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BBC's Bee Day at Ickworth House for Bee Part Of It
By Jon Wright
BBC Suffolk

large model of a bee made by Ickworth Park primary school
Don't worry, it's just a model at Ickworth Park primary school

BBC Suffolk's Bee Part Of It hive at Ickworth House might be struggling to produce honey, but the campaign has sparked creativity.

Ickworth Park primary school helped paint the hive in April 2010 and since then pupils have been studying bees.

Their work will be on display inside the BBC Suffolk gazebo at the National Trust property near Bury St Edmunds on Thursday, 5 August.

Lesley Dolphin's afternoon show will be broadcasting live from 1pm-4pm.

Slowly but surely

The hive is being looked after by our 'bee buddy' Sam Reed, who is an independent beekeeper.

"The bees have only gradually grown in strength," she said.

"They have replaced their queen as they decided the last one wasn't performing well enough.

"They appear to remain undecided about the new one as they are continuing to build queen cells!

"They are finally starting to produce some honey but not yet in excess quantities."

Sam will have an exhibition hive on display and will be showing people how to roll their own candles using bees wax.

Bee Part Of It - Ickworth Park primary schoolchildren build a hive

Buzzing with creativity

The children from Ickworth Park have been keeping an eye on our hive while they regularly tend their allotment at Ickworth House.

They have also been learning more about how bees live and the important role they play in our gardens.

The students have used their bee-knowledge to write some delightful poems.

Ickworth lives

Along with the bee-related activities, the day is also a chance to explore the latest developments inside and below Ickworth.

Work is underway to restore the basement in the rotunda, recreating the kitchens and domestic areas as they would have been from 1910 onwards.

The National Trust also wants to capture the memories of former servants, recording how life was 'downstairs' in the early 1900s on a working country estate.

"This is a catalyst for telling the story of Ickworth, links to the community and the role that it played," said Lisa Smith, fundraising manager.

"It will enable us to capture the memories of former servants, before it's too late and they're lost forever."

Entry to Ickworth Park and Garden costs £4.65 for adults, £1.15 for children, or £10.40 for a family (this is the Gift Aid admission) charge.

Entry to the Summer Crafts on 5 August, 11am to 4pm, is £3 per child.

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