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BurySOUND 2010 gig featuring Cure Caballo at The Lounge

By Emma Outerbridge
Resident of Sudbury

The Peripheral at BurySOUND 2010
The Peripheral - BurySOUND is an alcohol-free event for over-13s

It's that time again for the streets of Bury St Edmunds to be filling with the sounds of the year to come.

BurySOUND 2010 was launched with an event at The Lounge featuring live music from Nik Lowe, The Peripherals, Ready For The Fall and last year's winners Cure Caballo.

The night was warm and people were drawn in off the streets by the promise of free drinks, shade and good music.

Enticing yet more people in was the Bury born-and-bred Nik Lowe who delivered a well-executed performance of catchy songs, starting the night off in a relatively calm atmosphere.

Next were The Peripheral who arrived in the tightest of jeans and the messiest of hair and gave a performance that reflected this brilliantly.

They created a more energetic atmosphere which was warmly welcomed by the crowd of souped-up teenagers forming around them.

With a very unique yet catchy cover of Justin Timberlake?s Cry Me A River, the crowd seemed almost infatuated with them by the end of their set.

BurySOUND 2010
The Lounge is on Hatter Street in Bury St Edmunds town centre

Pedals to the metal

Up next were young Bury boys, Ready For The Fall. Now their image was not as impressive as their predecessors, but, it has to be said, that their lead singer had the most hair in the building.

They gave us an insight to the heavier side of the Bury music scene, with two guitarists and a drummer addicted to his double-bass drum pedals.

Remember the name, as I can imagine you will be hearing a lot more from them over the next year.

Finishing the night on a high were the winners of BurySOUND 2009, Cure Caballo, who got the crowd going more than any of the other acts and working them up into a sweat by the end of the first song.

With some new material, but still keeping their act as tightly polished as they did in the heats last year, it's not too hard to see why they won.

With three months for bands to sign up, there's sure to be some fresh talent appearing at the heats which take place in October at the Bury St Edmunds Corn Exchange.

The competition offers a chance for new blood to keep the music scene fresh. This could be more and more important when the new Apex venue opens at the Ark.

BurySOUND also provides young people with a creative outlet rather than graffiti or hanging around on the streets.

BurySOUND is run by the local authority in conjunction with young people and you can read more about it at the St Edmundsbury Borough Council website.

Cure Caballo win BurySOUND 2009
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