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Page last updated at 13:07 GMT, Monday, 23 November 2009
Cure Caballo win BurySOUND 2009
By Emma Outerbridge
Resident of Sudbury

Cure Caballo win at BurySOUND 2009
Listen to Cure Caballo by visiting their MySpace pages

Cure Caballo have won the 2009 BurySOUND competition, beating three other acts in the final.

The judges' vote was crucial at the Bury St Edmunds Corn Exchange on 20 November after a close-run thing as far as audience votes went.

The winners describe themselves as 'powerpop with a cactus up its behind'.

Cure Caballo win £250 of music store vouchers, two days in a recording studio and 100 pressings of the results on CD.

With four of Suffolk's finest competing for the title, it was a close call with only one vote in it.

Cure Caballo

Having the biggest turn-out of the competition, it only added to the electric atmosphere of the night and made the decision for the judges even harder.

Used To Be Blonde, Not Until Tomorrow and Hookers Green gave it their all on the night, but one band gave it that little bit more, taking home the trophy as well as a lot more fans.

I got a chance to talk to Cure Caballo just before they were announced as winners. The band is Callum Dobson (guitar and vocals), Aaron Jeffries (bass) and Joe Dobson (drums).

Well done, that was a great set. When you were filling out the application form all those months ago, did you ever expect to make it into the finals?

No, we were so happy when we got through and we didn't expect to get this far at all.

So how do you think it went tonight?

We were better in the heats but the crowd here is bigger so I think it's pretty even.

There was some confusion over this, so are you all brothers?

Not all of us. Me and Joe are brothers and Aaron has been our mate for God knows how long.

Without meaning to sound rude, you are the oldest band on tonight, so how long have you been a band?

About 2 years now.

Was it all plain sailing getting to where you are today or more of an upward struggle?

Banner at BurySOUND 2009
Having an army of fans certainly helps at BurySOUND

It's had its ups and downs, a few name changes but nothing too significant, we've had it quite easy really.

So, is there any backstage gossip about who's the favourite to win?

Well we've heard that Hookers' Green are the favourite tonight.

If you win, where will it be from here?

We have a gig planned with one of the other bands from the competition, Selective Walk, in December and in 2010 it's just more gigs and hopefully getting our EP out by February.

With bands getting fans, fans getting memories and many getting moshpit bruises, the night will be remembered by many.

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