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Are elm trees making a comeback?

Forty years after being virtually wiped out by disease - could British Elm trees make a comeback?

Elm trees were an important part of the British landscape, until 95% of them were wiped out by Dutch Elm Disease.

In the 1970s more than 20m elm trees succumbed to the fungal disease in the UK, a loss that dramatically changed the face of the countryside.

The Conservation Foundation are hoping to bring them back using cuttings from the few trees that survived.

It has grown saplings from trees believed to be resistant to Dutch Elm disease that are over 60 years old.

The foundation set up by Professor Bellamy, admits their project is an experiment and it will be decades before they know if the saplings are resistant to the disease.

BBC New's Graham Satchell reports on whether the Elm tree is really making a comeback.

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