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Introducing: Dirty Weekend
Dirty Weekend
Dirty Weekend are on The Fringe on Saturday 31 July

In the run-up the Stockton Fringe Festival we will be previewing some of the local talent on offer.

This time it's NME and Radio 1 lauded Dirty Weekend, who will be showcasing their cutting-edge indie alongside scene veterans John Power and British Sea Power on Saturday's main stage.

We're giving them eight questions and answers to convince you to go along and see them on stage at the festival.

If you like what they say, check them out on Saturday 31 July at 1715 GMT.

BBC Tees' Blast reporter Glen Keogh quizzed the band

How would you describe your band sound in three words?

Progressive, epic, indie.

Fill in the gaps: If you like ……………. then you will like us.

Delay units

What is the band setup and what equipment do you use?

Dan sings using his vocal chords as well as playing a music man stingray bass.

Mike plays a Telecaster.

Ben plays a Telecaster drenched in Eventide Delay.

Matt plays a Gibson and a Korg synth.

Jonny hits his drums and occasionally presses buttons.

What does playing the Fringe Festival mean to you?

It's always the highlight of our summer!

Playing on such a big stage with top national touring acts and catching up with all the bands on the local scene is always fun.

It's also the source of a good many Monday morning hangovers over the years, there's nowt like a free case of warm beer to lighten the mood.

Who else do you want to see at the festival?

I'm looking forward to checking out Cattle and Cane as they seem to be doing really well at the minute. Seeing Mercury Rev in Stockton is going to be amazing.

What's the best gig you have played together?

Playing Glastonbury was pretty amazing.

I think as long as there's a crowd in front of us we're pretty happy as long as they don't throw fruit (apart from strawberries).

Who or what is your biggest inspiration?

I could say our fans, or maybe our parents?

But I'd be lying, the real inspiration behind Dirty Weekend is our obsession with Bruce Forsyth and every thing he's done for the advancement of mankind.

Where do you see yourselves in five years time?

In a retirement home.

Grey, balding and incoherent.

Only responding to vague insults and Roxy Music LP's.


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