at one of my gigs this weekend brought me a rose and asked me for a date and all I kept doing was looking around to see if he had any mates with him in case they'd dared him to ask me out, that has happened to me before I lost weight and it really upset me at the time.

I just can't trust people to be genuine now because of that incident, anyway I accepted the rose and told him I had a boyfriend, but thanks for asking me.

Family support

Abi and Poppy, who brings her lots of amusement
Abi and Poppy, who brings her lots of amusement

I thought you might like to see my dog Poppy... I'm a real animal lover and she's kept me going when I've been a bit down at times.

She's got such a playful character and is very loving as well as being quite naughty at times.

My nan is also on the video this week because she's the one who started the search for help to overcome my obesity problem.

My mother has been a singer for many years so my Nan looked after me a lot when I was young and my mum was at work, so I am very close to her. She's 80 years old but is probably fitter than all of us.

It took ages for her to get her talk to camera, and we had great fun watching the out takes.


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