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Page last updated at 15:03 GMT, Tuesday, 3 November 2009
BBC Suffolk Introducing: The Cads

By Richard Haugh and Anna Dobbie
BBC Suffolk Introducing...

The Cads at The Steamboat, Ipswich
Blink and you'll miss them - The Cads' first gig was short and sweet

In late October 2009 Ipswich four piece The Cads, a month after forming, submitted one of their two recorded songs to the BBC Uploader.

Two days later the track, Crayola, was broadcast on BBC Suffolk Introducing... and the following night the band played their first gig.

So impressed were we by the demo that we thought it was essential to attend their debut outing, at Ipswich's Steamboat Tavern.

Anna Dobbie went along to meet Stefan, Tom, Jim and Nathan.

"We were in other bands together and I wrote a couple of songs in the summer which I jammed out with Nathan and Tom," said guitarist and singer Stef, formerly of Dirty Shockwaves.

"I wanted to take a new direction - a tropical, ambient, weird sound."

This sound was demonstrated in a short set lasting around 15 minutes at The Steamboat. Anyone looking to make a direct comparison could start with the math rock of Foals.

Tom Bishop, The Cads

"We saw a lot of bands we're influenced by in the summer - like Bombay Bicycle Club, Passion Pit and Foals," said bassist Nathan.

"There's also a band I saw on BBC Introducing called Minnaars - they're really cool."

These bands have been an influence but The Cads have been happy for their music to grow organically, with much of their early material stemming from prolonged jams in the rehearsal room.

"We jam a lot at practise and this has lead to songs being created," said Nathan. "We all add our own bits so it's like we're all involved in the writing process."

"We try to make catchy drum beats which are dancey," added Stefan. "The music is really ambient but the drums make it danceable."

Something new

Praise is heaped upon local bands Underline the Sky, The Kabeedies and This Sudden Injury, but The Cads are confident they're bringing something new to the Ipswich music scene.

"I think we're different to what's out there at the moment," said drummer Jim.

"Ipswich is primarily pop punk at the moment and we're bringing a new kind of sound - which is indie, ambient...." His band mates finish the sentence for him in unison. "TROPICAL".

"We're like Um Bungo."

The Cads wanted their name to be "really British" and settled on their moniker after hearing the phrase 'you're a cad and a bounder, and no mistake'.

The Cads' gear
The Cads hope to be playing at festivals by summer 2010

"Despite cads being ill-bred, we're quite charming as a band," said Stefan.

So charming in fact that they say their relationship with each other is on an even par with their musical output.

"I just hope it shows how much we enjoy playing, and how we're friends," said guitarist and vocalist Tom. "I think that's really important and that we're not just connected through the music."

Looking beyond their first gig The Cads hope to build on their set in the hope of securing gigs outside of Ipswich and at festivals in the summer of 2010.

"We're all nervous because we care about what we're doing," said Nathan. "It's important to us that we get it right."

"It's hard to get noticed round here but it's growing," said Jim. "If you get yourself out there and promote or get gigs in London it can work."

BBC Suffolk Introducing... is on-air every Thursday at 7pm and you can listen to it again via the BBC iPlayer and as a podcast from 12 November 2009.

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