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An interview with Ellie Goulding

By Rachael Kamara
BBC Introducing

Ellie Goulding

Hi Ellie, what do you make of our lovely little press boudoir here?

I love it, it's amazing, and usually you don't get such an amazing tent.

Yes it is quite swanky. Are they looking after you?

Yeah, yeah, I'm drinking a Green Goddess. My guitarist said it tastes like gone off jelly!

It looks like it may have radiation in it!

I know I'm worried about what it my do to my insides.

Have you had time to look around the festival at all today?

I was just saying I went to Sing Star, erm to just go check out the karaoke, and I still think I don't get recognised but I do. I walked in thinking I could just stand there, and I can't anymore.

I saw you coming down the track earlier, and I had to do a double take.

Ah well I've dressed down for the festival.

Since winning the Brit Award for the Critics' Choice, what's personally been the biggest change for you?

I think intense scrutiny really erm, I would never wish it away because it's the most amazing thing and if I could tell me kids about it when I'm a bit older. But yeah it just means that there's more scrutiny that will always be on me and I think that's a brilliant thing because I'd rather have it than not. But I think that's the biggest change in that there's a lot of interest in around what I do, and I continued interest which is good but nothing much has changed in my personal life apart from that I can't just go out that much anymore

Guns and Horses was the last single of the album is there going to be any more singles, from the album or are you working n a new album?

Oh yeah, the writers going to be out soon and erm, yeah we've done a video and everything for it, so yeah that's going to be the next single and possibly another one after that, but we'll see.

Finally, do you believe in fairy tale endings?

Yes absolutely, absolutely, not always I think that things can start off badly but I think that they can end up happy.




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