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Page last updated at 10:44 GMT, Thursday, 18 February 2010
Mosque ruling due before general election
By Heather Driscoll-Woodford
BBC Surrey

Sculpture outside Surrey Heath Borough Council offices
Surrey Heath Borough Council is under pressure to make a final decision

Surrey Heath Borough Council's Chief Executive says no meeting date has been set, to decide what happens to a Victorian school in Camberley.

The building owners have applied to demolish the locally listed building to make way for a purpose built mosque.

It was expected a date for the decision would be announced after a planning applications meeting on 17 February.

Michael Willis confirmed the final decision meeting of the full council will be held "as soon as possible".

The meeting will decide the future of the Victorian school building which is currently used as an Islamic centre

Mr Willis said it will take place before this year's general election.

The applications have met with strong resistance in the town, on a number of grounds.

Heloise Brown from The Victorian Society explains why they are urging the council to reject both applications and preserve the building's heritage.

She says they still need to be convinced that it is not possible to extend and alter the existing building to meet the needs of the local Muslim community.

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