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Meet Saltburn's 'rubbish artist' Julie Easley
Julie Easley, from Saltburn in Cleveland
Julie has been making art for years and loves recycling

Julie Easley, from Saltburn describes herself as a rubbish artist - but she's not modest, she uses scrap to make art.

Having made art for years, her eco-friendly side eventually turned to using what she found lying around:

"It was a natural progression to use rubbish, there is such an excess of material to use, it started quite small at first and has become a passion now!"

Her work is currently being displayed in the Life Centre in Newcastle, and she's hoping to show it in Teesside.

Very supportive

"I have always 'done art' - drawing and painting, making things" Explains Julie.

"I spent years backpacking around world, and painting stuff I found to sell to tourists. Everything I create now is recycled and will continue to be - I am a rubbish artist!

"I re-use locally sourced materials using traditional handcrafted techniques. I transform untraditional materials into works of art.

"My friends and family are very supportive. They all know that I am doing something that I love and I get honest feedback. My kids love that I'm a recycling artist and have got used to the mess that invades our home when I'm creating."

Clay vase by Julie
Julie sources her own clay to make her ornaments

Julie creates one offs and her latest piece, an eight-foot tall picture of David Tennant made from old copies of The Gazette, is on display at Life in Newcastle as part of their Doctor Who event.

She says that although her art is for sale, she makes pieces for fun:

"If my art makes people smile, then I'm happy!

"My next step is to find a home for The Doctor, then finish my degree, and become a successful working artist!"

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