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My anti-obesity diary: Week Three

My anti-obesity diary: Week Three

A teenager from Darlington has been fitted with a gastric band, after reaching a weight of 24 stone.

Nineteen year old Abigail Bryan, a DJ by trade, first applied for the procedure at the age of just 13.

Doctors have warned that the procedure is not a miracle cure for obesity, but Abigail believes it was the only solution for her.

Three weeks after the procedure, Abigail has put on a stone, but has been told this was to be expected.

Week Three

I was really upset when I put a stone on in the second week after my operation, but when I contacted the hospital they told me that was normal.

It was because I had been on such a low calorie diet before the op that my body had gone into starvation mode so as soon as I ate anything it was stored as fat straight away.

Abigail, three weeks after her operation
Abigail, three weeks after her operation

I wish they could have told me to expect that though because I thought that I was abnormal at first, I thought 'How can anyone put on weight eating strawberry mush?'

Thankfully, as soon as I started to eat regularly again I started losing the weight that I'd put on.

'Waste of NHS money'

One of my DJ friends is training for the coast to coast walk and asked if I'd like to go walking with him, I said yes straight away but I was worried I wouldn't keep up with him because he is much fitter than me.

I think he walked slower for me and we did the walk in two hours, I was really proud of myself because I'd never attempted a walk like that before!

Everyone has been brilliant, all my friends and family have really supported me and it makes me mad when the odd person says that paying for operations for obese people is a waste of NHS money because it's their own fault they're fat.

Let them live my life for a week and they'd see what it's like to be a 19 year old girl who can't wear normal clothes or go out without someone making fun of her, especially when you grow up with an older sister who has never been overweight.

But all that's changing now and I am really happy that it is.


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