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NEoN arts festival in Dundee
NEoN characters meet Desperate Dan in Dundee (NEoN)
The NEoN characters meet Desperate Dan in Dundee

Colourful characters are popping up in some unlikely places in Dundee as the NEoN digital arts festival gets underway in the city.

The festival runs until Sunday and features art, film screenings, guest speakers and computer gaming.

The theme for this year's event is "character" with Berlin-based Pictoplasma bringing the winning designs in the character competition to the streets.

On Union Street, Japanese artist Akinori Oishi and designers TADO design a unique view of the city.

'Cultural and creative'

Donna Holford-Lovell, chair of the NeoN organising group, said: "Highlights so far for me have been the inspirational salon events which stimulated such interesting discussion among those involved in the cultural and creative scenes in Dundee, together with the character design competition which was a resounding and rather overwhelming success with over 5000 entries from all over the world sending in their character designs.

"We're thrilled that so many people took the time to think about the festival and create their own design. The calibre and quality of the designs illustrates the role which digital and visual art plays in the arts today.

NeON characters in window (NEoN)
The theme for NEoN this year is 'character'

"There is such an incredible buzz here in Dundee at the moment, it's fantastic! The NEoN festival has already been an amazing experience, and continues to be so as each day of events unfolds."

The University of Abertay will host a NEoN conference on 11 November featuring speakers from the worlds of computer gaming and technology-driven arts.

"Party in the car park" on 13 November brings performers, musicians and more to the floors of a multi-storey car park for an evening of entertainment.

For full events listings see: NEoN



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