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Brighton and Hove Albion fan travels from Netherlands
Werner Schroer
Werner Schroer has supported the club since he was a boy

Brighton and Hove Albion might consider themselves on the up - a new stadium, top of the league and promotion in sight.

Now they also have something almost every big club has - foreign support.

Werner Schroer travels from the Netherlands three times a year to watch the Seagulls play at their current home, Withdean Stadium.

The 30-year-old randomly selected the club when he was a child despite living across the North Sea.

'Little bit insane'

Amex Stadium
The new stadium is expected to be finished in time for next season

"It's for the love of the Albion that I come over to England to watch a couple of games a year," he said.

"Holland to England - it's not too far to travel. It takes about a couple of hours to get to Brighton."

Werner said he cannot remember why he first started to support the football club, who are currently top of League One.

"I was born in the Netherlands and have always lived in the Netherlands," he said.

"I get asked many questions about it every time I come here. I remember back at school when I was 11 or 12 years old everyone supported Liverpool, Manchester United or Arsenal, and there was I supporting Brighton.

"Everyone thought I was a little bit insane."

Werner Schroer
Werner: "Everyone thought I was a little insane"

Werner said he is now considering whether to buy a season ticket for the Albion's new home, the Amex Stadium, in Falmer.

"The new stadium is looking really beautiful," he said.

"I got a letter from the club with the possibility of buying a season ticket - I'm still considering it.

"It's quite a lot of money, but that isn't the biggest problem, it's the time it takes to come over all the time."

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