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Presenter profile: Sue Marchant

Sue Marchant (Photo: Richard Pickavance)
Sue's TV appearances include Boon and Brookside

Sue's squeezed into corsets, been a singing telegram and endured the M6 in the back of a van as part of her career in entertainment before landing a job in local radio.

Sue started as a DJ in a 'Disco Dine' in Nottingham many dinners ago and progressed through a showbiz career as a singer, often at functions over the weekend with her band Freestyle.

She's been an actress on the small screen with parts in programmes like Boon, Brookside and Martin Chuzlewit.

A lover of radio, Sue spent just over two years at a local commercial station before joining the BBC to broadcast through the night, and then during early evenings, to radio stations in the Eastern Counties.

The rest of the time Sue would like to captain the starship Voyager, if only for the uniform, but BBC Local Radio is the next best thing!

Apart from music, Sue is an avid lover of her chickens, dogs, cats, old cars (especially 2CVs), sparkly clothes and chocolate!

Listen to Sue Marchant weekday evenings from 7pm to 10pm.


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