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My anti-obesity diary: Week Five

My anti-obesity diary: Week Five

A teenager from Darlington has been fitted with a gastric band, after reaching a weight of 24 stone.

Nineteen year old Abigail Bryan, a DJ by trade, first applied for the procedure at the age of just 13.

Doctors have warned that the procedure is not a miracle cure for obesity, but Abigail believes it is the only solution for her.

Five weeks after the operation Abigail is looking forward to having the band enlarged to help her weight loss.

Week Five

Well this week has been hard because I've been so busy and working a lot as well as going to Uni.

Sometimes you just don't have time to prepare healthy food to take with you, and when you've been at Uni from 9am and don't get home from work until 3:30am the next morning you are starving... and that's the worst time to eat.

Consequently I haven't lost any weight this week which has depressed me a bit but the fact that I love my job so much stops me from getting too down in the mouth.

Abi at work, DJing in the clubs of Teesside
Abi at work, DJing in the clubs of Teesside

I am going to step up the exercise in week six though, because I think that may make a big difference.

I am also going to contact the hospital because they told me that my gastric band would be made smaller after six weeks but the appointment I received was for the end of December which is months away.

I am wondering if there's been a mistake because another girl I was in hospital has had her band filled this week.

If they fill the band I will eat less and feel full quicker, that's the way it works.

I had a bit of a bad flashback this week too, two of my friends asked me to go to a salsa dancing class with them.

Although I said I would go I just kept thinking that there was three of us and I suddenly thought, what if the other dancers have to pick partners and I am left till last?

Abi, week five, enjoying Uni, but not enjoying how it's messing with her healthy eating!
Abi, enjoying Uni, but not enjoying how it's messing with her healthy eating!

It used to happen to me at school, I was always the last one to be picked for teams or sports and that horrible feeling washed over me again.

I said I would go with them but at the last minute I was asked to DJ at a bar in Middlesbrough supporting a Michael Jackson tribute act which meant I would have to miss the dance class.

I love my job too much to turn it down but I was also secretly relieved.

I know it probably seems silly because I've lost weight and I'm an adult now but it doesn't stop you feeling like that little girl who got picked last.

Anyway all that is in the past and I am sure that once the band is filled and I step up the exercise I will start losing weight again.


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