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Teacher breaks UK diving record

Teacher sets new UK diving record

If you can hold your breath for more than a minute, you are really doing quite well.

Most people can only avoid the necessary business of inhalation for a matter of seconds.

But Dave King is different.

In fact the geography teacher from Peacehaven, East Sussex, can hold his breath for over seven minutes and forty five seconds.

At the same time Dave will be underwater - at depths of up to 100 metres.

Dave is a free diver - the sort that don't use air tanks.

I wish I had a few more days out here and the opportunity to go for it again as I am very sure of breaking 100m
Dave King

Instead they take a deep breath in and dive in.

With or without fins, the aim is dive as deep as possible and get back up on a single breath, using only swimming power.

Dave has now set a new record of 91 metres (298 feet) on a single breath in 2 minutes, 32 seconds.

He set the record in the Blue Hole, Dahab, Egypt for the discipline of 'Constant Weight with Fins'.

Dave King celebrates on surfacing
Dave King: 'I wish I had a few more days out here'. Picture: Kate Adams.

"It was an easy dive, really quick and with air to spare at the bottom." said Mr King.

In fact he wants to do it all again.

"I wish I had a few more days out here and the opportunity to go for it again as I am very sure of breaking 100m."

In February 2010 free diver Peter Colat was reported to have held his breath for 19 minutes and 21 seconds.

He remained static and was allowed to inhale pure oxygen for twenty minutes before the attempt.

Take a deep breath
11 Nov 98 |  Sci/Tech



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