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Page last updated at 14:03 GMT, Wednesday, 13 January 2010
BBC Suffolk Introducing: On tour
By Richard Haugh
BBC Suffolk

The Cads at The Swan, Ipswich, by Jen O'Neill
The Cads will be at The Swan with Ideals on 11 February

BBC Suffolk Introducing is embarking on a tour of the county in February 2010.

The Thursday night show presented by Graeme Mac and Richard Haugh will be broadcast live from three venues, with gigs taking place there afterwards.

The Anchor in Woodbridge is the first point of call on 4 February, The Swan in Ipswich follows on the 11th before The Fleece, Boxford, on the 25th.

The Cads, (((Oh Dear, Ideals, This Boy Wonders, Ed Sheeran and Umbrella Assassins will all be playing live.

The idea of the tour is to take a closer look at the current state of the music scene in Suffolk.

We've been inundated with music sent via the BBC Uploader since launching the radio show in October 2009 but want to see how this is transferring to the live scene.

Technology may have made it easier for musicians to produce high quality recordings suitable for the radio, but many acts we speak to still bemoan the lack of opportunities to play live in their own county - whether this is because of the lack of suitable venues, or insufficient support from the public.

(((Oh Dear
(((Oh Dear will be playing their local pub in Woodbridge

We'll be broadcasting our 7-8pm show from around Suffolk to gain a snapshot of what it's like to be involved with the county's music scene - speaking to bands, venue owners and gig goers.

We start in Woodbridge, a town at the centre of an area which has provided us with acts such as The Cheek and Lettie - yet is short of venues suitable for aspiring musicians.

"There isn't really a venue in Woodbridge for live music so people seem to go further afield to Ipswich or Colchester," said Marcus Neal of (((Oh Dear, who will join us at The Anchor alongside Ed Sheeran on 4 February.

"We've got friends that put on gigs in village halls in surrounding villages because there isn't the space in Woodbridge that has the right capacity - they're either not the right shape or too big, or too small."

The Anchor itself has an open fire, serves real ale and could be viewed as a typically pleasant riverside Suffolk pub.

It does occasionally host live music, but it would be fair to say this is secondary to its main purpose of serving food and drink.

This Boy Wonders
This Boy Wonders will give us the lowdown on the Boxford music scene

"It's somewhere where we all like to meet during the week and at weekends," said Marcus. "It's a good pub.

"There should be lots of friends down there, a good atmosphere, and hopefully the locals will be welcoming."

The three gigs will be free of charge and members of the public are welcome to arrive early to be part of the 7-8pm live broadcasts.

You'd be particularly welcome if you would like to share your opinion on the state of your local music scene or if you're a solo acoustic performer.

BBC Suffolk Introducing... on tour

Thursday 4 February - The Anchor, Woodbridge, with (((Oh Dear and Ed Sheeran

Thursday 11 February - The Swan, Ipswich, with The Cads and Ideals (formerly It's a Trap!)

Thursday 25 February - The Fleece, Boxford, with This Boy Wonders and Umbrella Assassins

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