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Introducing: Jimmy & The Sounds
Jimmy & The Sounds
Jimmy & The Sounds are playing on Saturday 31 July

In the run-up to the Stockton Fringe Festival we will be previewing some of the local talent due to play.

BBC Tees' favourites Jimmy & The Sounds will be plying their poppy trade on the Saturday, taking to the stage at 1500 GMT.

The band see themselves playing Glastonbury in the future, and are looking forward to The Fringe.

We've given them eight chances to convince you to check them out...

BBC Tees' Blast reporter Glen Keogh quizzed the band

How would you describe your band sound in three words?

'Smile, Don't Worry'

Fill in the gaps: If you like………………….. then you will like us.

Staying out late in the Summer.

What is the band setup and what equipment do you use?

We are a four piece with bass, drums, two guitars and three vocals.

We use Fender and Schecter guitars, Orange amps and Shine drums.

What does playing the Fringe festival mean to you?

It means a lot to all of us, as well as the fact that it's a massive privilege to be given the opportunity, it's also one of the best local festivals around.

Every year the atmosphere has been excellent and this year the line-up is arguably one of the best yet.

It kind of encapsulates summer for us, spending time with friends, hanging out and laughing.

Who else do you want to see at the festival?

As well as all the local acts, bands like British Sea Power and Mercury Rev are definitely going to be good.

I know this year there is another stage at the Georgian Theatre as well which will be worth a visit - it's the first year for this stage so I'm sure they'll put on something impressive!

As well as the music I can't wait to see Reginald D. Hunter, last years comedy stage was good but this year is going to be something else.

What's the best gig you have played together?

It's hard to tell!

We played the O2 Academy in Newcastle a while back and that was awesome, but since then we've supported some great acts and in a couple of weeks we are off to play a festival in Germany.

Ask us again in a few months.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

Each other!

All our songs come from hanging out together, sometimes at practice, sometimes not.

The best influences come from things that happen on the road.

We've been on tour recently and nothing influences you more than a six hour journey to the capital and back. Jimmy & The Sounds are a gang, not a band!

Where do you see yourselves in five years time?

Hopefully making more and more music!

Maybe with an album under our belts and a pet flamingo or two but still playing with the same fulfilment we do now.

Oh and headlining Glastonbury obviously!


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