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EACH opens a new charity shop in Bury St Edmunds
EACH store, Bury St Edmunds
Some of the 34 new volunteers who'll be working at 75, St John's Street

A new charity shop has opened in Bury St Edmunds to help raise money for life-limited children.

East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH) now has a store on St John's Street in the town centre.

It will help the Treehouse Appeal which is trying to raise £3m for a new hospice in Ipswich.

"The volunteers have been working hard for the last couple of weeks getting everything ready and we're all ready to go," said Stuart Basten, shop manager.

Jane Mower and Bob Shelley
Jane Mower and Bob Shelley sell her book in Bury St Edmunds

The shop was opened by BBC Suffolk's Mark Murphy who cut the ribbon on a chilly October morning.

BBC Suffolk's resident poet Jane Mower was on hand to sell copies of her book of verse which is also raising money for the Treehouse Appeal.

It's taken six weeks to get the shop ready.

"It's always great to have a shop opening," said Mr Basten. "There's a lot of work goes into it. The volunteers have been working hard for the last couple of weeks getting everything ready and we're all ready to go.

"A lot of the stock has been donated by people in the local area. We can supplement it with our depot in Thetford to make sure we've got enough of everything.

"There's always less men's stock than ladies. Ladies tend to change their wardrobe more frequently and look after it better.

"If men have a favourite jacket, that tends to be worn until it's not much use for anything else afterwards.

"We've got surprisingly few DVDs at the moment, but give it time."

Graham Butland, EACH
Graham Butland, chief executive of EACH, was at the grand opening


One of the 34 volunteers who've been recruited is Sylvana Narley.

"It's new so it's nice to be in right at the beginning and feel you're part of creating and building it," she said.

"I'm new to Bury, so it's nice to get to know people. At the moment I'm just doing Saturday afternoon, but I'll probably be doing some more."

The EACH store will be in competition with dozens of other charity shops in the town.

Graham Butland, chief executive of EACH, said: "I think the main thing is that all charities need help and support, so the important thing is to shop as much as you can in charity shops.

"People like to come and browse and I think that raises the standard. I think the old days of a charity shop being dirty and dingy and not a place you want to go are behind us.

"If people want to shop in other charity shops then fine - we're all here for the good of the public generally.

"Our experience is that we're still getting huge amounts of stock coming in - good quality donations as well.

"We've still got 50 tonnes of stuff from James Hazell's Big Summer De-clutter.

"But if it's not good enough to sell, we can also make money from recycling.

"Bring along anything. We won't refuse it."

EACH report that turnover on the first day of opening was over £2,000.

Mark Murphy at EACH shop, Bury St Edmunds
Mark Murphy raises a glass with volunteer collectors

Treehouse appeal

BBC Suffolk is helping East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH) raise £3m to build a new hospice in Ipswich.

To give money, please send a cheque made payable to "EACH Treehouse Appeal" to:

EACH Treehouse Appeal, Epsilon House, West Road, Ipswich, IP3 9FJ

The appeal donation line number is 01473 276116.

Donate online at EACH Treehouse Appeal .

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EACH Treehouse Appeal supported by BBC Suffolk EACH Treehouse Appeal
BBC Suffolk is helping East Anglia's Children's Hospices raise the 3million needed to fund a purpose built hospice in Ipswich.
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