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Page last updated at 10:57 GMT, Tuesday, 9 March 2010
Pupils at Stoke High get ready for School Report 2010
BBC School Report 2010
By Jon Wright
BBC Suffolk

Students from Stoke High School in Ipswich
Tevan, Bridie, PJ and Leigh are all ready for newsday

Racism, climate change and gang violence - all subjects being tackled by student journalists in Suffolk for the BBC's School Report day.

Stoke High School in Ipswich is taking part, with the team already trying out their skills with a practise news day.

"Other people say the news is boring, but I actually think it's quite good," said 13-year-old Tevan.

"It's happening all over the globe and you need to be aware of it, even at a young age."

Robert Herbert teaches English at Stoke, and has run their School Report teams for the last three years.

"The key thing really is that they start to get an appreciation of the news and the media," he said.

"They start to get to know the codes and conventions and in the long run they start to interrogate it more and hopefully become more interested in news and current affairs.

"When you mention the news you do get an initial groan, like when you mention Shakespeare in English lessons, but actually as you start to talk to them in more detail about it, they understand what you mean by it."

Newspapers for sale
The students felt the newspapers tended to exaggerate

Do you believe the news?

"Mostly yes, but not some. I don't really trust the newspapers," said 13-year-old PJ, while 12-year-old Leigh said: "I think some is exaggerated a bit."

"It can make people look bad when they are not really bad," said Tevan.

"Like the John Terry saga, maybe he did do wrong, but they're looking at him as though he's done something really, really, really bad.

"Some newspapers are trying to squeeze stuff out, they twist people's words sometimes," he said.

News day deadline

On news day, Thursday, 11 March, all of the schools taking part will have to publish their stories by 4pm.

Students from Bungay High School with Look East's Carol Bundock
The tour of Look East included sitting in the big chair

Some of the schools taking part have been supported by BBC journalists, with students from Bungay High School being given a tour of the Look East studios in Norwich.

BBC Radio Suffolk's breakfast programme will also feature a special School Report weather presenter from Claydon High School.

All of the articles, films and radio features are posted on the main School Report website.

"Students these day want to have a voice, they want to be heard," said Robert Herbert.

"This is one way of getting their ideas, their points of view and their perceptions across. It does empower them."

BBC News School Report News Day as it happened
The full story of School Report Day, involving thousands of school children around the UK - and beyond.



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