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The Dukes Box at Camp Bestival

By Rachael Kamara
BBC Introducing

The Dukes Box

Sitting in a converted caravan were four men and their instruments.

Not just any caravan, oh no.

This one was complete with tune selection, Perspex windows, and flashing lights.

Dressed in fetching hip hop track suits and plenty of bling. Paul, Ray, Joseph and Dermot got ready for their second set of the day inside their beloved human juke box.

The Dukes Box has been on the road for over six years, entertaining crowds at festivals, and outdoor events.

A growing crowd gathered outside, after all, what was is a pimped out caravan is doing parked next to a castle?

Singer Joseph welcomed the crowds and requested them to make a selection.

They are not your conventional cover band by any means. Funking up, and free styling tracks from Rhianna to Eminem.

They used a censorship horn to protect the delicate ears of younger listeners from profanities which added to the entertainment of the bizarre performance especially during their rendition of Rage against the Machine's 'Killing in the name of'.

The Dukes perform with great enthusiasm, comedy, Banta and Witt.

The Dukes box will be at Bestival on the Isle of Wight, in September. I highly recommend you seek them out




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