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A Sussex designer makes modern dolls houses

The inside of a dollshouse

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Annina Gunther makes dolls houses - but they are not quite what you would expect.

A miniature bike in the hallway of a dolls house
Modern accessories complete the picture

Her houses do not fit the stereotype of a miniaturised home from days gone by.

In fact there is not a trace of older worlde England about her handmade homes - instead they are contemporary 'des-res' with modern furniture.

One recent home even features multiple occupancy - with a career woman in the basement, students on two of the floors above and a hippy in the attic.

Annina Gunther, a designer of modern dollshouses
Annina Gunther: "I like the grit and the reality"

"I like the grit and the reality of making it true to life...to really think 'who are the people who live in the house and just have all of the details that make it look real," said Annina.

"In the shared house no-one really bothers cleaning the bathroom, so it's quite dirty," she said.

The graphic designer from Hove spent three years making her latest home and she is part of a growing community of collectors who are shunning pre-1900 styled dollhouses and creating miniature modern homes.

Annina blogs about her work, using pictures from ongoing projects, on her website.


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