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Famous buildings made on Teesside

Teesside's steel industry was born in the 1850s when iron ore was discovered in the Cleveland Hills near Eston.

Very quickly, the area underwent a massive expansion. In its heyday, the steelworks employed more than 40,000 people.

Over the 19th and 20th Centuries, the steelmaking led to world-class engineering.

Even today, some of the world's greatest structures are being built by Teessiders.

Sydney Harbour Bridge (Built by Dorman Long)
More on Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge

This is probably the best-known Teesside-built structure.

Thousands of people climb the bridge every year and are told how it was built by Dorman Long.

Birmingham Bullring (Steel by Teesside Cast Products)
More on Birmingham Bullring
Birmingham Bullring

Birmingham Bullring is the heart of the regeneration of England's second city. The £800m shopping centre was built using steelwork from Teesside.

Canary Wharf (Steel by Teesside Cast Products/Steelwork by Cleveland Bridge)
More on Canary Wharf
Canary Wharf

In the heart of London, Canary Wharf is Britain's tallest building.

It was built with steelwork designed and produced on Teesside.

New World Trade Centre, New York (Steel by Teesside Cast Products)
More on Freedom Tower
Artist's impression of the Freedom Tower

Work is underway on the Freedom Tower that will replace the Twin Towers destroyed on 9/11. Specialist grade steel beams from Corus Beam Mill are being used.

Heathrow Terminal 5 (Steel by Teesside Cast Products)
More on Heathrow Terminal 5
Heathrow Terminal 5

The controversial Heathrow Terminal 5 may not be Teesside's proudest boast, but the region provided the steel, rather than the ill-fated baggage handling system.

Wembley Stadium (Steelwork by Cleveland Bridge)
More on Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium

The job was dogged by budget problems and boardroom battles, but for all the troubles surrounding it, the Teesside team got the iconic arch in place.

Jiangyin Yangtze River Bridge (Steelwork by Cleveland Bridge)
More on Jiangyin Bridge
Jiangyin Bridge

The bridge is the most seaward crossing of the Yangtze River and its completion was timed to mark the 50th Anniversary of the Revolution on 1 October, 1997.

Victoria Falls Bridge, Zambezi River (Built by Dorman Long)
More on Victoria Falls Bridge
Victoria Falls Bridge

Walk along the iconic bridge that spans the world's highest waterfall, and you will see the stamp to prove it.

Hong Kong Convention Centre (Steelwork by Cleveland Bridge)
More on Hong Kong Convention Centre
Hong Kong Convention Centre

Governor Chris Patten made the historic handover of Hong Kong to China at a building described as "a sculpture in steel". That building, too, was made and erected by Teessiders.

Tyne Bridge (Built by Dorman Long)
More on the Tyne Bridge
Tyne Bridge

The Geordies might not like to be reminded of it, but the greatest icon of Tyneside's former industrial might was built by a Teesside company.

The Angel of the North (Made by Hartlepool Steel Fabrications)
More on the Angel of the North
Angel of the North

It may be the gateway marker to Tyneside and one of the most recognisable shapes in the country, but the Angel had to make a trip up the A19 to get where she is.

Forth Road Bridge (Built by Cleveland Bridge)
More on the Forth Road Bridge
Forth Road Bridge

How many bridges can boast their own visitor centre? At 3300 feet long and made with cables two feet thick, the Forth Road Bridge certainly deserves the one it has.


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