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Page last updated at 12:43 GMT, Thursday, 22 July 2010 13:43 UK
Introducing: Russell and The Wolves
Russell and The Wolves
Russell and The Wolves doing what they do best

In the run-up to the Stockton Fringe Festival we will be previewing some of the local talent due to play.

Stockton favourites Russell and The Wolves are playing twice on the Saturday of the festival.

Stripping their sound down to appear on the acoustic stage at 1530 GMT before tearing up the Georgian Theatre's after-show party where they will be on stage at around 2200 GMT.

We've given them eight chances to convince you to check them out...

BBC Tees' Blast reporter Glen Keogh quizzed the band

How would you describe your bands sound in three words?

"Mind numbingly horrendous" (that's from an actual review)

But we prefer "Crazed rock'n'roll noise"

Fill in the gaps: If you like .................... then you will like us.

The Cramps, The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Billy Childish, Pussy Galore, King Khan, The Birthday Party

What is the band setup and what equipment do you use?

Ned Hogan - Clean Guitar and some pedals

Danielle Velterelle - Noise hollow body guitar and some pedals

Great Scott - a drum kit

Me - someone else's microphone


What does playing the Fringe Festival mean to you?

It really means a lot being part of the best free festival in the North East, especially since we have been going for years.

It's one of those weekends where we just get really drunk and ride that weird octopus thing, throwing up our burgers and ice cream as we scream around in joy.

As two of us are Stockton born as well we feel it our duty to play and represent a more diverse side of music that is often overlooked, but quite a lot of them are playing this year.

The after show party is the best part to play, we're really pleased to be playing it again.

Who else do you want to see at the festival?

The Human League- obviously

The Kallinger Brothers Band- two men with one brain = best garage band in Town

Idiot Savant- our favourite miserables

Bob Fischer- I'll probably join him onstage with a washboard without his permission

Education Education Education- Danielle's always ready to support fellow gin'ers

O Children- played with them in Newcastle before, singer's even taller than me

Be Quiet Shout Loud- second tallest fop round here

Kinfauns- Performed an amazing set along to Easy Rider at the Square Eyes Picture House Exhibition

British Lichen Society- They're playing acoustically? Well that should be interesting

And we'll be spending the rest of our time drunken wandering and chortling in the comedy tent.

What's the best gig you have played together?

We've got a good five or six really good gigs like our first (last minute) fringe after-show party, Bob Log III in Doc Browns, Kd Congo Powers in Newcastle, The Cave Club in Glasgow.

Our best most recent gig we played was with The Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster and Bad For Lazarus at The Cluny in Newcastle, with a really packed crowd that totally got the noise, not too bluesy/punk/metal, it felt like we finally had reached the right crowd.

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

It's too hard to name just one band/thing that is our biggest inspiration. I think it's easy to tell what kind of bands we're into from how we sound, yet everyone's got a different opinion on them.

Every gig we play we're told something new we'd have never considered and then when you listen back, you completely agree.

I think it's a vibe/mindset that we just share with other bands that are of our ilk. To put it simply great minds think alike (and more importantly copy off the same people).

Ideas and concepts of something influence me but as far as bands go at the moment it's Pussy Galore, smashing metal together, Guitar Wolf, Tom Waits, Billy Childish and Reverb Hell.

Also special mentions to bands like King Khan and BBQ show, The Ventures and Thomas Truax.

Where do you see yourselves in five years time?

We'll have finally played with all our heroes (only King Khan, Jon Spencer and Billy Childish left) and we'll still be trying to recoup the expenses of our debut 7" single 'All Eights' which we've just self released on our label Droolsville Records which will be available for the festival.

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