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Page last updated at 18:06 GMT, Wednesday, 13 January 2010
A derelict Southwold beach hut is on sale for 40,000
By Andrew Woodger
BBC Suffolk

Roseanne Green with a Southwold beach hut
Roseanne Green said she's no longer surprised by the prices huts go for

A derelict beach hut in Southwold is on the market for £40,000, and the estate agents say they've already had quite a lot of interest.

The hut is on the sand in a prime location below Gun Hill, but its front door is missing and boarded up.

Estate agents Durrants say huts on the promenade behind the sale item can go for £100,000.

They would expect a buyer to erect a replacement beach hut on the site, which has a 30 year lease.

Beach huts in Southwold are so in demand that the agents don't even need to give it the hard sell. Durrants' guide warns potential buyers that 'the hut is in quite poor condition'.

"I think it's fair to say that it's past its sell-by date,"said Roseanne Green from Durrants.

"You could have a bespoke beach hut built here costing £3-4,000 for a fitted one including benches and a gas stove."

Waveney District Council owns the land and whoever leases the plot needs a license to have a hut on it. This costs £185 a year.

Durrants say they've got a list of around fifty people waiting for beach huts to come onto the market. Around 10-15 are sold each year.

The £40,000 hut is on the market following the death of the owner.

"It depends which side of the pier the beach hut is on," said Roseanne. "Those to the north are not quite as attractive as those to the south.

"Those on the north are removed from the promenade during the winter to safeguard them from the sea and they're put on the car park, whereas these ones to the south can be used all year round."

However, high tides can still threaten the 'Mayfair' beach huts below Gun Hill.

"In November 2008, there was an exceptionally high tide and some of the [£100,000] huts on the promenade were damaged."

Prices in Felixstowe

For those who haven't got a spare £40,000, let alone £100,000, beach huts are somewhat cheaper in Felixstowe.

Peter Andrews owns one on the south beach towards the docks. He bought it in 1987 for £600 and estimates it would sell for around £4,000 now.

Suffolk Coastal District Council is in charge of the sea front. A spokesman said huts sell for an average of £15,000 if you take in the whole of the beach including Old Felixstowe.

The council also has around 20 huts which can be rented on a daily basis for £12-15 depending on position.

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