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Page last updated at 17:41 GMT, Thursday, 26 November 2009
Local artists get the Lime Light
By Linda Walker
BBC Suffolk

Ceramic art
The Lime Light exhibition is the brainchild of artist Theronda Hoffman

Suffolk based artist Theronda Hoffman is giving local artists a taste of the Lime Light in a new exhibition.

Kesgrave Arts will host the interactive exhibition featuring mixed media artwork from children and adults who have been studying with Theronda.

The exhibition, called Lime Light, runs from Thursday 26 November-Tuesday 15 December between 10am and 5pm.

"I'm so proud of this, to give them the opportunity to express themselves is great," explained Theronda.

South African born artist Theronda Hoffman opened Kesgrave Arts in December 2006.

The space comprises a shop, art gallery and learning space where she produces work in a variety of different media.

Moses the cat
Theronda's cat Moses welcomes people to the exhibition

"I lived in Kesgrave and I took a walk down Main Road and saw this lovely house with a shop and it was empty," explained Theronda.

"I decided I would press the gate and the previous owner opened and I said that if he ever wanted to sell I know I would be interested.

"I started with art, a bit of jewellery and gifts and now we also do framing. I've got all this space here and I've got lots of art so I started to use it and that's how Kesgrave Arts came about."

Theronda also offers classes for adults and children whose work helps comprise the Lime Light exhibition.

"I just feel that every artist needs a bit of Lime Light to succeed," explained Theronda.

Student art
Student work makes up a large part of the exhibition

"I have my students' work here aged from 6 years to older and they are a really interesting combination of people from a pig farmer to a stockbroker.

"They've got lovely art here and that's why I'm so excited about the exhibition."

Passion for Britain

The exhibition comprises work from Theronda herself alongside her students.

It reflects her diverse nature as an artist, combining ceramics with paint, metal work, sculpture and mosaic alongside her passion for British culture and the county which has become her home.

"I was a very young girl when I started with art. My father was an artist so I think that's where I got the talent from.

"Although I got a degree in psychology I always pursued my art and went into etching and ceramics.

"The main piece of the exhibition is Lime Light which is a mannequin with broken mirror which has been pieced together onto her body with mosaic.

"There is the fish fingers sculpture, I think it's [fish and chips] very British and I love Aldeburgh and it just inspires me.

Fish Fingers sculpture
Fish and Chips is a recurring theme in Theronda's work

"I think with an artist there is always something that gets under your skin and you love to work on that."

Theronda is very proud of her students and the work they've put into the exhibition and encourages people of all ages to get involved with art.

"My children's classes I just do once a month because I think art is not like a sport and sometimes if you do it too much you don't look forward to it.

"I love working with children, they've got fantastic imaginations.

"The adult classes I do every other week. I've got a course that I do and they start with a bouquet of flowers and I take beginners or more advanced people.

"I always feel you can learn from anyone.

"I always tell them there's one way to do it and that's your way and that just gives them that spark to go on and do it."

Find out more about Kesgrave Arts on their website.

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