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A History of the World event in Hartlepool
The Museum of Hartlepool is the place to be for the event!
The Museum of Hartlepool is the place to be for the event!

A History of the World is a BBC project aiming to build a digital museum that everyone can contribute to.

BBC Tees have gathered ten objects to help get you started, and will be showing them off on Wednesday 17 February at The Museum Of Hartlepool.

The event not only gives you the chance to see most of these objects, but to upload your own.

There will also be experts on hand, and BBC Tees' Diane Youdale and Lisa McCormick presenting from the event.

Enthusiasts on-hand

Local metal detector enthusiasts will be at the event, talking about the things they have found.

There will also be a representative from the Portable Antiquities Scheme talking about how they help people who have found historical objects find out more about them.

And of course, BBC Tees' Diane Youdale will be there for the final hour of Neil & Diane's Mid Morning show 12 noon - 1pm and Lisa McCormick will be broadcasting her show 1pm - 4pm.

The event is completely free, and there is parking around the museum.

Sydney Harbour Bridge trowel

Ian Nicholson who wrote 'Building Sydney Harbour Bridge' talked to BBC Tees' Lisa McCormick on Wednesday 27 January about the significance of one of the ten objects from the BBC Tees area - the ceremonial presentation trowel from the laying of the foundation stone for the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1925.

"It was just such a huge project, and nothing like it had even been done here before."

Ian Stubbs from the Dorman Museum, where the silver-plated trowel can be seen, explained why the story behind the trowel is such an important one:

"It took them three months to steam to Australia on a ship, and three months again to come home.

"That's half a year of your life for this one great event... that changed the world, and the face of Australia."

Saxon princess pendant

On Wednesday 3 February Lisa spoke to Steve Sherlock, the man who discovered another of the ten objects... a gold pendant which belonged to a Saxon princess.

Steve's an archaeologist and in 2004 he started working on an excavation just outside Loftus in East Cleveland looking for an ironage settlement.

"(We found) three iron age roundhouses and some graves and they were the first clues to the start of this more exciting story about the Anglo Saxons in North East England"

Inside one of the graves they found the princess and the pendant.

Sneak preview...

Coming up in future weeks Lisa will be finding out more about the rest of the 10 objects, which include the lifesize clockwork model of a silver swan from the Bowes Museum in Barnard Castle.

Bowe's Museum's silver swan

Look North reports on the Silver Swan's restoration

What is A History of the World?
18 Jan 10 |  History


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