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Diana Ross & The Supremes
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Mary Fox's Soul & Motown Show on BBC local radio gets dozens of messages a week on its message-board.

We decided to put together an archive of all the messages, stretching back to 2005.

You can look back and see who emerged as the big characters, and check what were the most popular venues for our soulies.

Mostly, you'll see how the community remembers its own, including those in need, and those whom we value the most.

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Messages from Nov 2009 - Feb 2010

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O.B's Song: Why not put the song on a charity CD to avoid a lot of legal type things and then fill up the rest with a selection of OB's favourite tunes...that way, his family and closest friends & Soul buddies (Pete Sco, Nick Marshall, Mary, Goldie, Pete Roberts, his close Stoke pals)....could help decide what tunes the man himself would have liked on a CD....and be involved with out waiting for Russ Winstanley or others involved.....I have his CD from the Wheel....great stuff....so why not an OB Stoke selection....i'd happily stump up a tenner.....and probably so would hundreds of others.....if you were really going for it you could have a 45 and a CD....Rob


Friday March 5th, The Wilson Hall, Colley gate, Halesowen,West Mids. Soul & Motown Dance party 8.00pm.dj's Kenny Lee, Mike Hollis & Allan Day.Also Sat March 6th, Goodyears, Wolverhampton, 12th Aniversary, still the no 1 soul night, with dj's Kenny Lee, Little Scotty, Silent snowy and guest MikeHollis. 8-1pm

GoldieTalc Distributor

Twiggy & Charlie loved your choices on Nicks show last week yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Stoke did brill vale scored 4 Oh my God its de unknowns 1 Liverpool nil as I right this in 26hrs i will be shuffling to Drivin Beat in de Wheel yipeeeeeeeeee To days track Opus 17 Frankie Vali a real ol Wheelie Goldie xxxxxxxxxxxx Pulis 4 de cup oooer grrrhhhhh


Northern Soul Night at The George in aid of Ruby owen (www.justgiving.com/rubyowen) Friday May 7th.Get along

Steve "Soul" White @ The Wheel 14/03/10

The "Sunday Afternoon Soul sessions" @ The Wheel on Sunday the 14th of March in the Basement and on that famous little Stage where all those "Black American Soul Stars" and all the "Big British Mod Bands" worked we will have Steve "Soul" White, doing a guest Dj Spot for us! You have heard his Show on BBC Radio Sheffield for the last 2 years, and now is you chance to see him do a "Wheel Set" and to meet him!! And dont forget on Friday 26th of March is THE TWISTED WHEEL CLUBS " ALL NIGHTER!! 10pm till 7am.Best Regards Pete Roberts xx

Pete"Hoover" T.W.C. Visitor (Milnrow).

Re; OB,s Record "The Milnrow Massive!"...,I would just like to say that I am in 'NO-WAY'involved in any record deal, or have any knowledge of who the 'Milnrow-Massive' is/are!!!...Please clarify your name 'Milnrow Massive'when posting your proposals,it avoids any confusion!. cheer,s....Pete.D.(Milnrow,Lanc,s).25/2/10.

obs record

firstly whats all this cloak and dagger stuff surrounding obs record? you open with im not telling you who i am? why? and why not name the people you say have probably decided there was no money in it for them so they have dropped it? nobody wants to name the person who sent it to dean parrish? why? russ winstanley never got the record out? why? dean parrish has never pushed for the record to come out? why? you would think that between the 3 of them that they would have the money and the know how, to do it? sadly milnrow massive, the ob record is locked in a legal contract and as you know without dean parrish written permission he could sue you or anybody else's backsides off. yes we all want one, and i am sure that the record will sell very well for charity when the 3 people above get their finger out. ktf but times awasting .


WHY, Why not i say, what i'm on about is tunes that are very classy but dunna get get requested very often, Heres one of those tune FRANKIE VALI's HOW'D I KNOW LOVE WOULD SLIP AWAY, sorry Nick, Mary but if i dunna request tunes that they dunna want others to hear when will they get airtime, Better class tunes always lifts a show this tune must be 30 years old now but sounds like it was made today, Denise Williams also did a good nice version, just heard Frankie Vali's Little Darlin for the first time which was covered by The Diamonds, i just can't believe we are letting crap untalented artistes rule our music industry it criminal ain't it.

HerMan.(Allan from Sheffield.)

OB,s Record,re Milnrow/Massive,although I am not one to agree with bootlegs, although I have some in my collection on this occasion I feel it might be a good thing,if it happens put me down for 2 copies at £10 each which is the going rate for boots these days(I know it don't seem a lot but would people play more I'd pay £25 a copy,but that's just me I rate the song and of course the writer and the singer,that goes without saying but would everybody want one at that price?),you never know they would be collectors items of the future,although I would never sell mine deeming it a privilege to own a piece of Northern Soul history in the making! .Yours As Always K.T.F.HerMan.(Allan from Sheffield.)P.S.Please keep me informed as to progress re record

Goldie Ta;c spreader

The Wheel Friday Petes Show in an hr Stoke v City in de cup Nick on Friday then on mOthers day de Wheel 26th Mar de Wheel alnihgter The week after Ob day May 7th we av de Cup Final What a year this is gonna be LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL Bunny Sigler gotta be todays erack yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Happy Birthday Billy!!!!

Outer Circle Scooter Club

Massive thanks to everyone who turn up at Milton Bowling Club last Friday night despite the snow. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves & kept the dance floor full all night. Watch out for our next event which is on 14th May & a charity fund raiser for the Cervical Cancer Trust. Cheers & KTF OCSC

J."ORANGE" ... Peel Green,Salford.

B/Stoke,"SOUL",a great listen!!!.I am getting on in years,'45'+rpm, ('Paddle'assisted!).The music on the show gives me a new found 'ZEST!',it 'Out-Spans' some other "SOUL" shows that don't seem to have the same,"Adventurous Playlist!", playing the 'Same Old Songs' time&time again!...,Regards&"KFC"to all "SOULIES!",&, S.O.S("Spirit-Of-Soul"),to the "OLD-TIMERS" That keep the "CANDLE-BURNING!"(Sometimes at both ends)"By-GUM!".(Ap-Lil).


N.M.many thanks for playing BLACKMAIL by BOBBY TAYLOR it sounded even better on the radio!!!Is Mary (the godmother of northern soul)OK or is she just 'resting' again??Yet another great show again last week and some interesting tracks.If Mary is not to good please can you play the above track for her from all us here in Murcia.Tell her we all miss her when she is 'away'.But she could not leave the 'show' in any better hands whilst she is away.may the BEST team win on Wednesday and go on to lift the F.A. cup.CITY did OK on sunday.Think the two teams just cancelled each other out.Which is a change cause Liverpool normally 'thrash' us at home!KTFJINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Eddy Edmondson

Hi Mary, Can you please let all the many Soul in the Sunners from your area know that we have found a fantastic new club for our April visit to Tenerife. It's called ViVO. It only opened in January and is awesome. The sound system is just fantastic and the outdoor area for our daytime sessions is perfect. Anyone wanting to look at it, or see the location can visit www.soulinthesun.com If anyone wants to join us they need to be quick as we have nearly sold out.Cheers Eddy

Dave (stockport)


Goldie ram tilt no co

Right oka this is my final posting on de WHEEL being overcrowded etc yawn yawn PANIC YE NOT wait and see what Mid March Mid April & Mid May bring if 850 plus are still coming to DE HOME OF SOUL...then we have to speak to Mr Roberts & de Building / club owners I think the gate will drop ..If the club is up for demo mOr de suage system has failed big probs at the moment the fact that everyone on de SOUL SCENE wants to get into de Mecca Of soul is not a problem IT IS A WONDERFUL SITUATION YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE OH MY GOD how Liverpools Big Three would love de Wheels situation 200 Cavern 300 Living room 175 metro do ya hear me THE WHEEL, IS BOSS DBoss OF SOUL BOSS OF DE CLUB GAME yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I IS SO GLAD ITS ON ON FRIDAY & I is DE TALC MONITOR Goldie ggggggrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhxx


Goldie & Andys sc comments are right AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME EVERYBODY WANTS TO GO TO THE WHEEL,like Goldie I thought the the Wheel was OUT OF THIS WORLD on Sunday I danced my legs off , I was on the stage with "MR ENERGY" I will be there on the 14th March MR.Peter Roberts YOU HAVE NOT CREATED A MONSTER you sir have created the best soul club around Lauraxxx

Leo (The "FISH")...Smithfield.20/2/2010.

B/Stoke/Soul...I gotta say that ya show "PRESENTS" good & Interesting Sounds to the Listener. Looking at the Message"BOARD" I notice that the show, Takes on "BOARD", the opinions & tastes of the "MUSIC" that we all "TUNE" in for!.Like the way the show skims over the "NEGATIVE"side of the Music(eg,Politics) & moves into the "POSITIVE" direction that the music was there for in the first place!!!. I seem to remember a lad, who I will name as The, "COLLYHURST-KID" .He had, (& still has with GUSTO!), a passion for "SOUL-MUSIC"...,that passion gave him Inspiration to "OPEN-UP" & "REVIVE", a "WORLD-FAMOUS" (SOUL&RnB)venue that had been dormant for decades!(Apart maybe for a brief attempt in the mid 80,s!)...The Kid was Sincere,he knew what he wanted,he had the GUTS BOTTLE& "DETERMINATION" to succeed!.The Kid put his cards on the table!,he said (Quote).."If I am doin something wrong then tell me, I am only doin my best!"..."WHO-IS-THIS-GUY?" the "STATUES" were asking,"WE DON'T KNOW HIS NAME!!!!".That was 10 years ago my "STATUES",you may not have known the "Kids" name then,but I bet ya Know It Now!!!!...,cheers B/Stoke,& may the "SPIRIT-OF-SOUL" be with ya!Leo,x...(Ap-Lil/4)._

OB,s Record from The Milnrow Massive

Hi all I'm not going to say who I am but I would like your opinion on what you think about doing a bootleg vinyl 45 of OB's record, some of you will know who I am by the title of this thread but I ask you not to divulge who I am for legal reasons. So if I got the record cut in vinyl how much would you be prepared to pay for such a record ? knowing full well that all the proceeds would go to the chosen charities., because it looks like its never going to happen that it will be released legitimately . I know that Pete Sco has gone to the end of the earth and back to try and get it released but probably due to people who were involved and pound signs in there eyes, they probably decided there was no money in it for them. The cost of having them cut in vinyl will be about £700 for 500 disc which works out at £1.40 each, so please bear this in mind about setting a realistic price to pay for the record. If you think it's a bad idea then please say so and no harm is done, but if you think it's a good idea then please fill the message board with your comments.I will stand the £700 pound from my own pocket and each one that sells, the £1.40 will be deducted and the rest will go to charity, if I don't sell them all then that will be the cost I have to pay.So come on peeps lets here from you all.KTF The Milrow Massive.

Sylvia Dean

The Wheel was always packed to the rafters in the 60`s... and as it has been of late on a SUNDAY.Junior Walker was lifted over the crowd from the stage as he couldn't get out it was so packed. so what's new? No health and safety then ( thank goodness!!)Joe and I have been on a Sunday on several occasions and it IS very packed but the atmosphere is fab... and as I remember it 40 years ago. The Wheel has to be the best and most patronised soul venue in the UK at present.As long as Pete keeps to the original play list( as this is what the club IS all about) and I know Pete Roberts will do this..This IS what soulies ( young and old) go for.

Goldie ooops I did it again

Sorry folks de VENUE is right gor OUR BROTHER day but the date is de 7th of MAY 2010think 77 Sunset strip only 77 days to go yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee The club had to CANCEL the 21st notice I said declub & the 14th & 28th are booked thank you for your consideration to de matter yours soulfully Goldie xxxxxx


Goodyears, Wolv, tomorrow Sat 20th Feb. The No. 1 soul night.(12th great year)!With dj's Kenny Lee, Little Scotty, Silent snowy and guest Martyn Pitt. 8-1am

Goldie Talc Monitor Umpire

Ian & Peter OB`s Celebration of his Life is on the 21st May at PORT VALES Footie Ground in de LOVE TRAP suite excellent decor great sound systems close to rail bus services good prices b&B s nearby CAR PARKING FACILITIES from heaven even de toilets are 5 star see ya there boys yipeeeeeeeeeee ..Hello whats this???? heart racing rash on me forehead tingling down my spine feet tapping ??? I know what it is ITS DE WHEEL IN seven days cant wait ssssssshhhhhhTook Shell shopping she is over de moon SHE CAN NOW FIT INTO A SIZE 10 ...yipeeeeeeeeee she yelled all over de shop!!! Whats the matter with you I cried ITS ONLY A SHOE!!! JINKSY send e-mail TWISTEDWHEEL@TISCALI.CO.UK yipeeeeeeeeeee todays track MIDNIGHT MOVER Wilson Picket nearly time for Marys Show yipeeeeeeeee Goldiexxxxxxxxxx grrrrrrhhhhh.

Andrew (SC)

To Pete, the wheel on Sunday was A1 (I went early because I was knackered from two heavy consumption weekends) Jos's spot was fantastic and too have so many people just stood round watching the screens said it all. Some people are going to the Wheel now just to say in years to come "I was there" and there is nothing new in that they did it after the write ups in B's&S about Wigan and the Mecca as I recall. What is wrong with people having a pint if they are responsible and enjoying themselves let them get on with it there are enough there to ensure order, JC the average age must be 50+. What is a non soulie? the old bronze/orange one talks a lot of sense in between the scouse banter. Can I have a cheeky one Mary? "Desmond Decker and the Aces" ISREALITES

Goldie Monitor of de Talc /vampire

New Blood is essential for de longevtivity of de soul scene ( or we will all get so CONTEMPTIOUS it wll be intolerable) the guy who may not look like a soulie now may well be a closet soulie just waitin for de eternal flame to be ignited yipeeeee THE WHEEL MAKES ME FEEL MY HEART IS REAL ..THE PEOPLE KEEP MY HEAD TOGHETHER & DE MUSIC assures me there is a spiritual side to my life..ITS TIME TO DANCE & enjoy the gift that is soul music next up ssssssshhhhhh DE WHEEL NEXT FRIDAY with guest DJ Jock lets go for it yipeeeeeeeeeeeee HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Linda (de la Cannock)xx Loved Petes show Full marks to Mary Fox what a guest spot that was yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee TODAYS track Hip Hug Her Booker T Goldie xxxxxxx

rubber soul records.hide st.stoke

hi mary hope you are keeping well! i just want to thank my customers who do listen to your show for all there support in the 1st year of rubber soul records in stoke.thanks to keith for putting up my flyers around his venues thanks to kev and mick for there massive support and to everybody who has paid me a visit in my 1st year.i think everybody knows how difficult small independent record shops are these days as most have closed but we do try keep on keeping on mary.thanks for the plugs in the past mary i do appreciate it! thanks robert-rubber soul records-stoke.

Jos (Amsterdam Soul Club)

I felt lucky to have DJ-d in the greatest club in the world. Thanks Pete, John & Jock and everybody who was at The Wheel last sunday. It was a monster!

Chris Williams

No complaints from me,Pete. AWESOME! Can't wait for March 14th! AWESOME!


(elvis costello)Well played STOKE just like the first league match ealier in the season.CITY start off great in the first 10 minutes play the ball around etc,etc,etc .Then STOKE get stronger and stronger and batter CITY.We need to strap R.D.'s arms down etc!!!!STOKE were 'robbed' on Tuesday (that was 'def' a goal!!).N.M.you must be very proud of your manager and team they are all real fighters .Not like our overpayed 'NANCY'S'.I am thinkin' that it would be better that CITY lose next week and concentate on 4th place for the C.L. next year!!lets let STOKE go to Chelsea and then i would be happy for them to go on and win the FA cup it would be a 1st for them.I will have a word with 'BOBBY MANC'!!(could be another secret soul mission for AGENT DOUBLE 00 'R' SOUL here!)Mary and Pete Roberts another great show on Wednesday 17/02/10.Mary three interesting choices.PETE R (for the SECOND time)how do you get a request on your show etc??????????looking forward to next 'GODMOTHER OF SOUL' show Mary Fox on Friday and that 45 BLACKMAIL by bobby taylor.KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Goldie Talc Monitor

Twiggy you is right bro THEY is all after me money..Even my missus I BOUGHT HER A Bag & A belt for Valantines Day thats after taken her to see "DANCIN IN DE STREET" anyway NOW THE HOOVER IS WORKING !!!!!!! & thats coolxx.........Pete I was in de WHEEL SUNDAY I had a ball.. but I do know some of my closest pals did`nt they have said: a. TOO PACKED b, Too many non soulies & c. Too much alcoholic antics goin on...well I had such a fab time particulary with the folk I met in de George at Franks Liver dance that I let things go over my head.. I have seen the Wheel like that in half a dozen occassions !(1967 Spellbinders ..Sept 6th1970 big All dayer before it closed..When it closed Jan 71& 3 times out of the 150 visits I have been fortunate to make in the last 5 years I THINK SUNDAY WAS A ONE OFF simple as that & sssssssssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhh THE WHEEL IS ON NEXT FRIDAY ...so lets all go along & have ourselves a ball yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldie THE WHEEL MAKES ME FEEL MY HEART IS REALxxxxxxxxxx

PeteSco..weds 17/2

hiya IAN,,I'm not sure where OB's do is,,I arent organising it,,Pete Robbo,and Frank Gierack are organising it I believe..the date is the same though FRI.21st MAY..cheers mate SCO..k a t b .

In Memoriam.

Anthea Lees,R.I.P.Never forgotten. Respect,Roy.

Ruth Nicholas

please could you let everyone know about my devastating news, (especially Nick Marshall).My husband, Paul Nicholas (Shropshire) died on 9th February 2010,well known Shropshire/West mids soul nights. Funeral Tuesday 23rd Feb.More details if wanted ruthnicholas@clara.co.uk and any chance of Esta Phillps- just say goodbye?thanks,Ruth.


The "Sunday Afternoon Soul Sessions" at the Wheel. A Big Thanks to you all for making the Wheel FANTASTIC on Sunday 14th Feb! But to be honest it was pack to the rafters with not a inch to spare! And we did get some compliants! Please let me know what you think! Best Regards. Pete Roberts xx.

Deet Pyson!....

Great Sunday at the Wheel! A full club with good happy people enjoying good sounds with top DJ,s!,These people know what they want & get It!!!...for a "FIVER!" with Pete Roberts thrown In!!!!."R.I.P" OBs Ashes!.

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)

Had a super time at the wheel on sunday.The vintage footage showing the original artists made it extra special.Thanks to pete roberts and his team for a memorable day.

Goldie Wheel TaLc Monitor


Sylvia Dean

Smokey Robinson is a young 70 on the 19th Feb. Please can you play the Tracks of My Tears.. a fab sound from a truly great Motown artistKTF

Abby - Frank's Daughter

On behalf of my family, I just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU! to everyone who came and supported my dad on Friday night at Frank's Liver Dance. We raised £2,000 for the Liver Unit at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital and we're amazed by people's kindness and generosity.Thanks to Mary for promoting it so well, thanks to Geese, Fran, Pete Roberts, Patrick Wallace and Phil Ankers for the set up and great tunes. Thanks to everyone who came along and made it the brilliant night it was.Here's to an even bigger and better one for OB in May!

Ian Edwards

Agree about Goodyears,a cracking night,a good venue,great tunes,great folks,well done to all,Scotty and Lynn take a bow brilliant stuff will be there.Ellen and Pete,whenever this is sorted I would like to know where and when to come and respect a true gent,a beloved friend,and a CREDIT TO STOKE ON TRENT,as is PETE SCHOFIELD,good luck in this venture,We want to come,JOHN O'BRIEN'S memeory deserves total respect.

Outer Circle Scooter Club

We are running a another northern soul & motown night this coming Friday 19th February at Milton Bowling Club. The post code of the club for your satnav is ST2 7BN. It all starts at 8pm till late. The regular OCSC DJ's will be spinning the tunes. We are running this as a fund raiser for the scooter club hence it will just cost you £1 entrance fee on the door. The last few do's here have been great so hopefully see alot of message boarders on the night. Further info can be found on the club website www.outercirclsc.co.uk

Goldie 6th time lucky

Oh my God what a great afternoon ( Friday) night & morning (Sat) I had in Stoke Beautiful Beautiful Stoke IT WAS LIKE DE JA VU ..in 1964 I used to meet My Girlfriend Kris by de Victoria Hotel & we used to paint de town red....I met so many lovely people on this Trip Mandy Mick Paul Des A guy called Goldie yes Goldie Hes lived in Stoke for years We stayed at a place called de Victoria lovely home from home pad & we went off to de George after listening to Pete & Jos on Marys... De GEORGE`s atmosphere was de best I have experienced I loved it well done Frank & it was a pleasure to mingle with all those lovely freindly people in de GEORGE THANK YOU ...set up lovely now for a Sunday Matineee at de Wheel yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldiexxxxxxxxxxxxxx

WHAT ODDS?? OB's 45 or the movie!!

wonder which will be out first OB's 45 or the souled out movie!!Anybody willing to make a bet????don't hold your breath.laura what are the details of the OB night?Should be back in the UK around mid may2010.think AGENT DOUBLE OO 'R' SOUL should be around too!Hola Pete Sco ,move on you have done more than anyone could expect.if it is to happen it will etc,lets wait and see.You would be welcome over here anytime along with TWIGGY and the others (but bring your olive and almond bags with you!)i have been trying to organise a venue like soul in the sun for the costa blanca (say in benidorm)but things move very slowly out here.Would anybody out there be interested in attending if i can pull something together?but i will be in the UK most of this summer until Aug 2010.So it could be something for 2011!let me know what you all think .hopefully the godmother of northern soul (Mary love Fox) would attend too!KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Sylvia Dean

Mary please play a suitable request for our GOLDIE the greek god and SOUL ambassador extraordinaire !! We all love you Goldie. Joking apart Goldie does know his music and he also just retains that sense of fun we all need in our lives.I know Goldie loves A touch of Velvet Mood Mosiac, Goldie and I both rememeber this being the last tune played at the Wheel at chucking out time in the 60`s.. still sounds fab today !!KTF xx

Liz, Rowley Regis

Re; Goodyears, Wolv; date should read Sat 20th Feb.


Hi mary could you please play a request for my lovely husband glasgow mick, but he is not really from glasgow he is a true stokie he just works there, could you please play My love is your love think its the isley brothers. And hope Ian and adele have a lovely day tommorow and see you tommorow night thanks ANDREA


Here Goldie, i got a bone to pick with you, What do you mean lovey doving all those birds on the scene(sorry girls for the birds thing, its just my imagination) Hey Goldie all girls do is fleece ya not happy with ya money sometimes they want ya blood, my experiences with birds go like this, they slobber all over ya when they want to kiss ya or want something from ya, some of um bite ya or as i say try to suck blood from ya with all those hickies they even try and ram their tongues down ya throat and hey Goldie some even try to tie ya up in the bedroom, give me a scene full of men anyday and if you believe that, then you have just been had. Happy Valentine girls sounds like Goldie is enjoying himself to much.TEARS Gloria Shannon Mary please or else i won't let you lick my face nomore.


your very clever at covering your TRACKS with clever words pete sco

Goldie I Is de talc Monitor

De year has not gone according to plan.....so I is gonna start again.. HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I know life gets a tad irritating at times & de soul scene is no different... but how can we be unhappy with all de gorgeous chix on OUR SOUL SCENE??? HAPPY VALANTINES DAY TO michelle lesley mary anne suzie jackie wanda marie pat sue maggie joan ellen jo do sally chris cynthia sadie allison donna dawn sylvie gloria rita cath carol jenny linda julie june jane teresa laura anne mary joanna ivy bev venessa trish shirley jay dawn lita barbara shirley hazel polly dianne sharon carol beth may caroline liz kirsten angela anne sarah & all the other droves of soul babes HAVE A YIPEEEEEE VALANTINES DAY..goldiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tony & Jill

Hello Mary, Here is a interesting one if you can play it for us, its by Jimmy James and its called The Entertainer, it is Jimmy James and not Tony Clarke we would like to hear, maybe your Record Fairy can help us with this one .Tony & Jill (K U T G W)


Just a note to mention Genuine soul at the Biddulph arms on Friday,26th febuarywith very special guests Nick Marshal and Maria Willingham.


I think we all know who they are now & yes Double OO "R" Soul they are the same guy, I e-mailed Goldie, his response was "Who cares, I would`nt care if it was Prince Charles , Prince Midge it does`nt sound right" he said . The Ob day may well take place over at Vales Ground I hope you can make it Jinksy Lauraxx

Rita & Neil

Mary mentioned a book called "Northern Soul Stories", does any body know where you can get this

PeteSco..thurs 14/2..

hiya TWIGGY,,Ive just seen your post regarding Freddy Jones passing away,,,what a shock,,he was one of lifes true Gentlemen,,I'll miss Fred,,he used to come Keele to play golf,,I first met Fred years ago,when I was in the bookies game,,he was a lovely man,,and like you say not one to be upsetting...I'll mis Fred,,one of lifes true GENTLEMEN..RIP..Sco.

PeteSco..thurs 11/2

HOLA to JINKSY and the MURCIANS..thanks for your kind words,,alas even a spot of black mailing wont change the situation with JOHNS song.Ive got nowhere with it really,,all I expected was to get the situation out in the open,,and hope that whoevers in charge might then do something about it..Ive had some right s**t thrown at me over it,,yes by soul fans,,believe it or not,,so ive discussed the situation with Ellen,,Johns sister,,and ive decided to move on,,theres nothing more I can do with the song,,unfortunately...You never know mate,,I might just pop over and take in a bit of that wonderful climate,,so look out for me..!!!!...all the best...SCO..xx..K A T B now..

Steve and Jane Bowles Perton Soul Couple

Hi MaryUpdate on the Catacombs Historic Blue Plaque, it is envisaged that the plaque will be in situ on the former site in Temple Street, Wolverhampton in April 2010 the date has yet to be finalised.The arrival of the plaque has been achieved through constant perseverance by Tony of Netherton supported by us and other local soulies. Tony had an eye operation last week hope all is well and could you please play a Catacombs classic track for him and the plaques contributors.- I'm Gonna Change The Velours

Sylvia and Joe Dean

This weekend is a very special weekend for a couple of soulies. Ian and Adele are tying the knot in Blackpool on the most romantic of weekends Valentines day weekend.We met this lovely couple at Soul in the Sun several years ago now.Please Mary can you play a Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell classic Your all I need to get by. Please send our very best wishes and we are so sorry we cannot attend and be able to share your very special day.KTF xxx

DOUBLE OO 'R' SOUL at your service laura

hi laura,many thanksI'm on the case,but i think TT,Midge and JJ are a figment of someones imagination,don't you??think Mary should play a request for them!How about the TEMPS JUST MY IMAGINATION RUNNING AWAY WITH ME ,don't you agree?Pete R,another good 'show' tonight.SWEET THING so go you played it twice!!How do you get a request played on your radio show etc?KTF JINKSY AND THOSE MURCIANS


Yes I do have all the facts! THIS IS NOT A WITCH HUNT FOR KEITH MINSHULL!! All I am doing is telling the TRUTH!! Keith Minshull telephoned my house about 2 weeks ago, Barking at me that I had BOOKED the GEORGE for a Soul Night! Which I hadn't??? And like I told Keith, THAT I HADN'T AND I WOULD NEVER BOOK THE GEORGE FOR ANYTHING!!! I told him then that it was a Charity Night that had been booked for "OB" and he told me then, that he was going to CANCELL IT? I could believe it! And I honestly thought that he wouldn't!! But he did, so take that up with KEITH MINSHULL. So NO Witch Hunt? Just the TRUTH.Best Regards. Pete Roberts.

Goldie I am the Walrus

Coo Coo Cachoo.Listen Mesbo readers when I do something out of order I say sorry & try not to do this again . What went on ref Franks & Obs night was garbage simple as that.. we only just found out Franks night was on ...Pressure Pressure all the way through I have had umpteen emails telling me how much the guy in question has done for de Staffs soul family & I dont doubt it!!!! ...this he got wrong .. So thats yesterdays fish & chip paper FRIDAY at de George will be a remarkable night for a remarkable guy who was so spiritually linked to another remarkable guy (sadly no longer with us)..lookin forward to seein Franks x2 Peters x 2 Angie & Chas Chris & Bob , Ellen , Jo, Ros Rigo , Tim , Flash , Steve etc etc Lets get ready to rumble & raise some much needed cash for Frank Barkers designated Charity yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Petes show will be on in a minute yipeeeeeeeeeeee I wonder what de Lord Major thinks of it ( he was at de station today)......just to Close OB day at de Love Trap yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee ( not official yet)I wonder will Midge TT & JJ be there Friday I`ll keep one of my orange eyes open as I shuffle about grrrrrhhhhhh Deep breath everyone IT IS GONNA BE A FAB YEAR Goldie I AM DE TALC MONITOR COO COO CACHOOOOxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Concerned from STOKE

I am a bit miffed at the comment made by Pete Roberts on here about the cancelled nite for John O`Brien.Are you sure you have all the facts Pete? Anyone that really knew John would know he would hate this in fighting. Keith had been a friend of John for many years and I am pretty sure as are my mates that Keith woulnt want to do anything to rock the boat or upset Johns family and friends. Lets hear Keith s side of the story please before we have a major witch hunt.

Ellen (OB's sister)

To say I am disappointed with Keith Minshull is an understatement!Apparently he has now changed his mind and has re-booked the George for Johns charity night. Too late mate! He has also said that he didn't know that the night in question had been booked for John, so that means it would have been ok to cancel someone elses night? I don't think so!I am gutted that someone that John has known for years and less than three months ago attended his funeral has acted like this. However the night will go ahead, Pete Roberts and Frank Gierak, two decent men, are on the case and it will be sorted soon. If Keith Minshull would like to make a contribution to-wards the cost of the flyers that Pete had done I am sure the Dougie Mac will appreciate it. I won't be holding my breath though.

Tony&Do,Dave&Sal,Jon&Linda 9/02/10

we were all pretty close to O.B as we know were lots more poeple out there,it seems to us to be a sad thing all this spoiling of both his night and of course the perceived threat to Franks liver dance.Both guys were and are nice people who realy want to help.there is no commercial threat to anyone elses operation the 2 events are pure charity gigs.The commercial purity or foresight of the George decision making actions are clearly flawed.Lets all hope that O.B's night gets a new venue with credible attendance to boost the coffers of the charity chosen.People will at some point have to address there actions and realise the mess caused and cruel approach.

liz from Rowley Regis.

Love the show Mary, can you please give a mention to 'Goodyears' the no 1 soul night in the midlands, it's been running for 12 years, and it's still going strong. it's on Fri Feb 20th 8-1am with regular dj's Kenny Lee, Little scotty, and silent snowy + guest dj from the Gloucester soulset Martyn Pitt. KTF!!

Charlie Hatcher

After reading Pete Roberts' post,that well known local DJ Keith Minshull has gone & got the planned tribute night to our late soul brother OB cancelled, should hang his head in shame. Talk about showing your true colours. What an idiot & showing the ultimate act of disrepect to someone who was held in the highest of esteem by all the soulies up & down the country not just localling to North Staffs & South Cheshire. I just hope people remember what Minshull's done when he's promoting his events locally, as I for one will not be attending any more of his soul nights. A serious error of judgement by Keith Minshull that will come back to haunt him & he'll rightly deserve all the stick that he'll no doubt get.

Graham Malley (Derby)

Had heard that OB's do on 21st May at the George was in doubt so big thank you to Pete for putting the record straight. First it's Dustbin Stanley now it's another 'Mr Big Shot' (hope I've spelt that correctly) failing OB. So much for Soul Brothers and all this so called togetherness.... What is it with these people ? Just been told that the Vale club is now the likely venue.I'll be there.


Loved Double OO R souls post full of humour , but where have TT , Midge & JJ gone?????? I think I will need agent OO R soul to find them ( I cant believe I just typed that)Have a great night at the George Laura

Caramel "CARTEL",(A "SOUL" ).

Re;Mary Fox@ bbc.co.uk/stoke...Luvin the Music!.I like the way this Music has lasted the "TEST" Of "TIME!"...,G/show,a 'G/listen!...,regard's,.

Andy "PEOPLES!"....('Smithfield').

G/show,B/Stoke...Mary Fox, 'Soul!!!'...."Luvin-The-Sound's", ('By-Gum !!!!').I like the way ya "Mes-Bo" contributor's 'X'press there feelings within the "Context' of ya Show!...."Great Sounds" comin through!. Keep the "SPIRIT-OF-SOUL" in your Heart's, & have "DETERMINATION!"...., Regard's, (Ap.lil).

Andy "PEOPLES!"....('Smithfield').

G/show,B/Stoke...Mary Fox, 'Soul!!!'...."Luvin-The-Sound's", ('By-Gum !!!!').I like the way ya "Mes-Bo" contributor's 'X'press there feelings within the "Context' of ya Show!...."Great Sounds" comin through!. Keep the "SPIRIT-OF-SOUL" in your Heart's, & have "DETERMINATION!"...., Regard's, (Ap.lil).

DOUBLE 00 R SOUL cont'd

Sorry folks missed out on my last message6.That 'large,grey haired,elderly bloke (bit orange)who shuffles around the dance floor alnight and is happy enough' etc ,etc (per TT WATFORD 's message)at the T.W. Manchester.'Def' not GOLDIE.But it could have been AGENT DOUBLE OO R SOUL in disguise on his 'seceret soul mission'.On his mission to 'do' Wayne Rooney before the semi final.But he FAILED and Rooney SCORED etc!!!.M.F. please don't forget that BOBBY TAYLOR 45 on next weeks show it's alittle 'cracker'! We will all be listening outside with the VINO TINTO!!KTF JINKSY(NO MURCIANS TODAY THEY ARE ALL AT THE BANOS TODAY!!peace at last!)looking very much forward to next Wednesday at 7-00p to 9-00p (CET) and next Friday 8-00pm to 10-00pm (CET) and next saturday PM!!

Mickey Rooney

Pete what can i say ' Wanda was brought to tears with the wonderful present yourself and Jackie gave me to give her at the hospital. To put everybody in the picture Pete invited me to his house on sunday to pick up a pair of pyjamas for Wanda [my good wife] who has been in hospital since the 20th of december with cancer. When I got to Pete's Jackie' his lovelly wife' had cooked me the best dinner I'd had in weeks as being by myself I hadn't bothered much!! hey dont get me wrong I didnt tell lots of people on the scene because its a fight thats for me and Wanda' anyway'on leaving pete's they gave me the largest Marks n Sparks bag I've ever seen with everything Wanda could need for her stay in hospital. Pete please dont insult me by saying [ had it lying around the bedroom for ages ] Many Many thanks for your kindness. Mickey n WandaMARY PLEASE SHOW THIS COPY

sue from stafford

hi mary could you please play ruby andrews just loving you for my steve tell him i love him loads as i can not be with him on valentines day this year thanks mary loving the show i shall still be listening via the net x

Pete Roberts Manchester Saturday 6 Feb

I can not believe the telephone call I have received this morning telling me that, "OB's Do" at the George on the 21st of May as been "CANCELLED" by the DJ KEITH MINSHULL! WHAT!! AND WHY?? Because he doesn't want it at the George!! He had complained to the Owner/Manager (JAY} that he didn't want another SOUL NIGHT being held at the George, and whoever had booked it should of OBTAINED HIS PERMISSION FIRST!! The evening at the George was to have been "A CELEBRATION OF THE LATE JOHN O' BRIEN (OB's) LIFE" Which was one of Johns last wishes that a Soul Night in his memory would be held at the George and KEITH MINSHULL would be one of the DJ's on the night! With all proceeds going to the Douglas Macmillan Hospice in Stoke-on-Trent. So nice one Keith! OB had known you most of his life and respected you as his friend? OB was my friend and I can tell you honestly this, that if it would of been you that had died, OB would of been the first to have done anything to help, and what have you done? Well I will tell you! You have stabbed Johns memory in the back! I personally know a lot of people who was coming the George 0n the 21st of May and I have already had 2000 Flyers printed for that night (Which will go in the bin now) which I was going to put out at the George on Friday at the Frank Barkers "Liver Dance" Charity Night! Which you also tried to stop! Mary, I beg you to print this post, because everything in it is the truth. Still in disbelief. Pete Roberts. One of the 100's of OB's true friends.




Well really lookin foreward to Franks Charity bash at de George Friday a number of folk travellin down hotels are booked etc/ but I am concerned about OBs night at de George 21st May cos arrangementss already in place days booked off work etc fliers in print and so on I have had so many enquiries ref OB`s Celeb night wanna make sure I av de facts right ...However 21st of may at de George could be wrong info???????? To Laura recieved ya e-mail mmmmmmm ?? wish I could make it to Keighley tonight av a good un Graham Julie etc Ta to Vinnie for sendin de Soul Guy Radio show over ITS GOOD ... Goldie xxxxx

Mary AGENT DOUBLE 'R 'SOUL reporting for duty agai

Just returned from my 'secret soul mission' with a licence to 'spin'!!!WOW so much gone on the MB while i have been away!1.'SLYVIA' D good to have you back on the M B .Did have a great time down in N.Z.?We have missed you(hope your 'hubby'recovers quickly)N.Z. its like the UK was 40 years ago!Wolves fan eh ,thank goodness for that .They used to be my 'second team' in the 1960's and 70's.the 'doug' and all that lot!That old gold kit you cannot beat it!made a brief visit down there to the new 'mol'in the late 90's but not as good as the old 'mol' used to be.you are not Mrs wolfy are you?I have models of Mr and Mrs Wolfy.he has got to be the best mascot in the league(don't mess with wolfy,he is 'ARD')sorted out moonchester in ONE blow!Is he still about?How did you escape from the blackcountry to sunny devon?Were they offering FREE bus tickets or something?You are welcome on the back of me' SX 200 any time.But just watch the 'tank aerial'it can go anywhere!!2.Mary's bottom (nice one goldie),the mind boggles.There is nothing wrong with a 'stout foundation' my 'wall' building task taught me that!3.TWIGGY JF yep agreed he is a 'god' out here.have checked out the track you mentioned,its fantastic the guy is so good on the guitar,think he recorded a few tracks on motown but i could be wrong!.Check out a track called YOUNGER GENERATION by this guy.the words are amazin'.Don't know if it's on youtube lifes to short.4.Pete R just caught the last 10mins of your radio show(the link out here is not that good yet,is listen again coming soon?)but i will be listening when ever poss.Did you have to go on a 'course' to get on that station?Would not mind doing something like that myself in the future!Any chance of coming on as a guest on my next visit to the UK hopfully in May 2010 (planning on being over this summer until AUG 2010)so plenty of time to 'do' you and Mary's show as well if she will have us of course!( and if the old motorhome will start etc)Got to come over and throw a couple of me' tennants out onto the street!!!and then refurbish the properties and possible sell em' on if the UK market has picked up!5.N.M.do you know anything about that 'small town team'JOKE CITY' (only kiddin')that my moneybags team from middle eastlands has drawn in the next round of the FA cup?are they any good??!!set myself up for a 'big fall' there!'MARY LOVE' what happened to the nice little b side track BLACKMAIL by BOBBY TAYLOR requested weeks ago?any chance on next weeks show?If not poss how about AGENT OO(R) SOUL by ES instead?looking forward to next weeks 'show'.it's 21 0c today but still cold at night what's the UK weather like, is it still tropical?KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANSps well done UTD in the semifinal GGGGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR injury time again 93rd min(fergy time again)but we will 'BE BACK' 4th postion this year and champions league next season (we live in hope and olives and vino tinto!!)

Ian Gray

Hi Mary, A request for Valentines day show, Because my darling long suffering Wife Val puts up with with so many of my little foibles including my devotion to listening to your show every Sat. morning come what may. Secretly I think she's happy knowing your the only other woman (of a similar age) in my life, I'm sure Mr. Fox will understand.Please assure her she is and always will remain No.1 in my life and play for her The Emotions "So I can love" an outstandly beautiful ballad that I don't think you have ever played.Thank you MaryKTFIan (Gosport)

Goldie what 2 can easily do

Great show Friday/ Nick in his usual good form Jerry Butler top track. Well we had de 2 Ronnies De 2 Jakes next week we got de 2 Petes on Marys show yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee with a touch of double dutch in the shape of Yos & Rigo they will also be attending the "MUST GO" charity night at FRANK BARKERS Liver dance at de George Hotel 8-1am £6-00 to get in and enjoy de finest of djs accross de land. Valantines day at de wheel will be packed sooooooooo get there early only!!!£5 to gain admission!!!!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee track for my wife MICHELLE for next week " Girl I need Ya " de Artistics yipeeeeeeeeeeeee wghat an angel!!!!To my mates Marie & Bernie see yuz in Stoke next week 2010 has finally lifted off OH YEAH xxxxxx Goldiexxxxxxxxx see ya next Sunday Mike & Linda xxxxx

Andrea & M ick Mcgurrin

Hi Mary could you play a request for joe dean he has come home from hospital today after his knee operation, wish him all the best from us and hope to see him soon x

Best wishes from us all.

Just like to send my very best wishes to the Rooneys. Wanda (Vanda) is still very poorly. Get Well Soon!! Vanda. Pete & Jackie and all your 100's of friends from the Wheel. xx.

Valentines Day Flowers & Chocolates NO!

Sunday afternoon 14th February "Valentines Day" the Love Train stops at 6. Whitworth St. Manchester. For the Twisted Wheel Clubs Sunday Afternoon Soul Session. Tell your partner when the flowers have died and the chocolates have been eaten you will remember your visit to the Wheel forever! LOVE that pulsating and bouncing basememt, LOVE that unique atmosphere, LOVE being with the friendliest people on the scene, LOVE the best in 60's Soul music. With Dj's Pete Roberts & John Green, Jock Heron and this months Special guest Dj Jos from the Amsterdam Soul Club! With his fantastic Motown vintage films (Not to be missed) 3pm till 8pm £5 on the door. Cupid ------> Xxxx

Goldie Talc Monitor

My sincere good wishes to Joe dean , Sylvia says hes fine today yipeeeeeeeeeeee . Wednesdays at tea time used to be "Home & Away" then de Six Thirty Itn News .... now its de Pete Roberts Twisted Wheel show northmanchesterfm.org Wednesdays 6--8pm repeated Sundays same time & in de early hours Tues Ams.Marys show tomorrow of course then weekend after its de Liver dance at de George at 8--ipm & the Lover dance at de Wheel Sunday those dates 12th & 14th ..like all of us cant wait for Obs record release well done Pete.....to days track "Something Keeps callin Me Back" Wayne fontana yipeeeeeeeeeeeee grrrrhhhhhh Goldiexxx

Malc Falle, Brittany

Kath Newman-Hello Kath, as an independent soul reviewer/interviewer I am suprised that you are not aware that Mary Love has for several years now been recording under her married name of Mary Love Comer, the internet gives her contact e-mail address as marylovecomer@yahoo.com


Sorry Peter Scofield , it must be the board layout because The "BEST OF LUCK" "ANDY SCHO "?? preceeds your defining post ref Dean Parish etc .. prior to that YES YOU ARE right!, there are a couple of posts ref the record 3 weeks ago , it just seems strange TT- Watford /Midge wait 3 weeks to applaud your efforts at the same time you define your efforts on 27/01, one would think TT & Midge could get involved & give us :the messageboard users some more info . Well I am pleased that you are "all systems go" on the record & of course, I too, wish the venture all the luck in the world , I will be purchasing several copies as soon as the details are available . Thank you Peter for your feed back. Lauraxx KTF

Kath Newman

Hi Mary, I am hoping you can help I am trying to obtain contact details for Mary Love, as I am trying to arrange an interview with her prior to the March Pontins Prestatyn northern soul weekender. Unfortunately I cannot find any way of contacting her, please could you send me contact details or refer this email on to her as I know you have interviewed her on your radio. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you.I am an dependant interviewer/reviewer and I my interviews and reviews have been published in blues and soul mag and northern soul music website.I would be most grateful for an interview at the forthcoming Prestatyn northern soul weekender. I do a lot of my interviews at the Pontins Prestatyn northern soul/modern soul weekenders. As you are an important dj and influence on the soul scene I would really like to meet you.INFO:I have been interviewing for some time and interviewed many legendary soul artists and famous dj's, some of my interviews were with Terry Callier, Ruby Turner, Martha Reeves of the Vandellas, The Spinners, Angelo Starr (brother of Edwin Starr) and many more. BELOW YOU CAN READ A LIVE INTERVIEW WITH MARTHA REEVES AND A LIVE REVEW OF RUBY TURNERMany of my live reviews and interviews are published by www.BluesandSoul.com - You can listen to some my interviews at www.northernsoulmusic.co.uk homepage, left hand column, place mouse over the interviews and broadcasts box and another smaller box comes up also called interviews and broadcasts, click on that and my interviews will come up..For confirmation please contact: Lee Taylor of blues and soul maglee@bluesandsoul.comwww.bluesandsoul.com Nick Rennie of northernsoulmusic.co.uk nick@northernsoulmusic.co.uk www.northernsoulmusic.co.uk Please acknowledge receipt. Yours sincerely, Kath Newmanwww.myspace.com/souldeepevents07747588146 Home / Issue 1027 / Features / Martha Reeves: Soul Survivor FeatureMartha Reeves: Soul Survivor Well you can certainly say Martha Reeves has lead a full life up until now. Hits with the Vandellas came thick and fast, scoring more than a dozen hits with some of Motown's most iconic tracks including: 'Dancing in the Street', 'Nowhere to Run' and Jimmy Mack...Then came group infighting with Betty Kelly and a brush with prescription drugs & alcohol. This along with a very tough touring schedule caused Reeves to have a nervous breakdown and become institutionalized for a short time in 1969.Reeves and the Vandellas worked together once more with Betty Kelly, Sandra Tilley and younger sister Louis Reeves replacing original members Annette Beard and Rosalind Ashford. But were to disbanded once more in 1973 after the release of the 'Black Magic' album. Reeves continued to work on solo projects until Motown decided to move from Detroit to Los Angeles. On the strength of this she decided to leave the label, ending a twelve year partnership with Motown Records.After semi-retirement, film and broadway roles, a writing honour, suing and winning a case against her former label, Motown for royalties AND not to mention an induction into The Hall Of Fame - We bring you smack up to date with Reeves continuing her role as an elected councilwoman for the city of Detroit, Michigan. A position she has held since 2005 whilst keeping an infinity with her beloved Detroit. She now blends that job with her other love - and now part-time job of Soul Superstar and once more leader of Martha Reeves and the Vandellas. I caught up with her just before a performance at Brighton's Concord Two on a sultry evening in August... Where and when were you born?I am celebrating a month after my birthday which is August the 18th. I was born July 18th in Eufaula, Alabama to Ruby and Elijah Reeves.Why did your family move to Detroit?Jobs - My Dad came with his brothers after the Cut and Gem was invented. A lot of blacks couldn't find work so they moved north to work in car factories. My dad worked for Bud Wilner wheel manufacturers and eventually found a job

PeteSco..mon 1/2..

hiya LAURA..I didnt quite understand the point you made,,i think "skullduggery" was the word you used,,about a mention from a couple of people,,before I posted about OB's song..I did actually post my original message,,a good 3 weeks earlier,,if you keep scrolling down,,you will come across it on the messageboard..also I created a page on facebook dedicated to getting Johns song published,,just put his name in facebook search,,so a lot of people know whats going on with Johns song..I'm doing my best,,but seem to be getting nowhere,,and you wouldnt believe the negative stuff ive had to put up with to be honest,,..all the best SCO..x..


This mesage board is better than Eastenders with Goldie in the Star role . I too have met Goldie Mary and as you said on your show last night . He will take this in good faith, the bitching etc &n character assanation But Mary I work for the Govern ment & I need to show dexterity in my work could you please or any one else find out how Midge ---- Blackburn & TT ---Watford congratulated Pete Scofield ( Andy Sco what a whopper mistake)before Pete Schofields post ????????????? Skulduggery methinks . However your Show is very entertaining & I shall continue to enjoy Love & Hugs to FRANK BARKERxxx Laura

johny murphy

Listened to your sounds this morning sat. Great stuff. Im the D.J.who played the vinyl at the Bali Hai tiffs.Whoch Ian wants to know?

Jane Ottley W.Yorks

Enjoyed the Mary Fox Show on listen again this morning after a night at the Wheel .I had a dance with Goldie whom I met at the Okeh club last year He is great . Beautiful hair Stunning eyes Tall & hansome & charming . Just what our soul scene needs !He is great to dance with . He promised he would be back up to Keighley soon . The sooner the better.He said he would, so long as I go to the Stoke Charity night at the George ( charmer)I have only been to Stoke once it was last year at the Kings Hall . Oh and yes he was there Goldie Non stop dancing till 7 am he was great . any way I will go because I thought Frank Bacher did a tearful guest spot . He deserves a good night . I am dying to meet Nick Marshall , yourself Mary . The Famous Keith Minsul & Dave evison . I suppose they will all be there . I have just read TT of Watford . & Midges Message Board insertions. I think they are A DISGRACE . Get A life Guys . I can assure you goldie has got one . Seems to me like hes put a lot of people under pressure with his Lovely disposition & prescence in this neck of the woods. Mary could you plesae play a track for my Husband Justin who has just come out of hospital following Cardio Myopathy treat ment. He is doing okay . Please play for him & tell him I love him .."What Can A Man Do" The Showstoppers . It Is The B side of Houseparty Cheers Mary Keep Up The good work .Jane

Goldie LIVERpool

Wheel BEST EVER NIGHT on Friday even met a guy who left his cases in de cloakroom HE Flew out to Alberta Sat am " Ill be back " He said...Marys Show excellent Frank was superb GREAT PIECE OF RADIO Broadcasting !!!! We will all be there on de 12th for Franks Liver dance Then On de 14th Valantines day at de Wheel with Jos & Rigo putting on de style yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldiexxx Oh My God I really have de time of my life at de Wheel ...nice to see Paul from Newquay again!!!

Mike & Linda

RE:GOLDIE,.... People say there are so many nice people on the soul scene, and they are right. However don't know if it's the time of the year,but lately one or two like to be cutting with their remarks come on lighten up. Please don't judge people by fun related post etc. Goldie is one of the nicest people you could wish to meet he is funny,infectious and very, very caring, his only aim is to cheer people up and make them happy, and he allways looks on the bright side. So please don't judge till you have been lucky enough to meet him..... As regards the Twisted Wheel, again never judge anything until you have been lucky enough to experience it. I can't agree enough with Goldie, for me (and him) it is without any doubt the best soul club in the country, you will never experience anything like the atmosphere in that fantastic club so give it a try then you will probably be singing it's praises on here too.... Pete R. great show and thanks for the request wish we could be with you all at "the club" this fri night mate but will see you on the 14th.... Mary would you please play Lonliness Made Me Realise for Linda & Me on next weeks show thanks.

Andrea & Mick

Hi mary could you play a request for all our friends who are going to moreville hall tonight looking forward to seeing you all they know who they are thanks again KTF

paul g & helen (kidderminster)

hi mary, just catchin up on iPLAYER. re. phil from shrewsbury & his comments on motown legends. we were there at the nia. ok the "allstars" could have been any 1. sorry to say martha reeves was terrible. the miracles were "good", mary wilson was excellent but the commodors were the stars. check out my youtube posts of the miracles, mary & the commodors remix,people weren't leavin?? ktf paul & helen


To Melinda yes babe got 98% on my VRQ & was out with a NVQ assessor last night hes happy..Doin my Foods for de Animal & Pet Industry ENR Course next week at Hugh Baird College (whilst in my new job).Vinnie let me get started before I start giving samples out yipeeeee To Midge No it was`nt my missus ...she was with me ,when I showed de yellow & all hell broke loose ..I have stopped thet gimmick now!!!( HER FIRST VISIT)& I wrote to de person I raised my voice at sayin sorry in a lovely card... To TT in Hertfordshire Elderly :yes cos I is.. Orange :yes cos I go away several times a year to de hot lands ( & use sun lounges in de intrim)Shuffle yes cos I is elderly as you point out.. ALL NIGHT( U said it pal) !!!!though you understand never sitting down for a minute but u got me in one ....Sorry to Mary for remarks I made , i havent spoke to Mary for ages so it must have come second hand , sorry to hear of Midges Ill Health God bless ya mate & SO SORRY FOR POSTING A NONE SOUL POST ...but God help me I IS ONLY ANSWERING Questions .. How come no one asks me " SOUL RELATED QUESTIONS I.E. WHAT IT WAS LIKE LIVING IN DETROIT FOR 7 YEARS ...Please start askin me soul related Questions & if I can I will respond ok????...Good joke Ian Alford !!!!.....Now phew!!! back to de SOUL ..Pete Roberts show on Wednesday was excellent IT REALLY IS DE TWISTED WHEEL SHOW....lookin forward to Marys Show tomorrow & goin to de Wheel Tomorrow to listen to SOUL OF DE 60s in a gorgeous atmosphere I is so sorry : all some people can recall from there visits to de wheel is me!! ya missin out THE PLACE IS FULL OF YOUNGER HANSOME MEN & SCRUMPTIOUS LADIES!!! OH MY GOD so lookin forward to Tomorrow Goldie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx PLEASE PLEASE Be Happy lifes a gift if you can achieve the bonus of being able to ACCEPT !!To days trax .."Maggies Farm" Solomon Burke... " This Heart Of Mine " Jimmy James..Homer Banks " Uptight Melody" & " ATouch Of Velvet A Sting Of Brass"Mood Mosaic......... Goldiexxxxxxxxxxxxx

Ian alford

To pete sco best of luck with the single hope it works out for you...to goldie I had a mate who was a taxi driver and he told me he had to pull out to avoid a baby ..but that's another story..ktf everyone

malc potts, droylsden.

Sorry 2 Rob from Cadiz, I've got about a years worth of Mary's show on Disc but unluckily my PC died in January and It's just about up to scratch again. Still got Mary's tribute to OB and you're welcome to that if it helps mate. I don't keep up 2 date with the board as much as I should but if you'd like anything in future, Email me at malcome.potts@sky.com (all small Case) and you know I'll oblige, but make it in the week of the show if at all poss. Best wishes to every one, Malc Potts.

Chris, Brooklyn NY

Hi Mary, Hope your New Year is going well. Went to see Darrow Fletcher perform on Saturday, (His first time In New York since the Motown Review at the Apollo Theater in the late sixties.) A wonderful talent who should have had a great career but somehow slipped through the cracks....... Would you play "WHAT HAVE I GOT NOW" or anything by him.Thank you XX Chris Brooklyn NY


Mary is this Goldie bloke the same one who said you had a big bum? Or the same one a pal of mine saw shouting at two women in the Wheel? ( could've been is missus I suppose) Why do you give him the time of day? I thought this was a messageboard for people who follow soul music not for inflated egos. Let's get back to what this board does best, share info. I don't do soul nights wish I could but ill health won't let me. I used to like reading this board - a bit of banter is ok but it's getting boring now. sorry Mary nothing persunal . The show is great and I will love you even if you do have a big bum!!! ( not that I've seen it!! digging a hole for myself , shut up Midge) KTF

PeteSco..weds 27/1..JOHNS record..

DEANO Parrish has kindly replied to me regarding the song..to cut a long story short it would appear there is no master recording of it,,as he mentioned he may go back into the studio with some musicians to record one..RUSS hasnt replied yet..I have one or two recordings of the song,,and ive asked DEAN if I can produce 500 copies of it..I would sell them @ £5 each and that would start the ball rolling..I want to put it on iTUNES and all the download sites,,to try and get it sold..I have JOHNS family's permission,,as soon as I get Deans,,,we will be up and running my friends..I think its time to concentrate on Deano,,and forget anyone else (unless theres one of those awful contracts knocking around) ,,what do you think everyone...please let me know,,,,so that is the latest.(if anyone wants to speak privately p.sco@hotmail.co.uk)..keep a tight bum..sco..XX

T T- Watford

Hi Mary,I am a relatively newcomer to your show being a southern softie. Found you while on the road and then on iplayer. Great music, really enjoyed last Friday when you were playing music from previous shows that you hadn't played in a while.Also enjoying most of the discussion and banter on the boards. I hope Andy Scho succeeds in his quest to get Mr O'Brien's record released.I am not too sure about the incoherent twitterings of 'Goldie'. Is it just me cos I find them really difficult to follow. I have visited the Twisted Wheel in Manchester on one of my trips up north to visit relatives in Darwin and think I may have come across Goldie in there. Is he the large, grey-haired, elderly bloke, (a bit orange) who shuffles around the dance floor all night? He seems happy enough.Anyway if you could play Smiling Faces Sometimes by The Dramatics or the Temptations that would be brilliant. The message is in the words!!Best wishes for 2010 Mary.Tony

Sylvia Dean

Back from down under to a freezing Devon. brrr. But the plus side on returning is being able to listen LIVE to Mary Fox !! Managed to catch up with some soul in NZ a smashing club in Wellington called the Watusi.. some ex pats down under keeping the faith! A big Hello to Chae Riley and good to catch up. His live show every Sunday morning, ( UK time) via scooter forums is good listening folks.In reply to NOW TEDDYS GONE... No I dont own a travel company !!I wish I did!! We are just spending money whilst we can, and live for today!! Also I am a WOLVES FAN of course..Mary.. Can you please play Helen Shapiro.. Tell me what he said ( 1962) Joe bought this on vinyl in NZ.. A good oldie.. ( ex Wheel..Brazenose street I recall? KTF xx


Dont forget to take your N.V.Q.goldie???x

'STERLING' from 'MOSS'ton.

Re:"Goldie-Cabs!"...yer a good driver lad!,steady behind the "WHEEL!!!".Good luck with the Pet foods 'CHUM!'you are the right 'PEDIGREE'.Mary, could you play 'Mustang Sally'(Wilson Picket)on the show?...,I think it,s only 'FARE' for 'De Taxi-Driver!!!!.Cheeer,s.(pd).


GOLDIE thanks for the case of kite kat and the cat litter for me 2 soul twins socks n tigger they say thanks and your the cats whiskers, and dogs danglers as well x !!! twiggy thanks for the comments glad you aint left cause it will never be same / over for me,oh my god time to record my soulguy radio show, then on the 12th franks liver dance wow cant wait! MEOOOWWWWW xx

Sylvia (Brum)

Can I get into your car goldie?????xx

Goldie de taxi driver

I is cab driver and I do use the Wheel Mobile to pick folk up & take em home when they are goin de Wheel but its FREE YES FREE I bet you have never done anything without gettin paid..I use my licensed cab when sales are down in my other job I have just come in following a 14hr nightshift on de Wirral I am gonna pay de council tax with my earnings Next week I am in a company car selling pet foods Yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I love this life!!!!! Anyway on a more serious note Petes Cheque has just arrived for de talc For what looks like being a crackin night at de PLACE WHERE IT ALL BEGAN de BURNING BUSH OF SOUL IN DE UK ...de TWISTED WHEEL MANCHESTER the doors open at 9pm & Pete will keep em open till 2-15 the masses of true soulies & of course happy soulies will be treated to a SOUL BONANZA ..Pete & John at de helm with BARRY TASKER in support just five pounds to gain admission the only requirement is a love of 60s "WHEEL" music the urge to dance & a personality (THAT UNLIKE DE PERSON WHO WROTE de Goldie gets paid post ) is not saturated & FULL OF RESENTMENTS ......Keep smilin everybody cant wait for Petes Show though in future I may listen on a Sunday so I can Listen to another fave of mine on a wednesday..yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee OU EST LA DISC ...PU INE DOS RECORDE..Yosh de gurame yanama IN ENGLISH WHERE IS DE RECORD RUSS i tink it should be out now grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhh Well Stoke gud game see ya`ll at de Wheel Friday .....DONT BE LATE thats an order Goldie talc monitor yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee its Tuesday I luv Tuesdays xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to days records " Get INto MY CAR " Billy Ocean & " You1ll Never Get To Heaven If You Skit My Car" Dionne Warwickxxx

Jos from Amsterdam

Hi Mary,On my next visit I'll be bringing you another special version of a Marvin & Tammi track. (You remembered well, the one you played wasn't mine)Hope the weather will make for a smooth crossing again.

Tony & Jill

Hi Mary Although we had no banter from emails sent into you or any comments from the message board read out well not so many , can we just say what a splendid show you managed to grace us with last friday . Can you please play the Funk Brothers ile always love you (inst) now hopefully the BBC have all the monitors up and running .thankyou Tony & Jill

HAWNY (BIG BIG belendas couzin))

(to big neils sister) big alma thelma melba or whatever as long theyt female, any chance of me and they in same room ??


pete roberts still gives goldie a monthly car sticker alowance for the kia plus he makes a fortune at night people stop im cause they tink hes de taxi man

Harry King (Hastings).

Good listening B/Stoke Soul!.I luv the 'BANTER-BATTLE' on the Mes-Bo!...,I had one myself in'1066!'..it was with my'BOW'who was very 'CROSS'coz we could not see 'EYE-to-EYE!...good selections on the Playlist! I know the "ONE-EYED-GIT!!!!!".cheers,Harry(aka The 'PATCH').


To anybody out there who might have known FREDDY JONES, sadley Freddy passed away the other day and what a massive gap Big Fred will leave in alot of peoples lives, One of the nicest Toughest but fairest men you could have ever met, Fred loved his music but he was a well known local man for his sporting ability, football and cricket were Freddies love, we will all miss ya Fred, RIP.

Goldie Cant Moor Til

Just listened to Mary`s show & it was very good as per usuall a wide spectrum of sounds which helps me view stuff outside of the 60s black American soul vaults which is glued to my heart & inner spirit ad infinitum...Petes Show is purely TWISTED WHEEL so now I got de best of both Worlds/ All de people who tuned in to Petes Show SAID IT WAS JUST "LIKE" BEING IN DE WHEEL " yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee A bit confused about the ""OB record post"" which is on de board as I am writing this ? Is this the same Gent who appears in Neils new book with some memoirs of his soul past !!!! well..he`s gotta good memory then.. if it is & I am not sure IT IS?? by the way...pity he could`nt remember what hes done with Johns record hey!!! ..anyway having said that I TRULY CANT WAIT for de RELEASE of OBs song ....once again crackin show Mary & to fill de week in as I wait for CLUB SOUL PARIDISO next Friday I got the Petes Wheel show on Wednesday ps ITS SO easy to log in and out of the station/show & there are lots of goodies to boot yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee I will be listening to Marys Show on the Way to Manchester cos my car radio can get 94.6 no probs is`nt that cool yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ( ihope Pete can get me some more wheel stickers /de motor lookin bare grrrrrrhhhhhh ) pss I is glad Twiggy made a contribution to de show hes a goodin & once again to a previous post I HAVE SEEN TWIGGY & VINNIE in de same room so there !whoever u is Goldiexxxxxxxxx yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


To Big Neils Sister(Thelma End) hey thats a good un, so i'll try and put you onto something that might just make your ears stand on end, thats in Alma End that is, get yourself on Youtube and type in JOSE FELICIANO and look for AFFIRMATION oringinal 1975 version, what class Jose makes good guitar players sound very average thats alls i'm saying. My mate Vinny to be honest Vinny is the only one locally who's tried to help me, offered me a spot on a couple of occassions, so who knows just maybe we will be in the same room, i met Vinny recently at The Kingshall and he spoke alot of sense, i know Vinnys got some great stuff i must say if you love hearing virtually the same hammered records at a Soul Night then thats alright i have moved on years ago from that one and don't believe what it says on the can when it comes to some who spin the stuff on the scene.To Jinksy have a listen to Jose its unbelieveable a soul tune to me is somebody who gets the best outta the instrument hes playing or sings the lyrics deep from inside um, Jose's song for me was like hearing one of those tunes that just anna aged and sounded like it had just been released, dunna get me wrong i have a bit of stuff by Jose but i missed this one, i know George Bad Benson did a cover from years ago but i have to say Jose's version knocks spots off George Bensons version, now i'm a massive fan of George's, theres also this unknown guy doing the same tune on YOUTUBE, if he would have been on that talent crap show of Mr Cowells he would have won it in my opinion,Jinksy the problem i see is we have alot now Djing because Soul Music as become popular again, alot of the Lp stuff is finding its way onto the CD compilations and also the CD Compilations are re-inventing or have re-invented Soul Music, until the Cd happened the Soul Scene was on its arse apart from the few who supported the music relegiously, now do yourself a charity Soul Nite and you become an household Soul Name, thats not for me, i can't change how i feel, its like saying when you go out and have a meal cooked by a celebrity cheif and he asks you well do you like it, ain't it so bloody funny you get all those kind of cheifs on telly and you hear the people saying who thats nice or good, well in my opinion they are going to say its good just because they are on the telly, you would be dead within six months eating all that Cream, Fat and Salt they cook and aren't the guests so bloody plastic, i used that as am example been um that is Soul Nites and dunna like what i hear so i choose not to go um,if i could find a place where i like the Dj who spins the stuff i would go again but i anna found one yet, someone as shown alot of interest in what i would put onto a CD but i have told um, not got the desire they will eventually fade away, they always do when things go wrong, i honestly think you conna get the youth interested within this scene if we still have the attitudes from the 60's floating around again in the scene, i know what i like when i hear it and thats alls i'm bothered about when i sit down at night and bang on my limitless choices of tunes with a couple of bottles of the red stuff. Don't forget Jinksy, Jose Feliciano

Goldie Talc Monitor

Oh My God so proud to know Wanda & Mickey we have had so many laughs & chuckles on de Wheel dance floor Luv yus to bits yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldie xxx ki9sses are for Wanda by the way Mickey grrrrhhhh

The OB Record

Re} Ob record? Still totally at a loss over the Ob record. How can Russ Winstanley sleep at night? Read all the posts on this M/B and everybody is discussing it at all the soul do's. So why as Russ Winstanley not done what he promised? Was he just trying to make a name for himself now that the casino as gone? Well he as done a BAD ONE. Well done! Russ. I wonder how many people will turn up at the shopping centre if you dont sort this out? It must be said that Dean Parrish did what he promised and recorded the record for John (OB) O'Brien, its a pity that he cant do anything about it, because if he truly know how a lot of his fans are feeling here in the u.k, i am sure that he would.

mike the mod

Just recieved my dean parish single this morning'Russ many thanks it makes an excellent addition to my collection and I love hearing the words as written by our soul brother ob. The price was quite reasonable at £15 and i hope all our soul friends enjoy the same. This is what i would like to say !! instead no record' no response which only fuels the divide between yourself and your ice cream van music and the genuine soul people. I was gonna say pull your finger out ? but best not. Mike.

Mickey Rooney

To mr Pete Roberts Jackie and Goldie' Many many thanks for all your kind words to Wanda at the hospital' your words of encouragement have give Wanda a whole new outlook.Pete you keep going on about a plaque for the wheel? I'd rather see something done for Pete Roberts the man who has done so much for good causes and charity's and has never asked for anything in return.Goldie if you can only come on this messageboard singing Petes praises SING ON.Pete good luck with your radio show' your club'and anything you do in life your a diamond. Not sure about that Goldie though!!! Mickey n Wanda xx

Goldie Mono Tilt car

Just listened to Pete Roberts "Twisted Wheel" pilot www.northmanchesterfm.org /106.6fm all I can say is WELL DONE PETER it was like bein in de Wheel Great effort bravo sir cant wait for next Wednesday`s show Marys show last Friday was excellent de Guest from Burnley did a good job .... to days track "Said I was`nt gonna tell Nobody " by Sam & Dave yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldie xxxxxxx


Many thanks for the info.Please cheer up,and KTF.Don't let others 'cloud' your faith.You are a 'BROTHER' stay there and 'fight' your corner.However,it is better sometimes to say nothing and and pursue your 'pathway'.DON'T GET INVOLVED!!!i have learned this lesson in life and as you get a little older you get a little wiser etc(but only alittle!!)I think i will ask Mary if i can become the radio stoke official 'northern soul agony auntie'!!!Would you do that for me 'lovey' etc etc etc!!!Very soon i will embarking on a 'secret soul mission' of my own to try to bring some 'soul sounds' to the airwaves in the hills of MURCIA.But more of that in the future,things are at a very,very early stage and may not happen because of finance and the digital change over here in spain both in TV and radio from 03/04/10!C.S. yes what another 'voice'.Like her alot.Do you think N R would mind me contacting him etc .Is there an email address or website etc?You are welcome here on our 'hill' in MURCIA anytime.Plenty olives for you to' pick 'etc!KTFJINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Alma End (Big Neil's sister)

Yo Twiggy give us the details of ya night ya doin so we can witness the wonders ya talk about. cuz most of us are obviously un-worthy of of obtaining such wisdom! Has anyone noticed that you never see Twiggy & Vinny in the same room! Mmm!

Ian Edwards

Here we go again,Have dig at someone again,have not been on for a while,now I know why,GOLDIE top bloke full of beans,and when the charity nights are on always no 1 in the queue,who else do you know twice gets stuck on the m6 for many hours and still turns up for a charity do,and has just drove 90 miles,and 90 back,the guy is a saint,same as Pete Roberts,the man is the same,and was a rock for OB throughout his illness,Pete Sco to caring honest,and mate im with you 100% in all you do,SCO you are very genuine and a true gent mate,good luck brother,you can make it happen,all the lads in Stoke who put on the marvellous charity do's,Anne and Joan with the althzeimers,Big Andy Norburn,all these amazing folks all have hearts of GOLD,long may it continue,Pete Roberts I did congratulate you on the new radio show,but it did not get announced wonder why !!.Can some people simply realise the fine people on here do things to help,not to be heroes,get noticed,take the credit,but purely and simply because they are caring decent human beings and THATS THE ONLY REASON,and all the afore mentioned Im proud to count as friends.And all of you put YOUR NAMES on when you do pass comment !!!!!!!!

Kerry & Lauren

Goldie is the best thing since slice bread he is a funny man does our heads in someyimes but always makes us laugh we cant wait for him to come on the show again Kerry & lauren Irene Ellie may &all de fans in Crosby & Nogsy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


goldie for message board monitor yipeeeeeeeeeee x ps hope to see some of you at the crown hotel nantwich in the minstrels ballroom northern soul n motown all across the board on sun jan 24th 4 till 9 a t b


Hey,please leave GOLDIE alone (although i am sure he can take care of himself!).All we want to know is when he will be on the show next time because i will put a note for my a 'def' in my diary.Any chance of GOLDIE and E.N. doing that joint appearance,cause that would be worth this years licence fee all on it's own.MALC many thanks for that info i think i will get hold of that cd asap and work on the 45 'in time'Have you suffered from any of that 'bad' weather that has been blowing around our peninsula(think thats how you spell it!)for the past few weeks?looking forward to next friday nights show.KTFJINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Andrew (SC)

Mary just to ditto Tony and Jills message the "help the heroes" night was very well supported and the OCSC and soul brothers six did us proud. nice club good atmosphere and great crowd from all over. Well done lads.


To Jinksy, I'm drifting away from this Scene as we now know it, All the Soul as gone from it as far as i'm concerned, Without being to controversal, dunna know if i spelt that right, i have found music which just blows my mind, I have also been asked to do some nite soon but you wunna get me on this messageboard advertising it,also not to bothered about doing it but if do it, i want people to come because they want to come, anyway enough of that, i also feel some are getting above their station and using The music, anyway i'm finding out fast that there are artistes out there who can and will blow your mind with natural raw talent, you know what i mean when you are in the presence of someone who's a genious, i watched this bloke about 30 ish on YOUTUBE and i'm not kinding you why he isn't a massive star i dunna know this led me to more and more stuff, I'll bang that on when i'm good and ready. Anyway Nick might be the best man to find that version you are after, just wondering if its that remix of Diana, Marvin and Tammi's ani't no mountain high enough your after, I think if it is then Neil Rushton will be your man, if it is him ask him about HALFWAY TO HEAVEN remix by Candy Staton another nice tune.Hope that helps you Jinksy.

Outer Circle Scooter Club

Just a quick thank you to everyone who attended our charity do for the HEROES last Friday at Baddeley Green WMC. We raised a total of £510.33p on the night & everyone at OCSC would like thank the folk who attended for your support, also to the club for providing their facilities. Special mention to Keith Beardmore & Paul Gould who arranged for the charity CD to be produced. Everyone on the night seemed to enjoy themselves, so look out for our next event which is Friday 19th February 2010 when we are back at Milton Bowling Club. Hope to see lots of you from the mesbo on the night. KTF Amo & OCSC Boys

Goldie CART Lit Moon

Well bit bored today mmmmmmmmmm what can I post on this my favourite site??? okeekoki I know ON DE 29th of January at number 6 Whitworth St in the city of Manvhester Barry Tasker no less will be guesting as de dj at the Home Of soul de TWISTED WHEEL MANCHESTER 9pm till 2-15 am U Simply gotta be!!!! there same applies to Barry`s resident Spot 8 days later at de Greystones Hotel & then a charity night for a great guy (Frank B.)at de George Hotel Stoke On de 12th Feb guest djs de suberb Pete roberts The Underated John green but quite excellent supported by Frank de la Derby ...Marie Bernie & Myself defo goin to that one!!!!2 days later on Valantines Day FEB 14th The PAIR of dudes from Holland the lovely Jos & Rigo will be gracing de Wheel with their visual extravaganza & fine soul music yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee WHAT A YEAR THIS IS gonna be Goldie ( now I m ust get back to de ironing before Shell comes in)xxxxx

Tony & Jill

Hi Mary.Welcome Back and thanks for some lovely music last Friday . We went to the charity night for the help the heroes organised by the outer circle scooter club . Can we just say what a fantastic night we had, and also that the lads who organise these charity nights deserve alot of credit,as all their time and effort is for Free .Mary could you play Donnie Elbert You don't have to be a star for them .Thankyou Tony & Jill


Mary many thanks for the TP track (full version too!)perfect opening to the show and tribute to another now 'departed' great!the words of the 'tune' say it all.KTF JINKSY AND THOSE MURCIANS

Malc Falle, Brittany

Hello Jinksy- Re Major Lance and "thats the story of my life" You are correct it's on Volt 4079, Manship has a copy for £20 plus postage. It is also available on a 1988 Stax CD called Soul Soldiers "various artists" the ASIN number is 8000002452. There are two or three Major Lances Volt tracks, also tracks by Darrell Banks and Jimmy Hughes. Two of this CD are currently shown for sale on Amazon, asking £17 each. Hope this helps.KTF.Malc.

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)

Hi Mary,As you forgot to broadcast my last post(for whatever reason)could you please mention on the whats on spot s.o.s.soul on sunday at the minstrels ballroom crown hotel nantwich 24 jan4til9 £3 otd across the board SOUL including stoke djs mace and vinnie.Could you please play "i got what you need"by oscar perry.Thanks Tony.

Goldie Talc Monitor

Just been watching Emerdale & iwas thinkin Have any of these people BEEN TO DE TWISTED WHEEL MANCHESTER yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & once again HAPPY BIRTHDAY Bernie & now for something completely different Burnley alnighter on Saturday yipeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldie ( Marie , Bernie & I defo goin de Okeh club again Juliex cos we had so much fun last time & we is travellin down to Stoke for 2 Charity events I think ones Frank Barkers just waitin for conf of de dates yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee ps 2010 is gonna be a great soul year grrrrrhhhhhhhhhGoldiexxxxxxxx cant wait for Petes Show (Mary Fox is de guest)x


Is it not a sad old world. We have one the most popular shows on the BBC "local Radio" yet it is lumbered with the slowest update message board ever. Now we have Goldie being berated for his happy slappy scouse humour and ramblings what next. Goldie, I hope you bang your keys every day mate you bring a smile to me and I don't think you have ever set out to offend. Pete go and give Russ a shake he may not read this board as much as we think and maybe he just needs encouragement.

Andy - Stone Soul Club

THANK YOU To you Mary for advertising our Soul Night in Stone last Saturday. A brilliant night and a cracking turn out. A BIG THANK YOU to all who supported the night. The photos are now on our WEB site. www.stonesoulclub.co.ukKTF Regards Andy


YEH!...."Listen Again" is working again....


Have to agree with Dave from Stockport - getting ed up with GOldie's same old, same old posts all the time - of how wonderful the wheel is - yawn!


this is for dave from stockport. Whats goldie got to do with the release of the record thick ed.

Todd 1 Crewe

To Dave Stockport yes in some ways I aggree with you ref GOLDIE but when you meet you will change your mind Todd KTF


Goldie seems to have aqquired some fans on here, how much is he paying them?Or could it be that he has been given his crayons back....

HELP AGAIN ,IT'S JINKSY (the 'mountains' have ear

this newish version of ain't no mountain high enough by dionne broomfield and 'mate'.First of all WHY you can never beat the orginal by M.G. and T.T.!!!It's being played alot over here on Spanish radio (must be nothing else released this early in 2010!!)However,i seem to have heard an instro of the same track.This is not bad.Anybody (twiggy perhaps) out there know where i can get a copy cd etc.There is no info on the instro on the internet etc!i have the funk bros instro but its not the same.Bit slower.Please help out there anybody .i would like the track for a weddin' due in August 2010. KTF JINKSY AND THOSE MURCIANS.

jULIE okeh club



Oooops sorry forgot to include in my last message.Herman,Sheffield what a great track that Major Lance was.Don't think i have heard that one before,certainly carn't remember it.Is it one a CD anywhere?would not mind it on 45 but is it expensive???would it be poss on volt and stax? see your 'good luck' is continuing as usual!!!Mary good to hear the card made it and the battery survived the cold.As they charged me so much to send it .Lets call it a bi anual card and it will do 2009 and 2010 to get my monies worth!!!KTF JINKSY AND THOSE MURCIANS

Goldie fuming

It might look like rubbish to you dave ( AS WELL SHELL RYAN lESLEY miaXX)But De Twisted Wheel IS MY LIFE & I never ever ever miss de Mary Fox show ...Its just passion mate I admit I go on & on & on & I is sure Pete & Mary get a headache I UNDERSTAND THAT ! but have a little bit of EMPATHY!!!!!!!!! I love soul music & I agree I should try & make my posts more interesting but what iS PARAMOUNT in my tiny brain is these two pertenent facts :THE TWISTED WHEEL is de home of soul & de place to go right now!!!!! if ya love soul music & de Mary Fox Show ( Nick Marshall) is de show to Listen to !!!!!!!!!!! Full stop .......... but to call my posts rubbish is silly cos its just an old scouser expressing his passion for soul music & de people on de scene ......ok Dave ?????? to-Days track TEMPTATION WALK ...JackiE Lee yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee GREAT SHOW last night Mary¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬ lookin forewaRD TO DE wHEEL 29TH/jAN bARRY tASKER DE GUEST DJ !! gOLDIE XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX GRRRRRRRHHHH

JINKSY ,MURCIA. PS you are a 'blessing'!

PeteSco please don't beat yourself up.I have never met you etc.But as i see it from what you have done over the years you are a true friend and OB was 'blessed' to know a caring person like you.I would be proud to have a 'mate' like you and you are a true 'BROTHER' believe me from my time around manchester/northwest etc i know what you are up against!perhaps you should join me up here in the peace and quiet up here in the hills of MURCIA.We have people here from all over the world that live in a self help community.We have all quickly realised that when you live somewhere foreign that you have to help each other to survive.Must be something in the very,very freash air up here.If you have a 'skill'that someone else needs you help out because it comes back round to you when you have problems!!Thats one of the reasons why we left the 'old country' because after 30 years or so of the 'THATCH' and 'NEW LABOUR'(son of the thatch) the UK seems to have sunk into a nation of 'meself'!!!!! cheatin' politicians and 'bankers fodder'!Not everybody is like that but the system is much greater than indviduals.Remember Germany in the 1930's and 40's.WOOPS better stop now i am begining to foam at the mouth (must be a 'bad' batch of VINO TINTO or something).ROB did R.A. charge you extra for that skid on the runway etc?????liverpool airport,WOW so many places to sit and kip down!!!!!!it's always sunny and hot there too!!Mary,don't mean to hogg the 'show' (in the steve wright meaning of the word!!)but over the next few weeks please can you play a 'record' for our caring 'blessed BRO' pete sco ?I was going to ask you for OH,IVE BEEN BLESSED by BOBBY TAYLOR .But try the b side of the 45 it's called BLACKMAIL its a nice little track that is not played very much.Perhaps PETE you should 'blackmail' the 'person' involved to get that OB track released.I will have alook to see if i have any compromising phots on file to send to you!!!KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANSps wait a minute its stopped raining guys are sailin' (remember that great comedy tune?hello 'mudder'!).The sun's come out and the snow is meltin' off the mountains.Off to the harbour to check me sails and beer and wine stock .Mary/Nick keep up the good work it's warming up the cold 'casa' out here!

paul bailey

great shows mary,any chance of gettin scho on he a brill dj,ktf paul

paul bailey

come on russ get ya finger out and do what you promised obie what you said you for him,its been going on to long now,its about time you showed some respect to the man(obie).dont you keep your promises,at this moment in time no one trusts your words,so be a man and step up to the mark,obie was a good man and his family deserve the memory of his record,in the words of tobie legend,life is just a presious minute,open up your eyes and see it cause time wil pass you bye-paul bailey-stoke on trent.ktf to scho and obies family

Dave Stockport

I agree with Bret Surely there should have been some response from Mr. Winstanley I just want to purchase the record?s Yes this message board is slow and No wonder with Gol.die filling it with the same rubbish week in week out Dave

tom & jerry



Dear BBC,The "listen again" function has been out of action for a long time....please fix it so as we can enjoy your radio programmes again....its very frustrating to try time and time again and get as far as Mary's picture to click on after selecting the show and then getting the "black cross" emblem again and again...

Ian Rodgers (MANCHESTER).

Hi B/Stoke!...Mary Fox(Soul). Like the music on the Show!!!.My uncle Pete, would like to dedicate a track , On "BROADWAY"..(The Drifters) to a great "DRIVER"....thanks!!!!Liam,Dominic,Patrick&Pete.

Ray and Lydia

Hi Mary could you play "Nothing But Heataches (keep haunting me)" by the Artistics please not heard it for ages. All the best Ray and LydiaXx


hello my friends,,its been a while,,but theres a few things I need to say..When John recieved the song back from Dean,,I was there in his bedroom,,when it came through,,He excitedly asked me to play it for him,,and he was in "HEAVEN"..He said "to think the great DeanParrish has recorded one of my songs,,and Russ Winstanley is going to publish it,,not bad for a raggedy-arsed lad from Tunstall hey Pete..",,we laughed..those were his EXACT words..EXACT..This was way back in ,,I think it was Marh/April of last year..NOW ,,I was going to post times,, dates etc,,but having gone through all my correspondence with Russ and Dean,,ive decided to keep it short and sweet.. i PROMISED John I would do everything in my power to get his SONG published..I want to put it on record that I have tried ,,and tried,,but have miserably failed..I feel as if I have let our dear friend down..But let me tell you the facts,,and then you can decide..Ive heard John and Deans record on RUSS's show,,many times,,all through the year,,so like many of you out there,,presumed it was progressing..Towards the end of his life,,John told me he'd heard nothing from either Russ or Dean,,so I messaged them,,this was on 25th nov,,to put a long story short,,I told them John and his family were dissapointed and what was happening about their song,,and could I publish it and send Dean his percentage and Johns his..the reply I got.? N O T H I N G ..to this very day N O T H I N G ...BOTH Russ and Dean have decided to IGNORE all my messages,,and treat me like a fool..SHORTLY after that JOHN died,,very dissapointed to put it mildly,,that his beloved song wasnt to be seen.... Russ promised Mrs O'Brien and ELLEN and JOHN an acetate (its like a demo) of the song..GUESS WHATS BEEN SENT..??? correct NOTHING.. now when I say nothing I mean exactly that...NOT EVEN a message saying there were problems or whatever..yes NOTHING..Dean and Russ appear regularly on facebook,, so they have access to a computer,,so dont accept any excuse about computer problems..Now I am not gonna pontificate on their reasons for treating us all like dirt,,,all I will say is this..I'M VERY SORRY John my brother,,BUT IT SEEMS THEY WILL NOT LET ME or ANY OF YOUR FAMILY PUBLISH YOUR TREASURD SONG. I have tried and failed..Its up to you,,ALL of JOHNS friends (and believe me,,he LOVED each and every one of you) to decide who is to blame..John was NOT interested in personal praise or gain,,ALL he was interested in was his son maybe getting a little inheritance,,and his beloved DOUGIE MACS to get a little bit,,so TYPICAL OF HIM,,WANTING TO HELP OTHERS FIRST.........so now ,,that is the status quo..I'm sorry to all of you ,,ive done my best but,,theres nothing more I can do..I will update everyone in a week or so.....thanks SCO..(OB r.i.p)



Ian Alford

R.I.P Teddy Pendergrass, one of the truly great soul voices of the 1970s could you please play if you don't know me by know as a tribute ...class record


The Wheel on Sunday was de best ever!!!!!!!!! as Pete says people travelled from all over de place......to enjoy a fabulous DAY!!!!!!!!NICK MARSHAL spot was 100% WHEEL ANTHEMS I realy liked the Stevie Wonder tracks....HAPPY BIRTHDAY to BERNIE WHAT A GUY yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Andy Scoffin - Crewe

TEDDY PENDERGRASS R.I.P 13/1/10 - Aged 59please play The Love I Lost Mary, TP was one of my fave soul vocalists of all time.Thanks


Just heard the sad news about another 'great' that has gone to join OB and the others!Wow the line up for OB and the others just gets better and better and what a concert out there for us all to look forward when we hopefully all meet again!What can you say about T.P.that has not already been said ?IF YOU DON'T KNOW ME BY NOW,COME ON AND GO WITH ME,TURN OFF THE LIGHTS etc,etc,etc and one of my 'favs' WAKE UP EVERYBODY (any chance on the show mary/nick?)as a tribute to the great TP?One of the greatest soul voices ever and up there with the very,very best ever!RIP 'TEDDY' thanks for the voice and all the great tracks and memories you have left us all with. i am playing your greatest hits whilst forming this message.KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANSps i don't usually like to get involved with ' northern soul bitching' etc.But felt i must add my support to ANDY'S ,BRETT'S and the others comments on the OB track sit!Lets just say i think a certain person is still living back in the 1970's when to 'survive' great tracks had to be 'covered' remain secret and all the other stupid things that were done and said around that time (that turned me off the scene for a time too!).So come on 'person' and you know who you are if you read this text. MOVE ON UP into the current time and scene (the internet is here etc) Please for OB ,his memory,familey ,friends and the scene get the dammed track released so that some money can be raised etc.OB and the 'others' are watching you know!!!!!That is all i have to say on the matter and i will not comment on this matter ever again!Finally before i go and chip the ice from my water 'well' and chuck the bucket down!'SLYVIA' Dean NZ wow do you own a travel company or something???????what part of NZ are you in?I have relatives down there and my grandma went on visit in 1980 and died down there in the sun(what a way to go?).Also come on 'luv' what is that football team you follow??????I will keep asking until you answer ,you know!!!!!!not man U is it????(you cannot go on the back of my fully chromed SX 200 if you are a 'dreaded red' you know)!!!!!


Thanks Ecky for the Jan 1st - 3 hour show....ive not been able to listen to it or the Jan 8th show as the "Listen Again" BBC feature isnt working no matter how many different ways i try to access it or from what page.....Malc Potts....any chance that you recorded these shows...i'd gladly pay for CDs and postage. Yes Jinksy mate, we are extremely wet down here in Cadiz....its been raining for weeks and 2 Tornado's....even though i missed a lot of it by being in the Uk.....we nearly had problems landing in Glasgow on the way there (icy runway and late night landing...in fact a Ryan Air flight skidded off the runway the very next morning)we had nearly 2 days at Liverpool airport trying to get back.....got back and cos of the constant rain and Spanish building....our flat is leaking in 3 different rooms....buckets everywhere...car broken down so walking in the rain everywhere...not a happy chap...but i know there are a lot worse of folk than me so we keep smiling, playing my Soul....bought 53 CDs when in the UK...im just hoping that "listen again" is working by this Friday to give myself a wee boost with a nice Rioja. Anychance of playing "Etta James" - Tell Mama......cheers from a cold, wet Spain. Rob

New Twisted Wheel Radio Show 106.6FM

Hi, just to let anybody who is interested that the first "Twisted Wheel Radio Show" (106.6 FM) go's out on Wednesday Night the 20th of January at (6pm till 8pm) and will be repeated on Sundays and you can also listen on line www.northmanchesterfm.org remember this is the first show, and in the future I will be having Studio Guests and my first Special Guest will be BBC Radio Stokes Mary Fox. So if you like 60's Soul, Motown and R'n'B Classics then this could be one of the shows for you. Pete Roberts xx

New Twisted Wheel Radio Show 106.6FM

Hi, just to let anybody who is interested that the first "Twisted Wheel Radio Show" (106.6 FM) go's out on Wednesday Night the 20th of January at (6pm till 8pm) and will be repeated on Sundays and you can also listen on line www.northmanchesterfm.org remember this is the first show, and in the future I will be having Studio Guests and my first Special Guest will be BBC Radio Stokes Mary Fox. So if you like 60's Soul, Motown and R'n'B Classics then this could be one of the shows for you. Pete Roberts xx

PeteSco..weds 13/1..JOHN's SONG..

hello my friends,,its been a while,,but theres a few things I need to say..When John recieved the song back from Dean,,I was there in his bedroom,,when it came through,,He excitedly asked me to play it for him,,and he was in "HEAVEN"..He said "to think the great DeanParrish has recorded one of my songs,,and Russ Winstanley is going to publish it,,not bad for a raggedy-arsed lad from Tunstall hey Pete..",,we laughed..those were his EXACT words..EXACT..This was way back in ,,I think it was Marh/April of last year..NOW ,,I was going to post times,, dates etc,,but having gone through all my correspondence with Russ and Dean,,ive decided to keep it short and sweet.. i PROMISED John I would do everything in my power to get his SONG published..I want to put it on record that I have tried ,,and tried,,but have miserably failed..I feel as if I have let our dear friend down..But let me tell you the facts,,and then you can decide..Ive heard John and Deans record on RUSS's show,,many times,,all through the year,,so like many of you out there,,presumed it was progressing..Towards the end of his life,,John told me he'd heard nothing from either Russ or Dean,,so I messaged them,,this was on 25th nov,,to put a long story short,,I told them John and his family were dissapointed and what was happening about their song,,and could I publish it and send Dean his percentage and Johns his..the reply I got.? N O T H I N G ..to this very day N O T H I N G ...BOTH Russ and Dean have decided to IGNORE all my messages,,and treat me like a fool..SHORTLY after that JOHN died,,very dissapointed to put it mildly,,that his beloved song wasnt to be seen.... Russ promised Mrs O'Brien and ELLEN and JOHN an acetate (its like a demo) of the song..GUESS WHATS BEEN SENT..??? correct NOTHING.. now when I say nothing I mean exactly that...NOT EVEN a message saying there were problems or whatever..yes NOTHING..Dean and Russ appear regularly on facebook,, so they have access to a computer,,so dont accept any excuse about computer problems..Now I am not gonna pontificate on their reasons for treating us all like dirt,,,all I will say is this..I'M VERY SORRY John my brother,,BUT IT SEEMS THEY WILL NOT LET ME or ANY OF YOUR FAMILY PUBLISH YOUR TREASURD SONG. I have tried and failed..Its up to you,,ALL of JOHNS friends (and believe me,,he LOVED each and every one of you) to decide who is to blame..John was NOT interested in personal praise or gain,,ALL he was interested in was his son maybe getting a little inheritance,,and his beloved DOUGIE MACS to get a little bit,,so TYPICAL OF HIM,,WANTING TO HELP OTHERS FIRST.........so now ,,that is the status quo..I'm sorry to all of you ,,ive done my best but,,theres nothing more I can do..I will update everyone in a week or so.....thanks SCO..(OB r.i.p)

PeteSco..weds 13/1..JOHNS SONG..

dear friends I am composing a message to ALL Johns friends to update you on the situation,,regarding his and Dean's song..It will be posted here tomorrow,,as it is a very long message,,I may have to use 2 posts,,so keep your eyes peeled..If this message doesnt appear,,then I know its futile posting the big one..SCO..x


Just a quick thanks to all who braved the cold & snow at The Queens basford on 2nd Jan, great night & music, So its a big thanks from Kev Roberts, Chris Williams, Keith Minshull & Ozz.This will be a superb monthly event, Playing Motown,Soul,Atlantic & A Sprinkling Of Northern, If you wanna hear THE CLASSICS ? See you at the Queens, PS dont forget the BEDD BAR Newcastle(old wine vaults)every sat night, my old mate Berny Marsh playing soul 9 till 2. Ozz

Jerry & Linda



Hi,B/Stoke. ("SOUL"). Good-Listening ,Nick Marshall,(Nice 'SOUNDS!')....,cheer,s,Pete.D.

Adrian Perks

Hi everyone! I have a 40th Birthday party in February and I'm looking for a good Northern Soul DJ to entertain my guests. If anyone is interested or knows a good dj, please let me know ASAP. My email address is sharperword@msn.comkind regardsadrian perks


Happy new year to one and all. Nantwich Night Train 13th anniversary [now officially a teenager] Saturday 16th January at Nantwich Civic from 8:30pm to 1:30am. Please can I have a request for all our supporters; The Futures - Party Time Man. Many thanks.

The Wheel on Sunday!!

Just like to thank you all for travelling to the Wheel on Sunday in such bad weather! We even had 6 SAS Men crying in the queue outside with the cold! We had the Stoke and Crewe Crowd, people from Sheffield, Doncaster, Lancaster, Bradford, Halifax, Dewsbury, The Lake District and all the Wheel Manc's (The Corner Crew) and that was just in the Stageroom that I spoke to. It was a Fantastic turnout in both rooms (OB's Room) was bouncing aswell. Nick Marshall and I, did the (Stage Room) and John Green & Jock did (OB's Room) upstairs. Everybody that I spoke to and thanked for coming!! Said you must be joking "There Only One Twisted Wheel Club" and we would of walked it here if we had too!! Thanks to John, Jock and Nick for there Fantastic Dj Sets!! And hope to see you all on Friday the 29th January at the Wheel with this Months guest Dj "Barry Tasker" and the next "Sunday Soul Session" is on 14th February a "Valentines Day Special" with Jos & Rigo from the Amsterdam Soul Club! A great Dj with all his vintage Motown Legends on film on his Big Screen!NOT TO BE MISSED!! Pete xx.

Disappointed Crewe

Mary's show brilliant! Nick Marshall when he stands in excellent! this message board? Sorry but the delays to its upkeep are not defendable. Not been touched since Friday 8th now 23:00 on 11/01. Mary it unfortunately has your name on so it reflects on your show. Also it is not as though this is a irreagular happening it is nearly every month one of us put fingers to keys. KTF

jimmy liddy

can someone with a copy of "every beat of my heart" by the duetts post it on yutube .it takes me back to 1970 at the wheel and of course the torch



Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)

Hi Mary/Nick,Could you please mention S.O.S soul on sunday at the minsrels ballroom crown hotel nantwich sunday 24 jan 4til9pm acoss the board SOUL. Confirmed dj line up Fleck (Jazz Funk spot)Tony ollier (Middlewich brit legion) Gary hopkins and Kev Birchall.Main jocks Vinnie (Port vale club) Mace (Bidds,Stoke)and Clive Read.Could you plase play (for me)"I got what you need"by Oscar Perry. Many Thanks.....TONY


Nearly 3 weeks with no internet or UK tv .just about to 'kick away the stool'!!!!but we are finally back online again,thank goodness. Weather out here has been terrible SNOW in the hills, in northern Murcia and freezin' temps ,gale force winds .etc etc(in sunny spain!!!???}Mucho frio!!!Floods in CADIZ are you OK down there ROB????I am told they have now twined CADIZ with WORKINGTON in the UK!!!is this true??Mary you have got to play WHAT'S GOING ON by MARVIN GAYE to try to make sense of all this.we know you have it much worse over in the UK .But our 'casa's' are not built for this weather brrrrr.FELIZ ANO from us all here in Murcia.KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANSPS mary did the 'card' get through cause the cheeky so and so's charged me nearly 2 quid to send it to you!!!!


10 Jan 2010 - Nick great show on 1st Jan not caught up with 8th Jan yet - I'd not heard the Crying All Night track by Watson T Brown it's great, was it Allan that suggested - whoever it was great choice.For Rob (Cadiz) and anybody else I think the playlist was as follows - excuse the spellingPlaylist for 1st Jan 2010 - 3 Hours 48 Records I Don't Have A Mind Of My Own - B J Thomas / I'll Never Stop Loving you - Carla Thomas / For All We Know - Detroit Spinners / The House Were Love Died - First Choice / Touch Me Hold Me Kiss Me - Inspirations / I Want To Be Where You Are - Michael Jackson / New York In The Dark - Ad Libs / Don't Stop Now - Originals / That's No Way To Treat A Girl - Mari Knight / More Love That's What We Need - Gospel Classics / Stop Hurting Me Baby - Purple Monday / Wang Dang Doodle - Coco Taylor / In Orbit - Joy Lovejoy / Wherever I Lay My Hat - Marvin Gaye / Little Young Lover - Impressions / God Bless The Child - Dells / Make Me Yours - Betty Swan / I Can't Live This Way - Barnaby Bye / Bang Bang - Joe Cuba Sextet / I've Got To Be Strong - Chuck Jackson / You're Not Loving A Beginner - Jessie Fisher / I Got Love - Viola Wills / I'll Turn To Stone - Four Tops / Ain't That Good Enough - John Edwards / Shoot Your Shot - Junior Walker / It's Bad You Know - R L Burnside / Groovy People - Lou Rawls / Karate Boogaloo - JerryO / I Want To Give You Tomorrow - Ben E Troy / Crying All Night - Watson T Brown / Why When Love Is Gone - Isley Brothers / The End Of Our Love - Nancy Wilson / To Many People - Bobby Goldsborough / That's Enough - Rosko Robinson / Make It Last - Barbara Mason and the Futures / La De Da I Love You - Inez & Charlie Foxx / To Busy Thinking About My Baby - Temptations / Are We Ready For Love - Patti Austin / Trust Your Heart - Bobby Womack & David Ruffin / Hey Little Girl - Major Lance / Somebody Help Me - Jay Birds / One Day Love - Tommy Dodson / I'll Forget You - John Roberts / Love Is Like An Itching In My Heart - Supremes / I Miss My Baby - Rose Bastese / A Broken Heart Cries - Pretenders / Shake Your Body Girl - Larry Williams / Let 'Em In - Billy Paul Cheers - Soulong for now Ecky


Open note to Mr. Russ Winstanley. You will surely be aware of the concern mounting within the soul community and OB's family about the continuing delay in releasing his charity record. I accept that the cause of the delay may be beyond your control and entirely reasonable but your silence on the matter is deafening. OB was loved by everyone who came in contact with him and both his immediate family and his wider soul family, which stretches far beyond the soul triangle of the Potteries, the North West and Yorkshire, are still grieving for him. Many of them, me included, regard this continuing delay as disrespectful to the memory of OB, our soul brother. Also, I know how much work certain members of our soul family, whom I hold dear, have put into getting this project to this stage and they are now beginning to lose heart, especially as OB was unable to hold a copy. You don't need me to tell you that in your line of business, your reputation within the soul community is paramount so that should concentrate your mind if nothing else does. Before it's too late, can you please therefore do the right thing by OB and either release the record or, publish a statement explaining the continuing delay and when you expect to release it. Thank you for your attention and, I anticipate, your co-operation.

the wheeler

hi Mel dont pay a sily price for centrall1179 rumour has it, it could be reprinted watch this space i will update when i have more info


great night again at the queens dispite the weather good turn out, me and my mates just wondered why the early finish,will it be back to normal at the next one on feb 6th.

Malc Potts

Thanx for the request Nick. Great Show as per. Little Beaver. What a track. Here's the daft Email I sent you. Dear Nick, just a line to inform you that I am considering suing your good self and Mary as I feel you are putting hidden messages in the music as a means of getting me to gain weight. I started listening 4 years ago and was 13 stone. I'm now 28 1/2!! Heres some of the hidden examples.Your Loving Arms - The Sherries.Sweet Sherry - JJ BarnesBorn A Boozer - Don Ray.Washed Ashore - The Seafood Platters. You starting to see my problem? I Need Help - The Detroit Land Apple Pies.I Can't Say No - M & M And The Peanuts.Apple Peaches Pumpkin Meat Pie - Jay And The Techniques.Ain't Nothing But A Houseparty - The Gobstoppers.Love Love Love - Bobby Herbs.Use Your Head - Little Anthony And The Mint Imperials.You Turned My Bitter Into Mild - Mary Love/.7 Days Of Loving You - Johnny Vanilla.I Really Love You - The TomatoesBaby Love - Diana Ross And The Chicken Supremes. Need I Go On Nick. Oh Go On Then! Too Busy Thinkin' About My Gravy - Marvin Gaye.When Your Young And In Love - The Ommerlettes.You Can't Curry Love - The Supremes.Lettuce Full Of Tears - Gladys Knight And The Pips.Put Your Plaice In Myself - The Elgins. Keep On Cookin' - Eddie Kendrix.Shake And Ginger Pop - Jr. Walker.Everything Is Tuesday - Chairman of The Cheese Board.That's How Pancakes Are Made - Baby Washington.A One Night Affair - Jerry Butter.A Little Piece Of Leather - Donny Halibut.Am I The Same Girl - Barbara Cracklin.Lonely Days, Lonely Nights - Don 'Gravy' Browning.Recue me - Fontella Sea Bass.Across 110th Street - Bobby BigmacShould you decide to play Poppadum Preach by Madonna, I shall organize a hitman!!!You can avoid any legal unpleasantries by playing Western Union Man By Jerry Butter and dedicating it to the gang of youths who are getting great pleasure from snowballing my windows. Best Wishes to you and Mary and all the soulies and heres to another year of the only radio show in the world. Malc Potts, Droylsden, Manchester. Cheers Nick And Welcome Back Mary!

Andy Scoffin - Crewe

I can only add my disappointment to the subject of OB's record and the fact that it has seemingly disappeared. Not very impressive to say the least Russ and in fact if im being honest the whole scenario shows a lack of respect to a very fine man who clearly deserves better.

Walter -'LITTLE'.('WIND'S 'ford')Chess-'HIRE'..

'Good-Show B/stoke!'(SOUL)....,cheer,s,'Walter Little'.(aka!My 'BABE'.(Moston/Manc).

Sylvia Dean

A very Happy New year to Mary, Nick and all MESBO peeps!!! Its very hot down here in New Zealand.. sorry to rub it in !!!hahaha... but one thing is for sure we are really missing being able to listen LIVE to this FAB show!! KTF everyone and soul will always keep you warm xxx xxxx

karen and the yorks gang

yuo make us all smile goldie yipeex

Goldie MOONLITT CAR grrrrhhhh

Wheel on Sunday ...I is havin panic attacks... I is 50 now !!!! got to be careful!!!! Still got my own teeth & hair but my head is false yipeeeeeeeeeeeee Lookin foreward to de show & seein Pete Jackie John Suzie Mick Linda Marie Bernie Mo & Ken Karen Sue & Maggie Anne Kev & Maggie De Corner gang Roy & Chas (Angie) Mary & de Bradford Crew Brett Anne & de Stockport crew Andy Norb (Anne) Cath Jen Carol JAMIE & all who board de SHIP OF SOUL de TWISTED WHEEL MANCHESTER (ps Burning Bush is not a President on fire!!!!)thinkin of a DISH CALLED WANDA luv ya zillions xxx So its Nicks show tonight Petes Soul Extravaganza SUNDAY .LETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!!!!!! The whether will be fine I is just talkin to im upstars WELCOME BACK HERMAN yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee TODAYS TRACK de CHAMPION grrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhh xxxxxxxxxxxx Goldie (pacin de floor waitin 4 ...3pm Sunday phew!!!!!!!! xxxxx

Mel Owen

Hi Nick, great show last week especially RL Burnsides ~ "Its bad you know" I've been listening to that one for a while and its a great dance number. How about "Dimples" by John Lee Hooker this Friday.Bit cheeky this next bit but does anyone have a copy of the book "Central 1179" for sale? I know it's on Amazon but £120 is a bit steep, anyone out there got a cheaper copy they want to part with? Keep the Faith

tracey from crewe

hi mary,happy peaceful new year to you and all at radio stoke,would you please play "i guess ill always love you" by the isley brothers for my little girl milly who will be having her usual friday music night with her mum and dad listening to the show thanks

"Lightbowne-Lil"(Beasley St).N/West..

Hi Nick/Mary,B/Stoke(soul).Good track Nick. John Roberts(I'll Forget You),a nice Guitar riff,& a good vocal.Hope It gets some 'ACTION' at the 'WHEEL!'....G/show!,'LiL'.

Pete Roberts Manchester 8 /1 / 2010

Happy New Year Herman... and i hope 2010 is a better one for you. The "OB" John O Brien record! Where is it? You ask, Will it ever be done?.. What I can tell you is that the Stoke Legend "OB" wrote it! And the Great Soul Singer Dean Parrish recorded it! And Russ Winstanley as sat on it! (For the last 6 Months)?? And I wonder why when he was full of it and wanted to be seen to be the Producer of the record. Sadly its to late for "OB" to see his work and dream come true. Pete Roberts.

Nick Marshall

Hi Phatspinner - the BW & DR track is on a double CD called "Soul Cellar", on Metro Doubles METRDCD563


Herman-I wouldn't hold your breath on John's (OB's) song being released any time soon. We have had no word from Winstanley about it at all, he has ignored emails from various people asking about it although i believe he is playing it regularly on his show. It's too late for John to get the pleasure from this venture that he would have but it's not too late for the Douglas Macmillan to benefit from it. Pull your finger out Winstanly and stop showing yourself up!

Outer Circle Scooter Club

Details of our next do is this coming Friday 15th January 2010 at Badderley Green WMC on the main Leek Road going thro' Badderley Green. This event is in aid of the Help For Heroes Charity. It is FREE ADMISSION on the night, all we ask is that should you feel it appropriate, then you can make a donation to Heroes on the door. We've also had a Charity CD produced, which will be available again for a donation to Heroes. The regular OCSC DJ's plus guests will be providing the music & it all starts from 8pm till late. The post code of the club for your SAT NAV's is ST2 7HG. Please see our website for more details at www.outercirclesc.co.uk Hope to loads of you there to support this very worthy cause. KTF Amo


hi mary just learned of the sad death of memphis soul legend willie mitchell. can you play 30-60-90 for the stoke, newcastle and crewe crowd who will hopefully be braving the snow to get to the wheel on sunday

Pete.D. (Manchester).

Re:Mickey Rooney&Wanda.Hope thing,s work out O.K. for Wanda Mickey!!!. Regard,s, Pete.D.xx.

Tony & Jill

Happy new year and best wishes to everyone at radio stoke and to all who use the message board . Just to say Nick thanks for the show last week 3 hrs of great music .Just what everyone needed.. Nick could you play us a tune by the Arabians called You upset me baby . thankyou Tony & Jill .

goldie not calm riot

Just have to say boxing day night at de Wheel 26th Dec ...was de best ever 287 happy festive soulies enjoying soul at its best Peter lays the table we .....simply turn up & enjoy .this night will never ever be equalled yipeeeee next up the Wheel on Sunday 10 th Jan just go will ya!!!!!!!!!! Next week Pete & Jackie are off to de burning bush to retrieve the 10 commandments of soul this will printed in due course ..Pete has asked can I go along to put some Flyers out in St Catherines Monastry & some posters up in de pyramids ..sadly I cant go cos I is waitin on a shipment of talc from Michigan...Enjoy Egypt Pete please make sure your back to open up SOUL HEAVEN on de 29th Jan Barry Tasker guest... Oh & just heard from de Wheel that the Dutch Duo Jos & Rigo are over for the Valantines DaySpecial 14th FEb with Screens & great sounds yipeeeeeeeeeeee to days track Drivin Beat by willie mitchell which Pete assures me will be played at de Burning Bush site as they recieve de 10 commadments of soul.... yipeeeeeeeeee God bless my mate Wanda & all who read this board Goldiexxxxxxxxxx

HeMan(Allan from Sheffield.)

Hi Nick,Great programme on Friday,nice start one of my fav records by B J Thomas.I have been off the the board since July although I have had a couple of records played by Mary in the intervening period.The reason I have not been on the board was forced on me by increased family committments,(if you can believe that I could do anymore,but unfortunately these things come to try us,but as I always say theres always somebody having it worse than me,and in this case it was my two surviving brothers John and Andrew who were in the firing line one in hospital after having fallen off a ladder,the other one in another hospital with a crushed leg from a collision with a car,)fortunately both are back on the mend but I as you can imagine became a conduite for messages and a runner for everything so much so that something had to go, unfortunately the board was that thing.Over the Summer I did manage to go to one or two events,not as many as I would like and was persuaded to get back on the decks which I said I would never do again.To say I enjoyed myself was a bit of an understatement and have been invited by a friend of mine to play at one of his gigs in the new year.So watch out for developments in the future on that front.Sadly we have lost OB while I've been away, but when eventually his record is released I will be in the front of the que to buy one, especially if it's on a 45 record.I also noted that you never hear Major Lance records anymore,perhaps it's time for a revival,to this end would it be possible to ask for one on Stax,which I asked Mary for a while ago but never got it played,"That's The Story of My Life,".waiting in anticipation.Yours As Always K.T.F.HerMan(Allan from Sheffield.)


NickCan you tell me on which CD the Bobby Womack and David Ruffin track you played can be found ?

Goldie heart racing

Oh My God.. Oh MY God what more does a genuine soulie need TWISTED WHEEL SUNDAY 10th Jan 3--8 &,,,,,,,,, de Mary Fox Show Friday 7--9 08.01.10yipeeeee grrrrrhhhh to days track " I"t Keeps snowin & snowin" Fats Domino yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldie proud to be dee talc monitor xxxxxxxxxxxx


To BaggyTrousers, I wish people like you would get in touch more with the show but i also think your loose any respect by not putting your name up, Anyway you will find out THAT IF YOU GET IN TOUCH WITH THE SHOW IN TIME then usually any requests get played, Its through people like myself who keep getting in touch with Marys show keep it going,or let me put it another way, requesting different stuff instead of THE CLASSICS,as i say keep requesting and i'm sure Mary or Nick will give you your request or requests, if the TRUE SOUL FANS stop putting imput into the show ya might as well stick BABY LOVE on all the time, now wunna that get boring dunna push away the the lads and girls who know this scene inside out, variety is the spice of life and you should get on the blower or internet again as soon as possiable with your requests, i personally love hearing other peoples requests of tunes i anna heard before because this scene belongs to the fans who have supported it throughout the years, what bugs me are people who never went a Soul Nite way back or even collected the stuff but somehow have become experts, i'll willingly take a back seat for you, ego ain't my thing but i understand that i might be one of those who you might be calling un-geniune soul fan, or maybe you just don't like me requesting THE DIAMONDS AND THE PEARLS from our scene, left to some they dunna want anybody else to hear um only when they play um, well if spending most of my spare time chasing records or recordings or until recently doing Soul Nites on a regular basis i dunna know what more you have to be to become a geniune Soul Fan, you will findout fast that this scene is just like one big family and in general ITS A HAPPY ONE so the more you get yourself involved your choices will be heard. Hope your mate gets better as quick as poss.

Margaret from Kidsgrove

My husband Mike Sadler, is an ardent listener to your show and he is also a member of The Golden Torch Scooter Club, he attends the Twisted Wheel also (I am joining him there on the 10th. I would like to ask if you would play a request fro me to celebrate our 32nd Wedding Anniversary which is on 7th Jan. I think the most appropriate song is'I guess I'll always Love You by the Temptations or if you can't play that maaybe 'My Guy' by Mary Wells. It would be a wonderful surprise for him so I do hope you can oblige me. Tell him I Love him very much and always will. Thank you.


Cheers, Ecky...you're a gent...i know its not that important but i really do study the playlist and anything i havent heard or got i try to track it down...thanks mate. Rob


Hi Mary,I was so glad to hear this Fridays show was not one of those pre-recording shows,had a great Christmas but always can't wait to see it end. I thought Nick really did a good job and is improving fast with his presenting.To Nick the tune i was on about is perhaps not everyones cup of tea but done my homework on the track and its called ANOTHER WORLD by WILLIE ROUNDTREE this tunes grows and grows on ya so might need to have a few plays before it hits some, Santa showed me how to get just about everything that as been released on a 45, technology is the way forward. To Fay L Jones and i know you listen in to Marys show thanks for your views and i hope your big Soul Nite went down well, i do agree some monsters have been seriously over looked but CLASS always shines through. My New Years wish to the television people get your act together Christmas tele was disgraceful, same old faces on one channel then turn over they are on the other.I'm going back to my collection of new finds now in my attic my missis said she dunna see me from one day to the next but thats a good thing for her, oh Santa hurry back again.


After enjoying the show on 1 1 2010,i took the trouble to contact the live show simple for a dedication.It was for a friends sick wife who is currently in hospital,but after the dedication failed to be broadcast i hope the show continues to cater for genuine soulies and not individuals


"HEY" B/Stoke,(Soul!)...Where,s the 'Mar-V-Lus' show gone to?.I hope It's not because the station is running out of 'CASH!'...,If this Is so I think it's a 'LIBERTY' & it will only only take me a 'MINIT'(or '60 MINUTES'tops)to go to my 'BANKS' and get your 'One-derful!'Show back on 'AIR!'.I must put this on 'RECORD' B/Stoke, that the absence of the 'SWEET-VOICE' of your presenter,Mary Fox, has created a 'VACUUM' on my 'Transistor Radio' which I purchased, at great ex'PENCE', from a leading Manchester-'RADIO'store (MAZELS).I have listened to 'STAX' of your shows on that little 'RADIO' that has always been reliable & worked 'O'Kea,& I now class it as my second "BIRTH-MARK!" It's 'VOLT'age is 'TIP-TOP'& the tuneage is 'Hi-Q'. I find the messageboard comments interesting & I 'MONITOR'them with 'VERVE'.....! I hope you don't mind my comments B/Stoke & take it as a listener 'PR'contribution!.I hope I have posted this in the Nick of time & will now 'Speed' off to the 'Savoy'& eat my 'PYE-Smash & Tangerine'that is the 'Speciality'of the chef!!!I would also recommend his 'Parkway'a-la 'Peacock'(In 'VOGUE' in the Uk), celebrated from 'London' to the 'Atlantic'...,could I 'Register'a request on the show please,'BOSTON-MONKEY'(Alvin Cash) & to wish a 'Peaceful'2010'in the 'Spirit-Of-Soul'to all your 'Listeners!',regards,from 'GONZO'the 'MOSTON-MONKEY'& don't forget to "BOOK"early!.1/1/2010.



Bill Wright

Please play The Chandlers - Your Love Makes Me Lonely just because it's superb! For all the NS fans on the Isle of Skye - that'll be just me then unless somebody out there knows different? Great show. KTF

Goldie Talc Monitor

REf Message ..............THIS IS DE BEST MESSAGE BOARD in de world I love it I will be on it till I die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The Mary Fox Show is de best soul show in de world I will be listening to that as long as God grants me the Gift of hearing!!!!!!!!!Pete Roberts / John Greens Twisted Wheel is de best soul club in de world I will keep goin there till I drop...... its even better than the ABADI 60s version of which I visited on over 250 occassions .2010 is gonna be a yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee year to days track Eddie Floydd THING S GET BETTER yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldie God Bless U all Goldie Shell Ryan Lesley & the incredible & beautiful DONT LOOK BACK DE PAST CANT HELP U LIVE IN DE PRESENT & DE FUTURE WILL BE COOL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goldie yipeeeeeeeeXXXX


Myself and Wanda would like to thank all the lovely people at Bernadettes soul club especially [Laura n Barrie] the Denton soul club [Dennis n Mike] The Ramsbottom soulies [Kenny n Cris n Doddy and all the kind people who contacted Wanda in hospital over the christmas.How these people found out is amazing as Wanda didnt want to make a fuss because she didnt want to spoil peoples christmas. Anway to put all our friends in the picture' Her kidneys failed just before christmas and She's still in hospital waiting to have an operation on the one kidney that may be saved. Wanda wishes everyone a happy new year and once again many many thanks for all your get well messages we'll see you all soon. Mickey n Wanda.


30 Dec 2009 To Rob (Cadiz)The 11 Dec playlist was something like this - My Kinda Fella - G Knight, I'll Do A Little Bit More - Olympics, Fingertips (live version) - Stevie Wonder, The Right Track - Billy Butler, Winter Wonderland - The Funk Bros, You Got Me Where You Want Me - Larry Santos, When The Party's Over - Robert John, Trust In Me - Jackie Ross, Lucky Lucky Me - Marvin Gaye, I Can't Ttake It Anymore - Spyder Turner, Groovin' - Esquires, I'm Waiting For The Rain - The Philly Sound, Something About You - Four Tops, Seek & You Shall Find - Isleys, Soulful Dress - Sugar Pie De Santo, I Got A Feeling - Barbara Randolph, Love Game A-Z - Royal Jokers, Life On Mars Dexter Wansall, It's No News - Melvin Davies, Tears At The End Of A Love Affair - Tammi Terrell, Merry Xmas - Otis Redding (thanks for playing my request Mary), Time To Get Down - O'Jays, Hold On - James Carr, Long After Tonight Is All Over - Jimmy Radcliffe, It's Better To Have - Don Covey, United - Music Makers, Breakaway - Toni Basil, I Got To Have Your Love - ?Looking Forward to the 3 hour soul show on New Years Day.Happy and Soulful New Year To Everyone - Soulong For Now Ecky


Messageboard person or lack of...should be given a right royal kick up the ars** with a steel stilletto toed boot....its easy to lose interest when no new messages are posrted for weeks....and plerase dont give us the old....festive holiday...its a professional BBC (World wide standard setter) show!!!!....whats to write about if theres nothing to comment on...met Pete Roberts yesterday,...all ready to share the exp-erience and zilch action on the message board for weay to long....getting boring...

Andy Scoffin

have a great 2011 folks ;-)

Goldie Feastive Soul Alert

LOVE TRAP ....PORT VALE FOOTIE CLUB EXEC SUITE .....spaces available ... GO ALONG & PAY A COCK & HEN on de DOOR NEW YEARS EVE PHILDALPHIA SOUL SPECIAL .....So THATS a Tenner on de Door 31st at THE VALE OF SOUL yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldiexxxxxxxxxx grrrrrhhhh

Ian Alford

I'm after a good dells cd could you or any mesbo regulars recommend any. I have been looking at a copy of standing ovation...cheers k.t.f

Goldie 4 d 10 time

The Twisted Wheel on Sunday 12th was de best ever never ever to be beaten it was exceptional a thousand happy soulies THIS WILL NEVER BE EQUALLED!!!!!!!!!!! Happy New Year MARY , Nick , Pete Jackie , Andy , Carol , Cath Jenny , Marie Bernie, Kev Mag, Kev Gloria , Andy Anne, Brav Bernie , Twiggy Caroline,Chris Cynth Sadie Vinnie Col Joe , Syl Joe,Flash , Amo Collo , Bret John Suzie , The Corner gang,Little Scotty , Steve Dawn , Mike Linda etc etc. Yipeee! GO D Wheel it makes sense dun it (HNYT) Charlie Roy Soash Anne Graham Laura Pete Dyson Johns Family Pete $ Susi Sus & Gas SPUR Allison etc yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee GOLDIE PROUD TALC MONITOR TWISTED WHEELgerrrrrrhhhhhhhhhxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


you are absolutely right Andrew so I'm sending my good wishes to Mary, Nick and all my MESBO friends for Christmas 2010 now, in the expectation that it will just about appear on the MESBO by then!

Goldie yo ho ho

I AM A TWISTED WHEEL PROMOTER GET ME OUTTA HERE told ya not to hide ya loot in a graveyard Pete ..YOU WERE ONLY DIGGIN A HOLE FOR YA SELF but ya out NOW yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee See Boxin Day Todays track 6 by 6 biy Earl Car Roberts & de 12 gravediggers Goldie yo ho ho grrhhhxxx

Andrew (SC)

Cooking sprouts is quicker than this message board update. The Russians have sent three blokes upto the space station in the time it takes the moderator to update. Good job JC was not born in Stoke you lot would take a month report it!! To all the good folk of this MB and all there kin Happy blooming Christmas and hope 2010 is excellent for you. Second request Mary maybe for new year it is a bouncing good play; "Its Bad You Know" R Burnside. KTF.

"Bella" Bamber & Billy.K.(Collyhurst.Rd).

Mary Christmas& New Year to the Show!,all the Best,B.B.K.

rob littlewood

hi mary ,nick, merry christmas all the best for 2010.nick , if you get chance could you play the ad libs "new york in the dark " on the boxing day show, if possible. cheers rob.


I would like to say what a good show look forward to listening on fri's just like to menton about a New Years Eve oul night at the cuckoo in Blurton all welcome (free admission Inc Buffet) 8.30 start.

Outer Circle Scooter Club

Can I just say a massive thank you to everyone who came and supported our do at the Milton Bowling Club last Friday night. We had to close the doors at 9.30 pm as it was full to capacity. On the night we raised £1,265 for the Dougie Mac hospice which was beyond our wildest dreams. To everyone who donated raffles prizes & bought tickets we really appreciate your support, also thanks to the all the DJ's who kept the floor full all night & the bar staff at the club who never had a minute all night either. Watch out for our next event which is aid of the "Help for Heros". Merry Xmas everyone & KTF Amo

Pete Dyson (Manchester).16/12/09.

Hi Mary,B/Stoke/Soul!,Ow ya doin!,could you play,'MORE LOVE'(Thats what we need)The 'GOSPEL CLASSICS'on the Show?.,cheer,s, pd.

sue from stafford

hi mary any chance of a request for my steves birthday as it is his birthday on christmas day (yep he is a christmas st. stephen !!!)could you please play 2 can have a party for us as we are spending christmas just the 2 of us and we shall be having a party on our own arhhhh aint that romantic ! thanks mary i hope you and your family have a good one x


Not heard much about Goldies book lately. Anyone have any idea when it is being released or is it just another figment of his imagination???

Rob (Cadiz)

Any chance of updating the play list from last Friday?

Andy Scoffin

well where do i start trying to summarise Sunday at The Wheel, well here goes.Good crack in town Great in a packed MonroesThen the massive crowds waiting in line to enter The Wheel Then my personal highlight an hours set in the greatest soul club on earth A fantastic atmosphere helped by a great turnout from my home town of Crewe and our neighbourly Potters.Presenting Pete with a couple of xmas giftsthen just generally tslking with almost everyone of you pure quality Merry Christmas to you all and all the best for 2010 especially me ;-)

Paul McCartney (Merseyside).

Re:Pete Roberts,T.W.C,(Manchester).Thanks for the 'POUND-NOTES" mentioned in your message,but I have to inform you that I have no 'POUND-NOTES'left,but I have a"BILLION"pound coins!.Might call into the 'WHEEL'sometime coz it seems like most of the country has started going there!!!!.Do you play any "BEATLES" tunes at the 'WHEEL' Pete?,they did at the 'CAVERN'-Club in Liverpool,I know coz I used to go to the 'CAVERN' with three of my mates in the '60',s!.....have a 'Fab'time, Your,s,"Macca".

Pete Roberts "Was the Wheel the Best ever" ?

I am sure all who was in attendance at the Wheel will confirm that it was! Not bad for a Cold Sunday afternoon in December! I am sure Goldie will score it with more of his.... It was the BEST ever ever ever's than Paul Mc Cartneys got Pound Notes. When I went on first at 3 o' clock and said I would like to Dedicate the Afternoon to my Brother "OB" John O Brien from Stoke-on-Trent the Wheel Crowd roared!! How I wish OB could of been with us, he would of loved it. A Big Thank you to the Dj's in the (Stageroom) Andy Scoffin and Paul Davies for doing a Fantastic job for us! And A Big Thanks go's out to Dj's John Green and Jock Heron who kept the (OB - Room) Bouncing all day upstairs!! And there is NO truth in the rumour that I am jacking it all in? You must be joking! I have got the Best Job in the world!! Thanks to you All for your support and making the Wheel what it is! (Not Just Another Venue! But the Best Soul Club!) And for all your Christmas Cards and your presents, Love my Hat & Silk Scalf off (BIG) Andy & Ann and Andy Scoffin. Sorry my Wheel Calendars wasn't there for you all on Sunday, But I will give them out at the Wheel on Boxing Night! Hope to see you all on the Night. Merry Christmas and a Soulful New Year to you all. Pete Roberts xx ps. Well done to Amo & the lads who had a great Charity Night and raised over a £1000 Pounds for the Douglas Macmillian Hospice in Stoke.

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)

Hi Mary,Great day at the wheel last sunday (13th).ANDY SCOFFIN did a VERY good spot,backed by the large following from south cheshire and stoke WELL DONE ANDY!SOUL ON A SUNDAY returns to the minstrels ballroom crown hotel NANTWICH on Jan 24th 2010 more info and dj line up to follow(Don't forget if you want to dj at this venue in the future cotact CLIVE READ on 07833934853.Mary could i please have a request "YOUR SONG" by the dells thanks in advance and seasons greetings to ALL!!!!

Chris Williams

Pete I was right - it was truly awesome! What a great way to spend a Sunday. Decided to celebrate my birthday early (not till next sunday 20th) and glad I did. Great spots from Paul Davis & Andy Scoffin, but the atmosphere was amazing. The soul family in attendance were just brilliant! Thank you to everyone for their kind wishes for my 56th. Apologises to Goldie for tryin to out-do his 'You'll never walk alone' with 'Delilah' whilst waiting to get in. Ha! Two great footy athems sung on a Sunday afternoon and in a street in Manchester! The Stoke train gang givin' it their best on the way back - brilliant! Love 'em all! Just what it's all about - AWESOME! Merry Christmas to Soulies everywhere and thanks again for a truly memorable day xx


OMG what can i say, the Wheel on Sunday was just the best afternoon ever so far!!!! The atmosphere & the music was electrifying. Well done Pete & the rest of the DJ's. Well done Goldie for keeping the floor well powdered with the talc!!!! Can't wait till next month's as not sure if can make the boxing day special one but will try. Have a fab xmas everyone. Pete don't forget about our calendars x3 xxx

"Al Capone"(CHICAGO).

Hi Mary,a big "HI" to GEORGE "RAFT",(aka,Pete Roberts)for a "PACKED" Sunday Session at the "TWISTED- WHEEL- SPEAKEASY"in downtown MANCHESTER!,"CRAVATS"were worn but not "PLAYED!",A Great "TAJ-MAHAL"version Pete!,sounded great, a good play that "AMBUSHED"me & added to the "NOSTALGIC" feel at the "WHEEL!".Many happy "RETURNS" to Paul Davis who played to a packed club,('History repeating Itself').Hi also to Jackie,John,Jock,Marie& the 'Monitor',cheers,from,Al-"CAP"-1.(aka,"TITTFER-TAT").

"T.W.C." visitor (Sunday,13/12/09.).

Hi Mary!,a shout on the show please to Andy Scoffin who did a great DJ guest spot at the "WHEEL",done with, "CONFIDENCE,ENERGY & a SMILE!" well done Andy,& "KEEP WELL!".cheer,s,A "TWC" visitor, (with "GUSTO!").

Colin Williams

Hi Mary, Nice to talk earlier this year. Its been a long slog working in Provence, France for the last 7 months. Please can you play Jackie Wilson Danny Boy (Feel those Vibrations) to ease me back into life into Plymouth and UK where if all goes to plan I will be listnin to your show this Friday show. Merry Xmas to you and all Soul / N Soul fans.


Hi Mary,great show keep it up.Any chance of playing crying all night by Watson t brown its a great track onPRESIDENT.Hope you can many thanks.Alan

A, Manchester "CENtral".(Soul).

G/show/B/Stoke/MF. Ref.11/12/09 show, Re: "Twisted Wheel"(Blue-Plack),suggested by Steve.D?(Manchester). A good idea Steve!, but you are a "DECADE" behind your 'BRAINSTORM'idea,(No Disrespect)but Pete Roberts,(T.W.C.promoter&many "LIKE MINDED "Soul&R'n'B" people) have been on the "HERITAGE-APPRECIATION TRAIL"of the "LEGENDARY SOUL/R&B VENUE"the 'T.W.C'Brazennose St & Whitworth St(Manchester),but have been reluctant to "ADVERTISE" the fact!(Real "Soul&R&B"folks tend to do things "QUIETLY"but try to achieve a "POSITIVE"result!).Mary,anything by BEN-E-KING on your show if poss!,BEN loved the "WHEEL"(Fact)ask him!!!!.Cheer,s,& Keep the "SPIRIT of SOUL" in your Hearts & "ENJOY!!!!!!".....(pd).

Kev Dempsey

Looking foreward to Steve Plumbs Guest appearance upstairs at the Nantwich Night Train on Fri 18th Dec, he played some great sounds in Lanzarote including a version of the Isleys 'Who's that Lady' which was Originally recorded by them in the 60's and is definately worth checking out.


Hola again Mary.Many thanks for playing the FUNK BROS on last weeks show.It made us all over here think of past Christmas's in the UK.My daughter in the UK has emailed me to tell me that SNOW is expected in the UK this christmas ??is this true??what has happened to global warmin' etc??It does get cold over from time to time mostly at night .In the winter we have to put 'mats' down.It's quite a shock on a cold morning to put your foot out of bed on a cold tiled floor no fitted carpets out here!Our central heating system is powered by diesel-oil and is deliverd to my private storage tanks but it's getting a bit expensive these days (heating oil is on a cheaper rate than the stuff from the petrol station,and it will go in my diesel car etc OK,but of course i don't do that!!!)So last year we had a 'woodburner' installed by my distant neighbour 'the dutchman'who is a big 'northern' fan from his days back in AMSTERDAM and he is one of the 'MURCIANS' too.The 'burner' is very cheap and efficent to run (i am told they are now very popular in the UK)So we now 'grub up' the old 'olivia' trees and anything else that burns OK.When i am returning home to the old 'casa' early mornings from 'XJAVIER's ' bar and through the village you can smell orange,lemon,olive etc as the villages burn their wood .it's amazing and beats the old coal fires of years gone by in the UK!Sorry to go on a bit but it's not all easy livin' out here and the EURO is getting stronger again every day.So i might have to 'rob ' a few more banks or even sell my record collection (god forbid)etc to remain out here for a few more years!!Yes i won the 'BET'.But i cheated and put a bit of BRANDY in the coffee when the MURCIANS were not looking!Please don't tell em ,will you?Mary,please keep an 'eye' on your post on the run up to christmas .If the spanish post system get their act together ( and thats a big ask!)there could be a little christmas suprise in the post for you from Murcia this year!We are planning our next visit to the UK poss next May 2010 sometime (to see grand children etc)So it could be possible to come on your show etc If i can get the old motorhome to start.Is there any 'parkin' near your station for a 6 berth motorhome??But how can 'one' pick three tracks from so many great tunes,it's impossible.It's like asking you pick between your children!!!Let me know what you think?What about HOLLY HOLY for the junior walker christmas track ?.I know it's not a christmas track but it's the only thing i can think of at this moment in time and i am getting desperate!Once again everbody out there have a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A GREAT NEW YEAR IN 2010KTF and 'FELIZ NAVIDA' JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Goldie in a hurry


Ian Edwards

Just a few lines to say what a dignified and moving time at OB's funeral and at the Ryan Hall,Mrs O'Brain what a wonderful and dignified lady,Ellen and Dan,total rocks for each other,it was very emotional but also at times fun,with many funny anicdotes from friends in church.A load of MBOARDERS in evidence and a well deserved send off for a true gentlemen,and a man who we all loved,and were proud to have as a friend.Andy Scoffin what a man,and the courage and determintion to attend,Scoff you are amazing sir,god bless you Andy,and to OB,I see crap on a regular basis and think what kind of world is this,but then you look at OB and Andy Scoffin,and you remember yes true and caring wonderful people thats why we are here,heroes both of them in my eyes.

Ben (Toronto)

Hello Mary, big fan of the show and listen all the time out here in Toronto. Just wanted to let any Torontonians listening that there is a northern, soul, funk,night on tonight (Dec 11th) called 'Out On The Floor' at the NACO gallarey cafe 1665 Dundas Street West. No charge, from 9pm - 2am. Cheers.

Elaine & Charlie Skachill from Hyde

Hi Mary we enjoy your show everyweek please could you play Tammi Terrell Tears at The End of a Lover Affair and also Junior Walker Take me girl im ready or These eyes - keep up the fantastic job - much appreciated - Elaine and Charlie - will be listening tonite as always.

julie &mandy

as we approach the first anniversary of our brothers death(phil morgan)16th december could you please play eddie parker love ya baby for us as a tribute to phil.and any of his friends who are interested phils friend is doing a tribute to phil on thurs 17th dec to mark this 1st anniversary ,this is an internet broadcast on www.reachonair.com at 7.00pm he will be playing some of phils favorites and a cd which phil recorded called the torch revival hope some of your listeners tune in and have a good old remminice thanks. julie&mandy (morgan)

Steve Lawton

a quick heads up to anyone looking for a night out tonight 11/12/09 The Alexandra Suite (The old Alex Club)Gresty Road CreweSome great sounds on offer,across the board policy is the rule, cheap in and cheap beer,good dance floor


Jeez, i wish i could be at the Wheel this Sunday.....its sounds just ace.....oh well, i'll have to have a solid couple of hours of "Wheel" classics on my jack....or maybe with a sizeable G & T for company..such is life...i'll be thinking of all you sweaty, happy Soul punters this Sunday afternoon. Rob

silverdale club

next friday 18th silverdale club high street the 1st motown / northern soul night entry is free. cheap club priced beer and door supervisors on entry to the main room so come we need your support there is a dance floor as well 8pm till late smart dress please

Chris Williams

Pete, It'll be Awesome - Can't wait, the only way to celebrate me birthday! see you Sunday with the Stoke (Amo's) Train Gang

Andy's Scof is revvvving up for Sunday!!

Andy Scoffin is defo doing a Wheel Set this Sunday!! Just heard on the Steve White show that a coach load is coming down from the "Okeh Soul Club" Yorkshire on Sunday for the Wheel!Due to the amount of emails and telephone calls I have received, we are expecting a HUGE attendance for this Christmas 'Sunday Soul Session' and advise all to come early to avoid disappointment ... (numbers are limited to 650 due to fire regulations) The Twisted "WHEEL" Club, sees the return after 38 years of the Legendary Wheel DJ Paul Davis 1968/1971 (who was just a 17 year old kid at the time). Paul was the longest serving DJ at the Wheel and went on to work for the Abadi Brothers (Ivor, Phil & Jack) when the Wheel closed (1971) and then reopened as Placemate. Paul was the DJ who coined the phrase "By overwhelming demand and popular request" at the Wheel, as he introduced 100s of Soul Artists on to that little stage (which we play our records from now). The list is endless. Junior Walker did his first UK appearance at the Wheel! Also there was Edwin Starr, Ike & Tina Turner, Inez & Charlie Foxx, Ben E King, Jimmy Ruffin to name but a few!! It as taken me 10 years to convince Paul to come out of retirement and I can tell you, he is as excited as me. What a Christmas Present for us all. And can you believe he is doing the next original "Sunday Soul Session" on the 13th of December!! Not to be missed. Pete Roberts xx.


Does anybody out there know if the one and only MR SOUL PIPE made a christmas 'cover' or orginal christmas track??carn't seem to find one anywere!!but of course you all may know better!!mary another 'nice' little christmas track (that i have been hiding away)for the show.LITTLE BRIGHT STAR by DIANA ROSS AND THE SUPREMES circa 1965.i know it's a christmas 'tune' but the words make me think at this time of me DAD and OB now 'in a better place'.Go on give it a spin.You never know people out there may like it!KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS'SLYVIA' what about that team info.You are not a 'RED' are you?.If so you might even get a game at the moment ,if you are a defender!!!


Hi Rob in Cadiz, one of my favs The Dexter Wenzel track, i have a couple of his CDs and an LP somewhere, I think you will be very lucky if you hear that track you selected anywhere, thats my point some just dunna move outta the banner they are in absolute killer and class selection Rob, i have been after a similar artiste stuff called i think Jimmy Pondering, ok hes a guitarist i think similar to George Benson but can't find any of his stuff i'm after. I would call that diffiteley Cravat Soul. The Sammy Davis jr track i mentioned is Theme to Hawahi 5 O hes snging over it like in Johnny Shaft, its a puzzler this i remember a Dj playing the theme to Hawahi 5 0 but is it Soul Music, big believer Rob sophistcated Djs should now grab a hold of this Scene before it all goes pear shaped, The Umbrella Movement should sort the selecting of tunes to play, only one problem i see they advertise a Northern Nite and the Northern Soul Fan only want s to hear Northern stuff and i suppose the same can be said about Jazz Funk, Jazz, Funk, Stax, Motown or any of the other genres of this music, ya conna please everyone but some nites do level out and like what one publican said to me once, the pub games no good a round here, i said why, he replied nobody can get a job around here and i know exactly week in week out at just how much i'll take at the end of the week, that wunna cover my costs of running this place, If i ever meet you Rob i'll explain exactly what he meant, I told him i'll fill this place for ya, i can't wait anymore i'm outta here, they have built houses on the place now, another good pub gone, wouldn't it be easier to give something different a chance instead of the same run of the mill thing, It seems like the advertisers have woken up on tele and just look at the programms now you can hear different stuff in the background on alot of um, i think i might dress up as a clown and go one of those funny partys where they play Soul Music(only kidding)

DJ Scottie

Just wanted to let you know about a new Soul night starting on February 26th at the Empire Ballroom in Ashbourne then every two months throughout 2010 to find out more call Scottie on 07792330536 We will be playing Northern and Motown

Dave Jones

very sorry Ellen please accept my profound apologies, I was misinformed from some old clipings x


G/SoulShow/B/stoke/Mary Fox!a "MILK-STOUT" 2 Ya,by-gum!!!,cheer,s,Ena,Martha& Minnie,(Newton&Ridley).

Andy Scoffin - Crewe

Nice piece in the sentinel over the weekend about our soul brother OB, it was a lovely service and I was so glad to be part of it. OB offered me daily advice on my illness which was much appreciated and even more appreciated were the very long chats we had in the past especially at The Wheel.Anyway looking forward to this sunday and I know it's going to be a packer and Pete Roberts is even letting me loose on the decks at some stage of the day.See you all Sunday I am confident I will be well enough to be there.


To Dave Jones of Wrexham- Sorry mate but OB's name is spelled correctly,it's O'Brien NOT O'Brian. Love from OB's sister x


Hi Mary, (B/Stoke."SOUL"),a "WARM" Show!,'Radiating'some nice sounds!.'DON'T TURN YOUR HEATER DOWN'(Sam&Dave)if Poss,coz Me&Lils 'Knees are Knockin',even though we are wearing'Woolly-Kex'& 'Plus-'4's'!!!!."Warm" regard,s B/Stoke,"CHAFF.C"&"LIGHT.LIL"(WARMINGTON).Eeee,By-Gum!!!!!.

Tony Jill / Clayton

Hi Mary & Nick. Wev`e had our first bit of trouble with our Internet connection and not been able to contribute to the message board but we are back on line again now . thankyou so much for playing our requests over the last few weeks we hope you enjoyed them as much as us . Mary could you play Melvin Davis its no news please . thankyou T & J


Original 45's debate: Its ok to talk about these things as long as no-one gets personal or offensive which often happens on this board. I agree with Mick Sway... the guy Geese sounded like a great bloke and i dont agree with the "original 45's only" thing...but Geese and whoever are entitled to their opinion and beliefs...personally, i love the fact that songs that were out of reach are now readily available and from what i can tell, the Soul scene is buzzing like at no time in the last 20 years because of it....but it sounds like Geese and people like him are one of reasons that the scene did continue and not die out at certain points....and yes, i would love to buy a 50p record and for it to eventually to be worth a small fortune, who would'nt....Twiggy has his point of view which i respect but he's a gruff ol character and speaks so and does try to take the "moral" high ground when discussing vinyl, promoters, Soul 'do's'...but where would we(the scene) be without these people... everyone plays their part to make this scene what it is..from ordinary punters like me and my mates at the bottom end, to DJs, promoters, artists, record companies etc etc...its not a crime or unethical to make money out of any business as long as its legal so good luck to all collectors everywhere....i suppose in a perfect world it would be great if, every time a sound changes hands then original artists got a small percentage...but i dont know if we will ever reach that stage...ive mentioned before on here the situation with UB40 & Jamaica and a major reason they are so popular there is that they pay the original song writers of some of their biggest hits...(that they have covered)and even sometimes have had them tracked down if they couldn't be traced at first... i suppose its a much bigger financial scale with them...but that should be the model/aim/objective at some point in the future...it is probably too late for many artists anyway....we can still pay homage and show respect in different ways. Hey Mary, Im pretty funked up at the moment...so, any chance of playing a Philly classic....Life on Mars - Dexter Wansel....might put a cat in amongst the pigeons but it all makes for healthy debate eh!. Cheers. Rob


Big thanks to all to turned up at THE QUEENS Basford, next signal soul event is JAN 2nd, with Chris Williams,Keith Minshull & Ozz. Thanks again.

Alan Tyford Moorville

Hi Mary just to let you know that Moorville Hall is on FRI 18TH DEC everyone wellcome 8 till 1am Merry Christmas to all on mesbo thanks ALAN BAZ & PHIL.


Thanks Goldie, You know what Goldie,The debate about Soul music will always have different veiws and opinions by The Soul Fan, you went America way back in time but did you ever remember a club called The Twisted Wheel or say a club called The Mecca and another called The Torch and one other Wigan Casino, The Scene or the Music ok didn't start in any of um but it was The British peoples love for this music that hardly anybody else picked up on, thats alls i'm saying we mastered this music and kept it going, i don't know of any other Northern Soul Scene from that time anywhere else, like i said it should be our places being promoted. The Wheel as you know as a completely different atmosphere than The Kingshall in Stoke one reason as i have tried to say is The Sound System and if a flatline happens in a bigger room its even harder to turn a night around, that you have witnessed yourself and easily turned it around thats why The Wheel is leading the way again, i'll admitt this just heard for the first time one of Sammy Davis Juniors tunes called You Can Count On Me well worth a listen, thats the beauty of this music there always seems to be another good un to hear.To Mike Sway, you are right about what you have said about Geese, it is hard getting other stuff to be heard, That 600 quid tune geese found wanna a bad tune, what got me about what Geese said was the vinyl thing thats all, without being abusive to Geese, if hes after a club to open or push this Stuff look no futher than The Crystal Building the old home of the Bali Hi, trouble is its been shut for about 5 years or so, I do have the odd hard to find tune but thats it, if its on a CD then i'll buy it, that suits my pocket better and i think usually the sound is far better than on vinyl, i guess it all depends on whos produced it or made it, the beaty about the CD is you can burn another copy with vinyl you have to be more careful, warping scratching or even light fingered people are the main reasons why i dunna buy the more expensive tunes nomore, Some Soul Cd's are now becoming more and more harder to find because they have been deleted, anyway Mike a good Dj can turn it around what ever hes spinning, they can have the same tunes in their box but if they play the wrong ones at the wrong time then the response from the punter is different,regardless of what some think been on this Scene 40 years now i admitt i didn't do the clubs as many times as i should have but money wasn't around then like it is today, we were just innocent kids then looking for a music scene to belong too, you are spot on when you say some went into The Rave Scene , also The House Music Scene who lost their ways but now The Music is being good to them again, its christmas soon so i won't say what i want to say its to close to the truth.Happy Xmas All of you

dave, sandbach

Mary, I had the pleasure to meet you last Friday and thank you for what you did for John (OB) my brilliantbrother in law.I was a member of the original Twisted Wheelwhen it was in Brazenoze Street before it moved to Whitworth Street. Any way what I am leading to is could you play one of my favs in tribute to John:either Sugar Pie Desanto..Soulful dress or James Carr..Thats what I want to know.Thank you and thanks to all Johns friends

Dave Jones from Wrexham

Come on Mary it is the season of goodwill let Nick have some involvement this christmas ,just like last year.The joint show was super.Don`t like saying Mary but ,OB`s name is spelt wrong on your tribute board , it should be O`Brian not O`Brien.


The Twisted wheel Is Open Next sunday 3pm till 8pm £5-00 on the door..more importantly PAUL DAVIES IS THE GUEST DJ ..now here is a guy with an amazing Soul (Wheel) pedigree LONGEST running DJ at de Wheel 60s thru till de 70s see you ALL there!!!!!! & once again let me please state THAT BOXING DAY at de WHEEL is BOXING day night (26th) ..Twiggy I will send you those Wheel photos up of our epic times at the Wheel just been too busy & ta for all de cds you have sent me so educational esp Donnie Elbert , Sugar Pie ,Ella etc so insp to me love to Caroilnexx HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKE !!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARIExxxHAPPY BIRTHDAY MIAxxxxxx (She cant stop dancin to de Champion)...Todays track "No1 In ya heart de talc monitors xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Goldie Talc Monitor , Trainee Dj,Atmo Reg & Dance Steward grrrhhhxxxxxxxxxxx

Mick Sway

Re Rare Vinyl Fall OutI wanted to set the record straight on Geese's right to his opinion.Although I don't agree with his views, he has served his dues and is entitled to his opinions.He won't say so himself, but his northern soul pedigree deserves an airing.During the late 80T's when the scene might have died but for a few stalwarts, Geese was travelling the length of the Country from the 100 Club to Bradford hitching it and paying his way on a shoe string, whilst others of his generation were enjoying the rave scene. He was still a kid at the time.In any event he's put his money where his mouth is, in trying to promote his across the board rare soul which deserves to get off the ground, as much as any other.It's pretty obvious that he feels that originals only policy,is in the best tradition of the scene.It's there for punters to enjoy or otherwise. If it turns out to be the latterthen its a hard lesson, but his lesson.I think that we'd all like to be able boast about picking a 600 quid record up for 50p - it ain't happened to me yet.A quick word for Frank Gierak, a true friend and brother, condolences mate. I only met OB a few of times, through Frank but the bond was between them was obvious, as was the fact that OB was a decent guy. I'll always remember OB as the cool guy behind the coke bar at the Golden Torch, who had the guts to face down a (so called)cabinet Minister.Keep on, Keepin on OB!Love,peace and respect to all!Mick

DAVE JONES (what 45's have you got in your locker

Many thanks for the info,i thought so(not really clever mixin' though) if you compare it to what the great DJ GREG EDWARDS did at LEGENDS ,Manchester in the 80's (now that was clever mixin' ,if you catch my drift!!)AMO many thanks for your offer but i just wanted to know if it had ever popped up on a 'CD 'or '45' anywhere???DJ you must remember we are very isolated out here on 'top of me' hill' well away from the 'scene'!.So please bear with me!!!!Mary, any chance of WINTER WONDERLAND by the FUNK BROS on next weeks show?It could be the first track (it's motown!!,nudge,nudge!! (we know you played it last year for us)but its such a great track that is hardly played and we all love to hear it at this time of the year. It reminds us of proper 'winters' in the 1960's and 70's(do you remember them ,snow in December etc )happy days,brrrr no central, heating,coal fire,freezin' 2 up and 2 down in Tameside and an outside toilet,potty under the bed though for winter use only)!!??But we had the TW and WC etc ,me fully chromed up SX200 in the coal shed(white wall tyres!) mum's christmas pud to keep us warm!oh how i would swap all the 'mod cons' of todays life to go back to those wonderful years of my life,when the world seemed to be a lot simpler and happier place(must be getting old!!)better stop now before i cry!!KTF AND MERRY CHRISTMAS FROM US ALL HERE IN MURCIAPS did nobody out there make the effort to see JA,CC,MJ,BH etc in London and Doncaster????????????


To The Wheeler, No it inner me, Pete Roberts loves me to bits, Truth hurts sometimes but hey i know whos who on this scene, we can all buy a few over priced rareitys and call ourselves experts, its a bitchy scene always will be, i'm not on the take or on the make, love Soul Music have done all my life,Alls i'm saying we should be promoting our own Beachs and places to go to listen to Soul Msic like say The Mecca in Blackpool, Blackpool was once the place to go why not Blackpool again, once home to one of THE BEST PLACES to go to listen to Soul Music, Didn't go there Davy boy did i.Hey my god if i was barred what would some talk about, I'm glad we live in a free country TRUE HOME of Soul Music well if it ain't it will do for me

The Wheeler

This character "twiggy" rant on very much like another so called "soulie",soulotto who was barred from the Twisted Wheel forum for his ranting. Not the same person is it?

tracey from crewe

hi mary,if possible could you play"no one there"by martha reeves for my little girl milly she loves the show and we never miss it thanks best wishes tracey


Mary, you can find the Sharon Jones track on on "Pete Young's" "Soul Cellar" CD....there are lots of other brilliant tracks on the CD...so well worth having...can get it for a fiver on Amazon...the 2nd one's good too. I always thought Pete Young was a good DJ back in the day (Southern DJ) and we saw him a couple of times...Rob

Dave Jones

JinksyDO I LOVE YOU FRANK WILSON AND CHRIS CLARKIts just a bit of clever mixing mate. No such duet ever took place . The mixed track has been circulating around for the last two years

D.I .L.Y duet

thanks for the offer amo .But has it ever been released on a c.d. or 45 etc??JINKSY

rob littlewood

hi mary ,never miss the show,really look forward to friday nights.if you get chance could you play "what more do you want"by gene toones.keep up the good work ,rob


CHRIS WILLIAMS here,here i could not have put it better myself !!!!!!!Lets just have a few days of P and Q while OB is laid to rest!'RIGHT ON BROTHER AND SISTERS' hold your heads up high,well nobody's perfect etc,etcKTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS


Jinksy send Mary you email & I'll send the Do I Love duet on to you on MP3. CheersAmo

Dave Jones

Everyone on the scene knows Twiggy has jumped on the bandwagon since this radio stoke messageboard began.Previously he was never seen at any venues, and come to think about it he is never seen nowadays at any either.But he thrives on self ego controversy. To Eddy Edmundson lots of others have proven and shown Twiggy to be an idiot.But it is water off a ducks back with him, he keeps coming back for more. He is a crackpot.


has anybody else out there heard that so called duet ???of DO I LOVE YOU by FRANK WILSON and CHRIS CLARK ??????is it available on a cd anywhere???KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Outer Circle Scooter Club

Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond our control. Please note that the Outer Circle Scooter Club has relocated to the Millrace pub on Maunders Road in Milton, Stoke On Trent. The post code for your Sat Nav is ST2 7DU & it is only 2 minutes walk from our previous home. The soul nights will continue is the exactly same format, except they will now be held on a WEDNESDAY evening, commencing this coming Wednesday 2nd December 2009. There will be a free buffet kindly provided by Mark the landlord of the Millrace. Looking forward to seeing friends old & new at this excellent venue. Please look on the Outer Circle SC website for a map &/or further details www.outercirclesc.co.uk Outer Circle Scooter Club

Harry C. Head

Hey Paul from Irlam get a life, i've got records by the three caps before they were called the capitals, does it really matter as long as the muis is good!!!!!!!!!


O.B: I didn't know you mate but i certainly knew of you and what a genuine good guy you were. It looks like the worlds lost another good and decent man...who happened to have a brilliant taste in music. Condolences to OB's family....and i hope the man is at peace. Rob

Chris Williams

In respect of OB - over the next few days on the mesbo can we please behave like adults and true soul fans. Are we not all united under the same banner? KTF

Eddy Edmondson

Reply to TWIGGY:- Thank you Twiggy for your latest ranting. I can honestly say I have never heard of anyone who talks as much drivel as you do so consistently. I loved your comment "no country in the world as done as much for Soul Music as this country as," Ever heard of the USA? Your outlook and attitude is probably the saddest that I have ever come across. Your comment that you "hate going on holiday, because you love Stoke so much" about sums you up. I'm sure there are beautiful places in Stoke, but maybe just consider The Great Pyramid in Cairo, The Grand Canal in Venice, The Great Barrier Reef or imagine the sun setting over The River Gambia and even you might realise what a shallow life you live. Still it takes all sorts I suppose, I have two pieces of advice to you my friend 1) Get a life! and 2) It's better to be thought of as a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt. (I'm sure someone will explain it to you). What time do you have to be back before they lock you up for the night?

Andrew (SC)

Agreed with Brett and Big Neil about anon users who make unwelcome and derogatory remarks, but to be fair it is only as bad as those who put there names down and make remarks (derogatory and libellous) about individuals or groups when they have no idea about the subject matter they respond about. I have been guilty of putting the odd stupid comment down but that ceased after I read the response from a regular user and realised this MB was in all probabilty his only pleasure. Maybe it should be used only to request a tune, advertise a gig, pass news etc. Mary can I have "Any Day Now" Chuck Jackson its for those who carry a torch and keep a light buring but especially the 80 people who stood in quiet reflection at Soul in the Sun during rememberance Sunday KTF.


By the way did anybody out there get to see Jack Ashford ,Chris Clark etc etc??at the various recent dates.Were they any good??there is a bit of stuff on you tube but not much!!KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANSP.S.' SLYVIA' which football team do you follow(it's not the lot from O.T.,is it??

thesoulguy..tues 01/12/09

all new radio shows up on website www.thesoulguy.com plus on PeteSco's show hear his charity song,,"i need a little bit of soul,baby" and find out how to download it and donate to little Madison Parton..thanks,,over 1,000,000 listeners each month ,,the soulguy..xx..

Kev Bourne

Sorry i forgot to put the date in for OBs Funeral, it's this Friday the 4th November 2009.

Kev Bourne

R.I.P. OB you will be missed by so many.Funeral Arrangements.1.45 pmCarmout SideHanleyS.O.T.AfterwardsRyan HallTunstall

Big Neil

Well said Brett but it's easy sussed, just look who spells Neil - Niel! (twice?)


Mary, Really good tribute to OB last Friday, I never knew him but he was obviously a very much liked and well respected soulful person - RIP OB.Not been on the MB for a while, Nick did a great job while you were away.Doesn't time just fly - it'll soon be here again so can you play Merry Christmas Baby - Otis Redding for Mrs Ecky on one of you December shows please.Soulong for now Ecky


Our thoughts and prayers go out to OB's family & all his friends. He was a great man and loved by all who knew him. He will be sadly missed. At peace now & out of pain. R.I.P. Love from Cath & Jen xxxxx


Hi Mary, What a great tribute to OB.Never met the guy but heard of him. His speech on cancer drug availability was straight to the point.Sure that the man upstairs will recognise a true soul man.

2 "Tin -Cans", Blackberry Way (Manc ).

"CAN" you hear me, or do I sound 'TINNIE',By Gum?.(No 'STRINGS' attached, just "STICKS & a WHEEL!".


Sad to here about the passing of ob today the man touched the hearts of a lot of people. It was Pete Roberts who introduced me to the man and maybe now in retrospect i could have done more for the man! Pete loved ob and anyone will tell you he would go to the end of the world to see ob smile. Ive not been active on the board or the scene for a while but had to say goodbye to a man i met and maybe missed out a lot with. R.I.P.

Crazybabe for John OB

Ob nicknamed me Crazybabe. He was a very special friend. Words cannot say what I feel with his passing but he was a true gentleman, a true souly through and through, a kind, witty and thoughtful man who always had a wise word, a funny story to tell, a kind word and even his time for anyone however ill he was feeling. A great friend to many. He is irreplaceable. My sympathies go to Ellen, Daniel, Sue and their extended families. He is such a popular man who is and always will be loved by many. very articulate, intelligent and would have put this world to right for sure if he had the chance. Godbless darling John you are at peace now you will be missed greatly but never forgotten keep on dancing with our fellow soulies in the heavenly skies and thank you for bringing so much happiness into so many peoples lives. Miss you forever x x Carol x x

ROUTE-'66'(Card Num:056)Manchester.

Great 'REPRO'on cards PR!,a tasty piece of Plastic that fits in my wallet perfectly.Nice '1' PR ('CHARITY').

"BASIC-BILL" (Manchester).pd.

'OB'(Stoke),"PEACE To Your "SOUL!".

I'm a "soulshaker" GET ME OUT OF HERE

vinny you cant kid me duck i was there on the night. 62? well if that was the case it must of been with the staff. tell us the names of the 10 that paid? and yes your right the djs will come back you paid them wages. there more to it than playing tunes and dreaming of the big time..

Slightly vexed Paul from Irlam

Mary I'm disappointed in you as a Northern Soul fan with a vast knowledge of the genre, why do DJs generally(and you surprisingly on Friday 27 Nov's show) insist on introducing records by the US vocal group The Spinners as The Detroit Spinners when we know that they didn't adopt that name until 1972 (i.e. once they'd left Motown) previous to which they were known as The Motown Spinners in the UK.


I never met OB but listened to his memories over the last few years on marys show. He was a giant of a man and a great soulie he will never be forgotten. RIP John


To EDDY, To be honest mate i hate going on holiday, i love Stoke so much, Fancy Dress for me just ain't for The Soul Scene, anyway Eddy Soul Music belongs over here if you catch my drift, no Country in the world as done as much for Soul Music as this Country as, We real fans of Soul Music dunna want people with Bigger ideas like yours taking it away from us again, if The sunshine helps with peoples attitudes to get up and dance at your folly thats ok with me but i have seen and read the places where they have been held over the years either dunna do um nomore or shutdown, Ok Eddy you have done wonders for charities so have others who dunna want ANY praise or recognition what so ever, I do feel that Charity Soul Nites have a place but some who attend these nights dunna understand what OUR MUSIC MEANS TO SOME OF US, as i say Eddy big blokes who want to dress up and put skirts and knickers on and big girls who want to dress up as manly as they can just ain't my cup of tea, i don't take fancy dress people very seriously where this music is concerned especially where alcohol is concerned, seen big kids at work most of my life The Street just wunna except it, try it in a main street bar, I have been many a place and seen Big kids ruining other peoples fun, i guess your fancy dress Soul Nites swing your fancy but i'm not ashamed at anything i have said about egotistic peole who think they run The Soul Scene, the good thing about this music it is now avaiable to a wider audience because of Better formats and cheaper formats, i haven't a website and i dunna want one, whats the point in that because i would just become one of those jumping onto a bandwaggon. Eddy i have been a volunteer for 7 years of my life given time which is more important than money but also have got skint sometimes by putting in the pot my knighthood i hope never arrives, i personally think that charities should get all the help they need but sometimes i do feel some do it for the wrong reasons,I know you play some awesome stuff at your Soul Nites but as i say its here where i want it to be and not getting onto an areoplane to leave a big bad footprint against our already over polluted world, As Marvin Gaye once sang MERCY MERCY ME


FIRST & FOREMOST it's whats in the groove that counts.It seems that by saying you would'nt considered as recognised jock just because the Soul Sounds you own are'nt the original issues is utter b*ll*cks.I've got no ojection to collectors or DJ's who chase that elusive sound.But ! don't foreget there is now certain persons who now obtain [NOT COLLECT ] these elusive & rare sounds.But ! these are not people who love the music, these are affuent people who buy the rare & expensive sounds just to say they own them.They have no intention to share these records with the lovers of the scene, so this denies both the collector from obtaining these records & the punter who goes to venues the chance to listen to these elusive sounds.In a way i feel sorry for the genuine collector who can save for weeks on end to purchase that rare sound & also as to wheel & deal with the own collections to gain the purchases.The thing is everybody is determined by their own persoanal budgets.But don't knock those who purchase & play pressings.These are not the people who stop you buying the expensive rare sounds.I seem to remember nobody knocked the likes of Oscar Perry ,The Natural Four,Jeff Perry when they were £1 purchases. & were new releases.It seems a kind of class disstinction & utter snobbery is entering this scene i once loved. RIGHT ON & KEEP THE FAITH. Me for 1 like the ORIGINALS said -BABY I'M FOR REAL.

Dickie in St Annes

As our soul family loses a brother, the good lord gets another soulie for his. OB is now probably sat with Levi & Edwin and all the other soulies. a better place indeed OB, RIP and KTF........


The passing of OB was a great loss to his family and all his friends. I can now tell people what OB e-mailed me. OB was also touched by Baby P's plight in life, OB offered to take me on a train to visit the resting place of Baby P's grave, What happened OB had a stroke and was hospitalised, I thought my god how life treats some is just not fair, I didn't visit OB because i vowed i let my dying father down by not visiting him in hospital and i do think dying is a personal thing but hoping it would never come for OB. OB's wish was to do a little charity thing and he came up with an idea of having a Bench made, this Bench was to be placed in the cemetery by the side or near OB's little member of his family who's life was also cut short, OB also said it can be from The Soul People in memory also of Baby P and OB himself, Why not lets make this happen for a guy who didn't ask for much.


Hello again MaryJust got back from a few days 'sailing' on the mar hope you had a great holiday in the sun you deserved some decent weather for a change.me dingle,dongle does not work very well here so missed last weeks show!Just caught up with news about OB .We are all very sad over here to hear this.Our thoughts go out to his familey and we are all thinking of you at this moment in time.We did not know OB direct,but through the show his brave 'fight' touched our hearts(and what a fighter he was!!)but we did see him on BBC question time on the sat feed and could see what a great guy he was.some years ago we looked after my dad for the last 18 months of his life as the 'big C ' finally took him.Different cancer than OB but i can understand what you have all gone through and are all feeling just now.ANNA is particular upset as she always asked me how OB was doing (she went away and had a little cry by the olives)thats how OB touched us all over here.i was going to ask you play I'M ON MY WAY TO A BETTER PLACE for OB but you covered that one on last weeks show.looking at all the messages that OB has received and the love and happiness he generated to us all.i think everybody needs a lift.please could you play RIGHT ON BROTHERS AND SISTERS by the one and only Mr SOUL PIPE i am sure OB would approve .This is for OB and everybody out there that knew and loved him.RIP OB KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANSps just think ,hopfully OB is now somewhere where he can hopfully go and see Marvin.Junior.Levi,Jackie,Curtis and all the other greats when ever he wants too!!


One thing that really gets under my skin is those people who come onto this MESBO and then slag people off anonymously. The BBC should filter out such messages but as they have failed to do so, the illiterate coward, who slagged off Twiggy and Neil Endd, should either reveal their true identity or keep off this MESBO.

rob varey

my deepest sympathy goes out to johns family what a great guy RIP john

Andrew (SC)

Far to young. RIP John O'B your flame will burn for eternity.


All I want to say about John is that I will miss him so much.



twiggy and big neil

perhapas now twiggys got one friend on here now and thats you big niel why dont you both go under the name of dumber & dumberist or maybe you neil instead of big niel endd try big niel k..b endd good luck


OB a lovely gentle man.God bless.Sincere condolences to Dan and all Ob's family.Rest in peace Ob.xxx

Sylvia and Joe Dean

Joe and I were fortunate to meet John through this show. He came down to Devon on a number of occasions and we had a lot of fun and laughter as John had a great sense of humour. The red wine flowed !!We had a common bond ..a love for Northern Soul and football.Our thoughts go out to sister Ellen his son Dan, niece Jo who we are pleased to have met and to all the familyWe will miss you..RIP John and KTF in heaven xxx

Kev in Sale

Forget for a few moments the which is best, who was first, and how much it cost arguments and listen to the music that OB loved. Mary plays it every week - think of OB when you listen. For a couple of hours we should all be brothers and sisters who love each other as much as OB and Ellen. Mary - please dedicate tonight's show to the late and undeniably great OB.

Ian alford

My thoughts are with ob's family and friends x


my heartfelt condolences to ELLEN, DAN, and all the family of JOHN OB a truly brave man who fought for so long to the end with a smile and even had time for you, i/we will never forget you JOHN R. I .P xx


OB, will missed by many fairwell my friend we all will meet up again on the otherside, THE MAN WHO LAUGHED and fought like a tiger.


Next HOLDITCH northern & motown is next fri,4th dec at the holdich mine welfare club,london road,chesterton.£1.00 otd,,7.30-12.00.cheers.

Chris Williams

O.B. My sincerest condolences to OB's family in this difficult time. John, it was a real pleasure to have known you and to have you shake my hand as a friend. God Bless.Chris, Steph & Andy xx


John OB, A Perfect man, my auntie looked after him & spoke quite a bit with him in dougy mac,god bless you. Ozz

Sue and Billy

I am Sue, John's (OB's) sister currently living in Florida. I want to thank all his friends for all the love and support you gave to John for the past few awful years. There are too many to name but I do want to say special thanks to Pete Roberts for the unselfish and ongoing love he gave to John.You were like a brother not just to him but to Ellen.To the Liverpool girls thanks too, and both Franks who were always there.Mary Fox was an amazing friend to the whole family. Mostly thanks to my sister Ellen who was more of a sister than any other I have ever known. She was always there for him and truly amazing and stronger than anyone could have ever believed. This community meant so much to him. When I was out of the country in 92' my now husband Billy came to England and met my family and both John and Ellen made him welcome and I truly believe were the turning point in our relationship. He felt loved and welcomed by them all and he and John became such good friends. Although we were not around much in the last few years we know all of you by name and deed and we both send our love and gratitude to you for the difference you made to him. Although we are not there right now be sure we know and recognise all you did. Love Sue and Billy

Theresa and Adj

RIP OB all our love and thoughts are with Ellen and the family xxxxx

OB's Record ...

Sadly, It's too late now. Thanks for nothing Mr Russ Winstanley.Pete Roberts.

Ken Wright (formerely of Barnet,now in Bedford.)

Hi Mary,Wow-Cant believe it but i've just become a GRANDAD!My daughter Hayley and son-in-law Allan have recently presented me and wife Pat with a Beautiful Grand Daughter,Phoebe,who weighed in at an eye-watering Eleven Pounds.I think Daughter and Grand Daughter both deserve a record for that.Has to be 'Little Darlin'by The Flirtations,if you could play it for them.Thanks.

PeteSco..thurs 25/11..

"I NEED A LITTLE BIT OF SOUL"..my charity single for little Maddie has now raised over £300..ive taken it off EBaY,,but IF YOU WANT A LISTEN TO IT,,I will be playing it on my DEC' show on www.thesouguy.com ,,and hopefully making a few more quids for Maddie..thanks to the people who have bought and donated to it so far..SCO..xx..


A brilliant version of the old Spencer Davis hit to start the show by the Sumpremes & The Four Tops....i'd never heard it before and loved it....gotta get hold of it.....where???...welcome back Mary...been looking forward to your choices....Nick did a good job as usual....the boy' s got it!!! ....mention of "Please Operator" brings back great memories...one of the first original 45's i owned...worth a play on the show for sure....i used to just love dancing to this....hope somebody puts this on a compilation CD soon (if they havent already)....its a classic....not rare at all but a great sound. Really enjoyed the 2 guests, great selections, very good move concerning calling for OB's song availability and no-nonsense interesting info....cant say as i agreed with the original 45s only stuff but each to his own....im in love with the music not the format....and i had (still have)plenty of great original vinyl....but.....one of the reasons for the resurgence of people getting back into Soul is the availability....of stuff you never had a hope of owning...and surely that's a good thing isn't it?....thank god for Soul CDs i say!! The very Funky "Tower of Power" track was a refreshing change of pace for the show....and went down a storm in my book....always loved "Tower of Power" but didn't realise that they were still producing music. Great choice Mary. While we are in a "funky mood"...Its probably a bit late for this week...but next weeks good to...so any chance of playing "Sharon Jones & The Dapkings - Stop payin' taxes"....brilliant piece of funky Soul if you ever heard one!!!....and fits in with the shows format of mixing it up a bit with other types of quality Soul alongside the predominant Northern...loved the Sharon Jones collaboration you played, decent piece of music in my opinion....kinda Soul with Swing.....the two voices complimented each other.....keep up the good work...still the best out there....and not said to be nice but because it happens to be true....i listen to lots of others too. Rob


To BIG NEIL, I used to go a Youth Club in BIGNAL END, another DJ called BRUNO spun the tunes, ok not all Northern or Soul but Bruno was a liked bloke who spoke his mind and always had the banter.I have seen re-issues and pressing going for stupid money but these snobs who only think this scene should be vinyl usually only care about one thing and thats money, i dunna mind anybody making a quid or two and as you say who makes the prices of a tune up to what its value is, thats a hard one. The one BIG PROBLEM we have got on the Scene is now all who think that they can fill a place playing rare or hard to get tunes, they are wrong their nights become boring and it gets like a little click all the bloody time of the same old faces rotating at Soul Nites, they are after their one last famous gig, anothe go if you catch my drift and i guess the rarer the records they bring to play keeps um at the top of the pecking order, A Tenner here and a Cock and Hen there thats what they want you to pay and listen to their styles, The Scene as been crying out for a change for donkeys years,Now the penny is begining to drop with alot of um, they are drifting away from just playing Rare Soul they are begining to go for THE ACROSS THE BOARD thing, this iss's me off a bit because alot have had far to much of the cake and failed year after year to get a place buzzing, we have the upstarts who basically only know what they have read, i'm all for kids and youth to getting involved but some ought to learn to walk before they try RUN the scene. I took a CD infact i had 6 i think on me to a local Soul Nite, that music isn't for this night one of um said but as the cheek to come on as a guest and play it as his choice, thats the scene for ya, i had many many monsters to wake that place up, to be honest i didn't really go to play any stuff but i do know now they are always quick enough to drop a tune if it suits them. Some records 45's i don't know how the experts know are the geniune thing, some records look to good and clean to be true,i guess ya pays ya money and takes ya chance for me i couldn't give a flying pig if a recording is on plastic, mental or cardboard if i like it and its the right price thats good enough for me, I payed big money for tunes a long time ago, some i wish i had still got but hey thats how it goes. I just don't like the HOGGERS of the Scene teling me what i can and cannot play and it basically comes down to one thing good and bad Djs, if places are empty then they should realise they are doing something wrong, A Big Name doesn't always get ya results but thats the sad sad world we live in, we have even brain washed our kids into buying named products. Cravat Soul might sound daft but its a bit of a iss take at The Click.

vinny soulshaker


Ian Alford

Mary could you please play a track for all the mesbo regulars called everyone come clap your hands by moody and the deltas I purchased a cd of Ellie Greenwich words and music and I think the track would fit in with the programe....k.t.f.....can I be the first to wish you and everyone a merry xmas .thanks

RE - Graham Malley's Message

Interesting comments from Dean Parrish regards Mr Winstanley's PC problems. If that is the case, how was he able to update his facebook page on a regular basis ??? Myself and a lot of other people think that he has sat on this and has left it far too long considering the circumstances.OB's true friends.


Ozz, in your posting on the vinyl versus other music formats debate, you said that "the most important thing is the music" and I entirely agree with you. For that reason, I couldn't give a monkey's whether it emanates from MP3, CD or vinyl; it is still the same track. Understandably though, some vinyl collectors get indignant at the mere mention of other formats being used at soul events. Although they have significant investments to protect, we soulies know it goes far deeper than that.

A Reminder For Sunday 13th December

Due to the amount of emails and telephone calls I have received, we are expecting a HUGE attendance for the next 'Sunday Soul Session' and advise all to come early to avoid disappointment ... (numbers are limited to 650 due to fire regulations) The Twisted "WHEEL" Club, sees the return after 38 years of the Legendary Wheel DJ Paul Davis 1968/1971 (who was just a 17 year old kid at the time). Paul was the longest serving DJ at the Wheel and went on to work for the Abadi Brothers (Ivor, Phil & Jack) when the Wheel closed (1971) and then reopened as Placemate. Paul was the DJ who coined the phrase "By overwhelming demand and popular request" at the Wheel, as he introduced 100s of Soul Artists on to that little stage (which we play our records from now). The list is endless. Junior Walker did his first UK appearance at the Wheel! Also there was Edwin Starr, Ike & Tina Turner, Inez & Charlie Foxx, Ben E King, Jimmy Ruffin to name but a few!! It as taken me 10 years to convince Paul to come out of retirement and I can tell you, he is as excited as me. What a Christmas Present for us all. And can you believe he is doing the next original "Sunday Soul Session" on the 13th of December!! Not to be missed. Pete Roberts xx.PS. Also, a possible guest spot by Andy Scoffin from Crewe.

Charlie Hatcher

I can't believe that I am in complete agreement with Twiggy for once!! The guest last Friday night was in my opinion nothing more than a Northern Soul Snob. He was that far up himself he'll meet him self coming back if he's not careful. Everyone is entitled to their opinion & taste in music but I thought his so called £600 track was crap. The one thing that some folk seem to forget is that without the advent of CD's in the 90's & of late MP3's then there is alot of folk who wouldn't have got back into the music and northern scene. So lets cut the bull about vinyl only, I bet I know someone who could catch him out on his statement that he only has "original vinyl" played at his do's. Most folk couldn't give a damn what its being played on as long as the sound coming out of the speakers is good quality northern soul music. Also I'd like to ask a question about these so called mega expensive records that change hands for 100's of pounds, do the original artists benefit from these transactions? Do they thump, greedy record dealers are the only ones who profit, from these excessive prices, so before anyone gets all high & mighty about playing vinyl only on the soul scene, remember the original artists who probably died in poverty or are still living on the bread line in some down trodden suburb of Detriot or Chicago. KTF Charlie

Eddy Edmondson

Hi Mary, Can I please use these pages to say a big thank you to all the Stoke / Crewe Soulies who have just returned from Lanzarote from what I think was one of the best Soul in the Suns in its 12 year history. Your listeners have always supported both our holiday and our fund raising efforts (which this year stands at around £23,000 so far). Around 450 soul fans were involved, enjoying possibly the best weather we have had (Ok first week was a bit windy). The quality of music was exceptional with lots of those big 'new' sounds (Coleen & Webb, Aretha Franklin (remix), Rabin featuring DJ Bridgewater, Nina Simone (remix) & Billy Davis) being played side by side with those great Northern Soul Classics (Eddie Parker, Jeff Perry, Jackie Wilson etc.) Our policy of only playing oldies in the cellar bar from midnight till 3 am proved to be very popular. I know one of your listeners once famously 'slagged' our fancy dress days off as "what's it got to do with Northern Soul" well the two fancy dress all dayers were simply two of the best days imaginable. I looked around to try to find someone who wasn't smiling, and as usual was unsuccessful. Lots of your listeners were in the group "I'm a soulebrity, get me out of here" and were brilliant. Photos can be now seen in the gallery at www.soulinthesun.com And finally over the past 5 years we have held a Charity Soul Night at Nantwich Civic Hall to raise money for Cancer Research. This year we are not doing so, simply because of the cost of hiring the hall, which is outrageous. If any promoter of a decent sized club (200 - 300) would care to hand over their night to us for a one off event I would love to hear from them. Thanking you Eddy Edmondson

HerMan(Allan from Sheffield.)

Hi Mary, It's me again,well it's that time of year again and I know I'm slightly late with this request, but as you know I always ask for this record at this time of year as a rememberance of my brother Gary and his 3 yr old daughter,Charlotte who passed away within 3 weeks of each other 8 years ago.If you could play David Ruffin's "Walk Away from Love," for me I would be most grateful.Yours as Always K.T.F.HerMan(Allan from Sheffield.)ps.I would just like to wish everyone who has helped me this year through some very low periods THANKYOU and hope to be back contributing to the mesbo. after Christmas.if everything goes as planned.

Graham Malley

Just received permission from Dean Parrish to share this on the noticeboard. Following on from the efforts of Francis Gierak and other close friends of OB and Friday night interview I took it upon myself to email Dean direct, with the following resultDear Graham Thank you for your email I would love for O.B. to hold his record in his hand and my prayers are with him, from what I understand at this time the vinyl or a cd format should be out soon, I know that Russ Winstanley was working hard and was struggling without a computer for a couple of weeks and just got the best vinyl price plus VAT.been held up by prices.and working radio show /dj gig's /and home life,etc..if I get any more information I will let you know asap sincerely Dean.In a further email today he also says Russ will get two acetates cut for OB and his Mum.So.............. ' Keep Love Alive' is hopefully soon to become a reality.Always had massive respect for the voice, now I know there is an even bigger man behind it. Dean has committed a lot of time, effort and money to this project and his sentiments speak volumes for the man.He deserves massive respectHopefully we will all be able to get our hands on a copy soon.

'Big' Neil Endd

Twiggy for possibly the first time ever I am in total agreement with you. Always intereseted me is who puts a value on these tunes? Authenticity was mentioned - so if its not on some over-priced piece of vinyl it not worth its salt! Complete B******S! that's what has been wrong with the scene for years - there is a wealth of excellent soul music around on CD if you're prepared to find it, so why miss out and anyway, if some of it is so bloody 'rare' - how else can you play it if you can only get it on a CD. Get a lot of CD's and tracks for £600. Thats perhaps why only '20 odd' turned up at the all-nighter mentioned! Some tunes have stood the test of time, cost next to nowt and still fill floors and I thought that's what Northern was famous for!


Geese, well said sir, thats exactly as it should be, ORIGINAL 45'S Are the way to go, no self respecting dj would play a pressing, Now dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with mp3's & cd's for home & car, but if you attend any large northern soul event you will see commited collector's spinnin fabulous 45's they have collected & purchased over the years. I do have a few of them nasty boots from the 70's in my collection, but i would not dj with them, however there are some venues that only play cd's or laptop dj's so you have to go with the flow, Still the most important thing is the music, but its great to see records still being used. Pop in for a coffee Geese, i have a little sales box in the shop !!! ozz

JOHN O'BRIEN's SONG.."Keep love alive"..with DeanP

..this is a copy of a message I sent to DEAN PARRISH regarding JOHN and HIS song..I sent a message to RUSS,,who hasnt replied to me yet....."..thanks for the reply Dean..just to let you know John is very dissapointed that the song has not yet been published and that he wont live to see the fruition of his treasured work..Can I and my friends get the record pressed,, and sold,,then send you your money,,as co-writer,,and Johns to his charity...??..I know this sounds simplistic,,and there are contracts etc etc,,but I as a DJ am getting asked all the time,,where is the record,,and everyone now at all the venues I go to,,are really getting offended that ,,whoever is in charge of the project,,doesnt seem to want to do anything..Ive heard the reasons regarding cost of vynil etc,,but I would love to help get yours and Johns great song out there,,earning,,but more importantly,,giving John a little bit of pride and happiness in his last few days..I know you are a veteran of the music scene,,forgive the term,I meant it on the most respectful way,,so you can imagine the joy and excitement John felt when he heard the GREAT DeanParrish,,one of our heroes on the scene,,said he recorded the song..!!..I'm not very clever or good with words,,but I think you understand my points here,,so THANKYOU again Dean for all youve done for John..As an update,,I will tell you that he remains very very poorly in the DOUGLAS McMILLAN hospice,,with his wonderful sister Ellen and son Dan constantly with him..You,,Dean,, have given a lot of us in the UK some wonderful music and happy times,,please please help us to give John his wish,,I will help as much as possible this end..much respect to you Dean,,God bless you and your family..PeteSco..xx..""I will keep everyone posted as to whats happening.I will do my utmost to get things going..JOHN showed me the contract,,way back in April I think it was,,and everything looked staight forward enough,,so why it hasnt got out yet,,I dont know..I know RUSS plays it a lot on his show,,so maybe we might send him a few messages..??..SCO..

Winnie "WINDOWS"aka,Ammonia Alice.

To Mr,'DETERMINATION'(NV 4344),'RELAX',you have done enough!!!!...,cheer,s,'Windy Winnie' By-Gum!.(Failsworth).


To Geese, when ever you came back, i didn't get it been in the scene 21 years then had a rest bite because of family commitments, hey its called life anyway Geese your last choice was very interesting but why brag to say its worth 600 quid or so, who gives a shit, sorry aout that and all the waffle after about doing a Soul Nite with original vinyl 45's i thought here we go again now't as changed,I took a load of 45's ORIGINALS once a youth club and got most of the rare ones nicked, i gave a couple of hundred ORIGINAL 45's to one of my mates after loosing all respect for Soulful people, tell me what gives you the right to say people like me have to bring Original 45's if i want to play um, i might have missed something here i dunna know, talk of Northern Soul Snob i just dunna get it, Mind you though Geese it looks pretty grim for anybody who wants to play CD or even pressings with attitudes like yours, 45 years of collecting Soul Music said i can make this point to you and others who only want original 45's played at Soul Nites, its time for some to grow up, there are alot of bullshitters around and whos bullshitting who, still here and will be still when alot have been come and gone from The Scene,Working Mans Scene but at this moment it seems a million miles from the working man, it just feels to me that some are trying to re-invent themselves using our great scene for the wrong reasons, you should want to go a Soul Nite to listen to the stuff and have a great time,Soul Nites should be free to get in um then lets see how many are still here for the long ride.Your selections weren't bad at all, its all the crap after i didn't like.

Chris, Brooklyn New York

ANDY MAC and THE WHEELER. Hey you guys, yeah,THAT'S it!!! Thanks.

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)

Hi Mary,Could you please mention on the whats on spot the NEW sunday soul sessions at the Minstrels ballroom crown hotel nantwich this sunday29th nov 4til9.CONFIRMED djs are lenny mellor,Craig Atkins,Andy Linop,Steve Lawton and main spinners Clive Read & Wilke (Crosville Club Crewe)Steve Jenks(Junc17 Sandbach) Across the board music policy.Sunday lunch deal for soulies 1til3 two courses £10 per person.Hope you can join us!


Thanks very much for the superb hospitality and welcome that was given by Mary and the crew on friday.you made myself and Fran feel so comfortable and at ease that the any nerves were easily dispeled. Good luck with the show in the furure, as its a linchpin to the scene, and Mary serves as an excellent arbitor for the music, long may she reign.

The Collyhurst Kid

Well I'm sailing down the river irk on my raft made from a back door, its raining but I am happy I have got 2 cold rounds of toast wrapped in grease proof paper (an old bread bag) and a bottle of corporation pop (water)and dads old trany radio (5 bob from mazels) and listening to the mary fox show! Oh and no blackberry mobile! just 2 old tin cans... WE REMAIN UNIMPRESSED BY YOUR CONSTANT BRAGGING!!!! See you at mays pown shop.

Pete Dyson (Manchester),22/11/09.

Hi B/Stoke,M.Fox(soul)G/Show!.Could you play,'Don't Mess With Bill'(MARVELETTES)on your show?.Cheer,s,Pete Dyson('AS-IS!!!!!').

Andrew (SC)

Mary, in praise of something new. the gig at the civic (nantwich)21/11 was absolutely A1. Music in main room was classic oldies and motown. Upstairs was Ska with a twist really good atmosphere throughout the building. Well done to the lads who sorted this out.Can we have a tune on Friday please M? Tony the Hat pushed this tune in Lanzarotte and I know it was popular in tenerif earlier in the year. "R.L.Burnside" ITS BAD YOU KNOW. KTF and all that.

sue from stafford

hi mary hope u had a great holiday great news that they were only rumours and u r staying put (fridays would not be the same with out you) would you please play "do the 81" for steve and also every one who made it to the rugby club at burntwood last fri night (saints soul club ) a great night had by all. x

paul "MILKMAN" and kim


Mel Withery

Another wet weekend, just been reading through the Golden Torch Message Board, you very lucky people to be 3 or 4 years older than me, had to settle for youth clubs and Top Rank, anyone remember local lad Paul Gregory from Soul/Torch/Wheel/Mecca etc.All the best

Graham Malley (Derby)

Just listened to Fran & Geese. Good luck next week Geese - more importantly however I agree with Fran when IS somebody going to do something about releasing the OB / Dean Parrish collaboration. It's b****y criminal that OB is being deprived of the opportunity to see an achievement of this nature. I know from Fran the current state of OB's health. To prevent him from achieving the recognition and the nominated charities from benefiting is totally out of order. This should not be held up by commercial ego trips - it's the true soul of one very ill man trying to leave a legacy for others. Whatever it takes - get it sorted.Enough said.

Goldie grrrrrhhhh

Mary`s show DE BEST just for de RECORD guests superb ..Finish off de year with a trio of WHEEL SOUL SIZZLERS : 27th NOV ..13th DEC & 26th DEC you KNOW IT MAKES SENSE yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldie mad as a jug of drunken starfish yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

Alan Edge, Wirksworth

Fantastic choice of music Mary from the Tower of Power latest albumn. Great soulful and funky Band and still doing the business after so many years,

John Edwards

Northern Soul hits Swansea. While scrolling through radio airways came across a little station called Radio Tircoed in Swansea. They are doing a Northern Soul show from 11-12pm on Monday nights some old ska thrown in as well.www.radiotircoed.com

Sylvia Dean

Well I am sitting on the sun deck in Madeira and hoping to be able to pick up the show here tonight!! Hope you had a good break Mary ?Ui were missed, but Nick did an excellent job !! Can you please play Sam and Dave Soothe Me... as Joe and I sit here chillin` with a glass of Madeira wine ( for a change !! KTF xx

Andy Mac

To Chris-Brooklyn New York,The song you're after is called 'Please Operator' by Tony & Tyrone.Keep the faith!

The Wheeler

The record your looking for is Please operator Tony & tyrone

Mary Fox

Hello folks - it's good to be back and many thanks to Nick Marshall for sitting in.Sorry if some of you have had Listen Again problems this week - I'm told the system was down for three days but it should be ok now - however let us know if it's not working.

Jules Allen. Gold Coast Australia

Hi Mary, just a thank you to Nick for playing Ed Crook for me on your show last week...unfortunately, didn't get to hear it as 'listen again' not working..but was informed by my dear friend Pete Schofield...Hope you had a good break Mary and kind regards, yours soulfully in Aus. Jules...keepin the faith!! Big kiss to OB XX

Chris, Brooklyn New York

Hi Mary, hope you had a good break. I'm hoping someone can help me. I vaguely remember a record that started with a woman saying something like "Man if I don't ever see you again it'll be too soon-you stayed away too long I packed" but the rest of the song eludes me. It's driving me nuts, can anyone put me out of my misery?Thanks, (and also thank you so much for playing my requests.)XX Chris

sue from stafford

what is up with listern again been trying couple of days now to listern again and its not working , any one know why ?????

Ian Edwards

Folks I have got a copy of Gladys Knight thanks,from Manchester,thanks anyway,should get it early next week.Yipeeeeeeeee,as Goldie would say

Ray and Lydia

Hi Mary hope your all relaxed and refreshed after your hols. Would be great if you could play "Whisper you love me boy" by Chris Clark for Anne, Pat and Joan on the show. All the best Ray and LydiaXx

Ian Edwards

Can anyone help I want a copy of Gladys Knight NO ONE COULD LOVE YOU MORE,the single not cd,does anyone have a copy to sell,its my favourite record,but cant find a copy,let me know if anyone has one for sale.Just to let people know who came to CIN,next years will be staying in Bilston,at Springvale S and S,it is booked and will be a Friday this time,and is on Friday 26/11/2010,this only for info purposes as on the night I made an announcement about the future of the CIN event,but all is now sorted and confirmed.OB thinking of ya always,lots of love to ya brother.xxxxxx

Liberty Bodice (Oldham)Lancashire.

"Good Sound,s" Mary lass@bbc.co.uk/stoke.(Soul).Could thee play on yer show, 'Chain Reaction'(SPELLBINDERS).I listen to the show with me next door neighbour, 'Dolly Blue',& We av a right good gargle on the Cherry-'B's listenin to ya Soul music!.Cheer,s &"Keep the Feet",...Liberty@ Dolly,(B/Gum!).

Paul Simon ('WIDNES-STATION').

Hi B/Stoke/Soul,I have been waiting for a "Choo-Choo" on this damn Station (WIDNES)for 'DECADES!'. Could you play, 'NIGHT TRAIN'(James Brown)on ya Show please, cos I am "STEAMING!!!!!!!",by-eck. Cheer,s,P.S.& the 'CREWE'(Static).


Re:'Twisted Wheel'Membership Card,s,c/o,Pete Robert,s."Nice 1 Pete!!!,can we have 3 ???!"...,cheer,s,Ivor,Jack&Phil.


just a reminder folks this sat 21st ta army barracks waterloo rd s o t st6 3hj ist allnighter 8 till 7 djs brian rae nick marshall tot johnson phil ankers geese etc, large wooden dancefloor 2 late bars 2 lounges hot food/snacks available £10 admission all welcome


Denis had a lot of trouble this week with the listen again, very annoying but its the first time this has happened. Hope its sorted for this weeks show:)

Angie Bevan...............................

You might try a web site called northernmemories.co.uk,for someone called Noca. I don't know if it the same person you are looking for. It is not a music site. Good luck, Chris.


hi marymy thoughts are with OB who is fighting such a battle. He is a very special friend to me. I know that Im not the only one. Can you please play Marvin Gayes Whats Goin On I know its OB's all time favourite. with all my love to my very dear friend OB one special friend to another Crazybabe x x


PeteSco..mon 16/11..thanks Nick for your shout on fridays show..If anyone wants to buy my charity record,,just go to EBAY.CO.UK and enter the title I Need A Little Bit of Soul ,baby ....you will see it THERE....IF YOU HAVENT GOT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT I CAN MAIL THE SONG TO YOUR Email box with an address to donate to..!!..simple...ALL MONEY RAISED (approx £150 so far) will go to little Madison Parton..thanks for all your help..SCO..xx.. (AND thanks again MARY.x.)


TWISTED WHEEL CLUB MEMBERSHIP CARDS !I am pleased to announce that on FRIDAY 27th NOVEMBER, our next 'Twisted Wheel' night, there will be a chance to own, not only a new membership card from this iconic 60's soul club, but also to make a donation to 2 chosen Cancer Charities. The cards are credit-card sized, high quality, gloss finish and made from 760 micron thick plastic. They are available @ just £3 each. This covers the cost and a donation of £1 to OB's Hospice (Douglas McMillan, Stoke) and £1 to the Christie Hospital, Manchester.On one side is the 'TWISTED WHEEL CLUB' black and white striped design and the reverse is a full colour image of the club painting complete with membership details. They will be individually numbered starting at '011' and the initial run will be 300 (more may be available if demand warrants). They will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.Please note that they are for collector value only and do not entitle the holder to any discount on merchanise or guarantee entrance to the club.Initially, they will be on sale at the club but distribution by post is being considered for further-afield members (ex-pats Australia etc).THE MORE SOLD MEANS MORE TO THE CHARITIES ...Thank You,Pete Roberts.Twisted Wheel Limited.twistedwheel@tiscali.co.uk

Denis (West Sussex)

Anyone had problems with Listen Again option this week (13/11)?

Goldie reflecting

Well there we are!! via Brian Mathews show radio Derby & one or two other niceties of incidentals I Find myself on the MARY FOX SHOW November19th 2005 at 19mins past 7..... My 3 record choices as a guest on that evening were "Aint That Peculiar", "The Who Who Song "& "Competition Aint Nothin"... OVER DE past 4 years My 10 best moments were: Meeting MARY FOX For De ist time (She Was in a Pirates outfit ((Radio Caroline"))..Meeting Pete Roberts November 21st2005 He was in FREEDOM MODE & showed me around the club (thats on tape), walkin thru de Pottery Centre with Ob Autumn 2006,Playing behind de decks at de Wheel Nov 2006 ,Marie & Bernie finding me somewhere to sleep Keighley Summer 2009 , A hat trick of Guest dj spots Bournemouth , Bristol & Bath & being paid! with ouit touching a record!! ,Arriving at Tolcarne beach Newquay 7am Sat morning following night at Wheel & droppin Twigg & C off on way down,Being greeted by a welcome commitee at de Wheel on a birthday clad with pressies&cards 2years ago , Big Bret & I on a mini bender Xmas 2007 what a night,Playin A Super 6 @ Vinnies LOVE TRAP PORT VALE 2009..........MY 10 worst moments mmmm WELL THERE AINT ANY....EVEN DE BAD TIMES ARE GOOD ON DE SOUL SCENE ..just enjoy it every single second & be grateful !!!!! yipeeeeeeee Goldie PROUD TO BE INVOLVEDxxxxx

mick oliver

HI Mary hope you ejoyed your bteak how about a great black&white wand record Roscoe Robinson,s Thats Enough pure class KTF

John Valentine

The Morg 2009.All Profits Go To The Meningitis Trust.Hi Mary\NickLast Friday our charity night,(Northern Soul & Motown Return To The Morg)was a complete success could you please play a track (Sam & Dave I Thank You) & dedicate it to the following DJs Derek Smith,Stuart Garratt,Mike Liecester & Roger Conneelly, Door Man Vance Garner,Individuals & company's that contributed to the raffle,the public who bought tickets and made it a sell out.I Thank You Johnny V.

goldie workin hard

How can I say this mmmmmmmmmm let me think NO!! THERE IS NO OTHER WAY!!! Last Sunday at De TWISTED WHEEL MANCHESTER I enjoyed de best Soul day I have ever ever ever ever had in my WHOLE LIFE ..Yes folks it was de BEST EVER !!! ask Billy , Marie , Bernie , Maggie , Kev , Booper, Charlie , Mike Linda ...I scored it 999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 million zillion billion trillion mega billion out of 10 THIS IS SOUL HEAVEN ON EARTH!!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Peter goes off to "STRICTLY COME DANCING" to Driving Beat, The Champion , Get Ready (Ella) etc etc this will really ROCK de Tower (Blackpool) SOCK IT TO EM PETER!!!!!!Attention all Local Stoke Soul Scene members De Love trap at Port vale FC with vinnie @ de Helm/ Way To go Vinnie THATS SATURDAY FOLKS NOT TO BE MISSED !!!! yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to days track CHAIN GANG SAM COOKE grrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhGxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


northern soul motown at silverdale new club on friday dec 18th high street silverdale brand new dance floor 8pm till late free admission smart dress please cheap bar to


Brand new SOUL STATION , Starts dec-Jan !!!! With A Un-beatable Dj Line up including Ozz, Tim Ashibende, Chris Williams plus a few suprise Top Name dj's ....



the soulguy.com

ALL new radio shows up on www.thesoulguy.com,,featuring Wheel spinner BrianRae,,and local soulboy PeteSco,,plus 6 other new shows incl' a philly soecial,,Gail from Aus,,MAC VEE'S essence of soul,,plus Michel and Bruno's euro connection...WELL WORTH a listen,,you DONT have to be a member,,just go to www.thesoulguy.com home page..SOUL MUSIC with a smile..thanks the soulguy.

Jules Allen.Gold Coast Australia.

Great show last week...well done Nick. And....a big thank you to Charlie Waring for the mention. We've just had a weekender here on the Gold Coast and it was brilliant with ex pats from all over Britain attending ( ex Wheel, Torch. Cats, Wigan. Mecca crew)..The weekender was aptly named "THAT SAME OLD FEELING'...and that's exactly what it created...dancin the nites away, socializing, exchanging phone numbers, the lot...clapping in unison and clapping in appreciation at the end of a brilliant record ...it just took me right back. It may seem strange to you guys over there in the UK where there's so many niters and the scene is thriving bigtime...but it blew me away that we are so far from our roots and yet we still all got the FEVER...there is a scene in Aus..alot smaller of course and further to travel....but what a SOUL FAMILY. RIGHT ON to all concerned...Yes, we are truly still KEEPIN THE FAITH !!!! I had a great dance to 'That's alright' - Ed Crook, any chance of playing it for us Mary? Soulfully yours, Jules....


The Torch Reunion 24.10.09 - Ryan Hall - Tunstall - read more at www.northernsoul45.co.uk

Chris Farlowe.

G/Sounds On BBC/Stoke/Soul!.Where Is the'Twisted Wheel Club?,Is it near the "FERRIS WHEEL?".

Glyn Ellis (Manchester).

First Time Listener To Your Show!,like the Music & presentation!.Nice "NOSTALGIA!!!".Could you play,'SOMETHING KEEPS CALLING ME BACK'(WAYNE FONTANA)on your show?.Thank,s,Glyn.

'The Daily RECORD'(Manchester).

"EXTRA!"..."EXTRA!"...read all abart IT!!!!!(stop),'LIGHTBOWNE LIL'RETURNS TO THE 'TWISTED WHEEL'after 38 'BEERS!!!',she Says,"I Was Only A Young Girl At the Time and I loved the music,I still do, Chris Farlow 'OUT OF TIME'being one of my Fav,s!(stop),'PETE ROBERTS'NEW MAYOR OF MANCHESTER???,He Says(Quote), "WHY NOT!I Like the GOLD CHAIN and I will hang It in the WHEEL!"(Jackie,Pete,s Wife,declined to comment, but 'Goldie' (Talc-Monitor)said He would like to wear it at the 'WHEEL!")(stop)...,'MARY FOX'(BBC Stoke Presenter)Is To Visit The 'HIMALAYAS!'she Says (Quote)"I Just LURRRRVE that BALSAM!!!!"......G/Show Stoke,regards,Carol"CHAFFIN"(sub editor on the "RECORD"with "GUSTO!!!!!).

PeteSco..mon 9/11..

thanks Nick for your shout on fridays show..If anyone wants to buy my charity record,,just go to EBAY.CO.UK and enter the title I Need A Little Bit of Soul ,baby you will see it....IF YOU HAVENT GOT A PAYPAL ACCOUNT I CAN MAIL THE SONG TO YOUR Email box with an address to donate to..!!..simple...ALL MONEY RAISED (approx £150 so far) will go to little Madison Parton..thanks for all your help..SCO..xx..

you carn't 'BLAME' us for waiting??

hey nickany chance of playing that 'smokey' request asked for weeks ago????KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Phil Saxe("Roots-Soul &RnB"),By-Gum!

Hi B/Stoke,Heard Paul Davis is avin a "MUSIC-Nostalgia-Trip"at the " Twisted-Wheel-Club" ,MANCHESTER!.Make Sure you have ya "Wheel-Card" Paul!we doun,t want to turn you Away!regard,s."Abe-SACCHS"(AKA,"THE-STITCH!!!!"),By-Gum.(pd).


WHEN CHRIS MET ..PETE , Jackie,Jock & de Wheel gang...Mr Farlowe was made up to be in de same room as these wonderful"Wheel Folk"..He praised Wheel PAST, PRESENT & FUTURE..Pete was pleased he wore a WHEEL SHIRT & HE kept kissing de badge (YOU KNOW THE WAY A FOOTBALLER DOES WHEN HE SCORES A GOAL)...Jackie told him if he carries on like this HE WILL BE WEARING a "TALC MONITORS ASSISTANT WHEEL SHIRT" come spring YIPEEEEEE CRIES CHRIS cant wait!!!!!.Nick Marshall show Friday really good as always & I scored de guest GOOD TIME CHARLIE 77777 million trillion out of 10 well done Mr.Waring see you & Nick Tomorrow at the "PEOPLES CLUB" yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee todays track SOCKIT TO EMjb goldie PROUD TO BE associated with The Show & The Twisted Wheel Manchester...NEXT UP IN YA LOCAL AREA ...THE LOVE TRAP .Vinnie Soulshakers lovely soulie evening ON SATURDAY 14th Nov if ya live near THE PORT VALE GROUND go along & enjoy!!!!!! Brian Rae de Guest dj ................ yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee & a big YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE for de WHEEL TOMORROW my hearts a racin now Goldiexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


It's beautiful here in Hollywood Florida

Lee Harris

What a brilliant start to the show Nick. Roy Hamilton followed by one of the finest records of all time - stairsteps - awesome!

dave harrison (agger)

hi mary ive been living up scotland for 21 years, lam from leek, i would just like you to know your show stops me getting home sick ive have it on every week, keep it up. also can you say hello to steph andrews from leek for me, thanks


Hi Andrew, christmas card is in the post and i'll even put a kiss in it for ya mucker Amo, i told you i don't do the brown tongue stuff, i will be going a few charity Soul Nites soon and who knows maybe one of the organisers just might let me loose on the decks,No doubt the politics of the music will be included, if so wunna bother to Dj, i ain't got an ego like some,My god experts and Soul Collecters are popping up everywhere and hey Andrew let us Dj on your 30th and i'll bring you down onto your knees, think about that one, i'll even send you photo of me doing a back drop at Wigan,without the beer belly thou i dunna look back in time because the future is the only thing that we know is coming.


woooooooooooooh its nearly Sunday on MondayI start YET another new job cant wait (yeah as if)..Pete & Jackie & de crowd off to see CHRIS FARLOWE tonight i cant go cos I IS OUT OF TIME enjoy guys & see ya`ll in de Wheel Sunday yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee to days track DEVIL WITH A BLUE DRESS ON..Mitch de Ryder Goldie SEE YA SUNDAYxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx grrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhrrrrrrr & here is another yipeeeeeeeeeeeee cos I luv yuzx

Tony Heinemann (Nantwich)

Hi Nick,Could you please mention a NEW VENUE on your whats on spot,THE SUNDAY SOUL SESSIONS at the minstrels ballroom in the crown hotel nantwich sunday 29th nov 4pm til 9pm £3 otd with clive read and guests(to be announced)SOUL music across the board including UNDERPLAYED northern soul oldies and 60s R&B.Open decks 4til6 phone clive to book your spot.More info contact clive read on 07833934853 or tony heinemann on 07905210268Thanks.

After 38 years the return of Dj Paul Davis

The Twisted "WHEEL" Club, sees the return of the Legendary Wheel Dj Paul Davis 1968/1971 (Who was just a 17 year old kid at the time) Paul was the longest serving Dj at the Wheel and went on to work for the Abadi Brothers (Ivor, Phil & Jack) when the Wheel closed (71) and reopened as Placemate. Paul was the Dj who coined the phrase "By overwheling damand and popular request" at the Wheel, as he introduced 100s of Soul Artists on to that little stage (which we play our records from now) the list is endless Junior Walker did his first UK appearance at the Wheel! Also there was Edwin Starr, Ike & Tina Turner, Inez & Charlie Foxx, Ben E King, Jimmy Ruffin to name but a few!! It as taken me 10 years to convince Paul to come out of retirement and I can tell you, he is as excited as me. What a Christmas Present for us all. And can you believe he is doing the "Sunday Afternoon Soul Session" on the 13th of December!! Not to be missed. Pete Roberts xx.

Nick Marshall

Can I remind everyone about the night in memory of Chris Savory, to be held at the George Hotel, Burslem this Friday, November 6th. It would be great to see anyone who used to go to the Bear in N-u-L, where Chris used to DJ back in the day. Admission is £5 on the door, with all proceeds to the Douglas MacMillan Hospice.

Andrew (SC)

Why is it when Mary is away this message board is slower than twiggys wit.Many thanks to the Foxley last night for allowing Griff to hand over £400 to the Stuart Strange Trust. Griff wanted his Stoke friends to see that the money has been dished out a thousand pounds folks so thank you all special thanks to Amo you are a good egg. few beers i think TTFN and KTF.

Steve & Jane Bowles (Perton Soul Couple)

Hi NickCould you possibly play a request for my wife Jane, who's birthday is on the 9th November.We are ex Catacombs members and are currently on the soul scene Goodyears / Tettenhall and local venues, we listen to the show every week religiously,we also played our small part in the new forthcoming Souled Out Film (Dance floor scenes Kings Hall Stoke and attended a preview of the film at Manchester Print Works earlier in the year airing our views with the director Shimmy Marcus). Please play the request as she is a lovely wife and mother and I will let the request tell you what I think of her the request is I Worship You Baby - The Glories

Tony & Jill in Clayton

Hi There Nick Keep Up The Good Work you played Some lovely tunes last week . could you play for us, one by the Floridas called i remember this is a lovely gospel classic . thanks Tony /Jill


Great comments Paul.Forgot all about the White Bear with Eric.What you said about Les is so true,nice guy.Ginger T doing a great job at Rolls Barlick and Muni at Colne with those fine sounds.


Nick, i requested "The chase is on" - Johnny Howard" a while back...any chance mate....its a stormer that always presses the right buttons for me...Rob


Hey Anne, Joan & Pat...thanks very much for the Alzheimers CD...it arrived today....some great tracks on there and a couple of my favorites...cheers girls. It was a pleasure to contribute to such a worthwhile cause as this one. Again, congrats on all youe energy and drive to make it happen and although i wasnt there a big thanks to all the DJs and people who helped make the night a good one from all accounts. Rob


Well well still on de ceiling over Friday at de Wheel & HERE WE GO AGAIN..Yes folkls its on on SUnday 8th nov @ 6 whitworth st Manchester 3pm till 8pm GET THERE EARLY!! a deep sea DIVER on de door yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee To days track Wes & De Airdales "I`ll never Turn My Back On You" a 69 dance classic on de Durium label 4 Euros well spent yipeeeeeeeeeeee Cant wait for de Wheel Sundaygrrrrhhhhhrrrrhhh goldiexxxx

THE WHEEL!!! Mike & Linda

Yes Pete your possibly right,though every Wheel session is absolutally amazing!!!... The sucsess of the Wheel is down to you my freind aided by the people around you like John Green, your lovely wife Jackie etc. Not forgetting the fantastic friendly, and welcoming crowd who attend also play a massive part. As i said to you on friday night could anyone have believed it could be so sucsessfull when you realised your dream to re-create the home of soul, THE TWISTED WHEEL... To be in the original atmospheric building is amazing but possibly the key to it's sucsess is your music policy of only playing back catalogue. People go to the Wheel to be took back in time to our teenage years and that's exactly what we get, and all of us punters absolutally love it! As for the heat that's how it was then and just adds to the experience it's all part of it for me... I'm not one to push my music views but say to every soul fan it's an experience not to be missed it's just the best beyond doubt, mind where your gonna get i don't know because it's allways packed to the rafters. Hi to Goldie who tipyfies the Wheel crowd, well up for a laugh but a soul conniseur and one of the friendliest people you could wish to meet... Once again thanks and congratulations Pete and all for this awsome club... Roll on Sunday, in the queue then down them stairs to soul heaven.

Sylvia Dean

Can I have a request for Eddy Edmondson and all the soul in the sunners who will be IN THE SUN in Lanzarote.. next Friday.Also for the soulies going to Tenerife.This is always a good time of the year.. weatherwise.. to get away from the uk !!! but we will be in SUNNY DEVON ( haha) listening to the show.Nick can you please play for then all..The Flamingos.. BOOGALOO PARTY. This is one of my all time Wheel fave classics !! KTFxx

Pete "BISON" (a.k.a."Buffalo-Pete").

Hi B/Stoke,G/Show,nice Sounds,& a good,"RANGE" of "Soul& RnB!"...,any chance of,"Thats How Heartaches Are Made",(Baby Washington/Marvelettes/Dusty).Any Version Nick!.cheer,s,Pete "Bison",(with "GUSTO!!!!!"),Moston,Manchester.


To Charlie Hatcher, dunna worry, it dunna bother me one bit and yes your entitled to your opinion. Do you know of a record called HURT SO BAD by Susan Rafey have a listen to her version, its an uptempo version of Little Antony and the Imperials song, i say that they might not have been the original singers, i have to be the way i am and when the red stuff starts to take control of me then who knows, this worlds full of bullshitters and arse lickers, well i wunna lick arsehole and i wunna bullshit ya. yet again The x-facter judge Simon Cowell showed just what a little mouse he is,whats the point in having a judge if they onna going to judge someone, i guess Simon Cowell thinks its alright to be a judge when its in the earley stages, when he as a major say on whos talented,then when hes in a tight spot he relys on the viewers vote, it was disgraceful what he did on this weeks show, and those judges just have some of the tastes in music i have ever heard,if Simon Cowell got a bit of what i have he would do some damage, anyway enough of the crap x-facter, don't forget that Susan Rafey tune its a monster and i have many many monsters up in my attic.

Friday 30th October at the Wheel

Pete - I was on the dance floor all night because I couldn't get near the bar! I would have gone for a rest if you hadn't kept me there playing such good tunes. Well done again - Brett

Laura & gang

have to agrre with messages regarding FRiday at ther wheel the djs were brilliant the electric atmosphere goldie & co so funny & energetic happy days at the wheel Lauraxx


Hi to you all, There is still some confusion over the "Twisted Wheel Boxing Day (NIGHT) Special" yes on Saturday 26th December like last year the Wheel will be having a Boxing (NIGHT) Party!! 9pm till 2.15am ***** £5 Pounds on the Door!! And i am sure that Jackie will put sandwiches, sausage rolls and mince pies on for you. And for anybody wishing to the night? At the Twisted Wheel Clubs Hotel next door, i have negociated a discount for you! And i would like to be the first to wish you and your family a Stomping Xmas and a very prosperous & Soulful New Year!!! Well it is the 2nd of November! And just 7 and abit weeks to go!! And I'm sure Goldie will give you a Big "Noddy Holder* YIPEEEEEEEEEEEEE IT'SSSSSSSS CHRISTMASSSSSSSSS!!!! Hope to see on the (NIGHT). Pete Roberts. xx


If you missed the Wheel on Friday night you possibly missed the Best Soul Night ever!! The Club was packed to the ceiling and not a square inch to spare!! Richard Searling did an excellent 90 minute Wheel set and was again emotionally reduced to tears with the Wheel Crowd and the Clubs unique and fantastic atmosphere!! A Big thanks go's out to the 100's people who travelled far and wide, from the North East, Cumbria, The Midlands, London, Ireland the dozens from Wales for making it a Special Night!! Sorry about the heat on the night, you know we have 2 dragon flys for air-conditioning and one of them as died! Great see Big Brett from Sheffield on the dance floor all night and Goldie (Liverpool) told me he only sent one man off the dance floor this week because he wasn't smiling enough. cant believe we do it all again this Sunday 8th November the Wheels Famous Sunday Afternoon Soul Session 3pm till 8pm ***** £5 on the door. Best Regards to you all. Pete Roberts.

Goldie TM DS TDJ Pres YipClub

Well what can I say??? except the TWISTED WHEEL 6 Whitworth St Manchester beteween the hours of 9pm & 2-15 & thanx to PETE ROBERTS ( suberb) John Green (Excellent)Richard Searling (tearful but full of joy) ..Marie & Bernie (delicious genuine couple) Maggie & Kev (so Lovely)Mike & Linda (so Proud to know this soulful twosome) Kyle & Bob ( Thrilled to be in the home of soul)The Welsh contingent (excellent & full of fun)The london crowd (elegant yet down to earth)Billy Bret, Laura, Sharon , Shirley , Jock Marie ETC in fact ALL OF DE 403 WHO ATTENDED!!!THE ATMOSPHERE (amazing).. Yes this was SOUL AT ITS best AT THIS BEST!!!! IT IS THE BEST SOUL EXPERIENCE i EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER FELT in this what is now surely the core of soul music in de uk!!! I scored the evening 999999999999999999999999999 million zillion billion trillion megamillion out of 10......Thank you God for de Twisted Wheel Manchester yipeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Goldiexxxxx to days track Betty Everett Mighty Crowded (now she was a REAL SOUL SINGER ) Have a nice day everyone Gx


theres a New Years Eve soul/Motown night (31st/10/09)at the Cuckoo Blurton,free admittance,



radio stoke

The usual plea, folks - please, no abuse or flaming or personal comments on the messageboard. A little knockabout humour is fine, BUT please keep courteous...And we reserve the right to edit or delete - so, beware!

beertowel jimmy

Hi...can Nick Marshall play Calvin Williams "Lonely You'll Be"...ta


Because its Wheeeeeeeeeel Night on Friay! Yipeeeeeeee and if GOLDIE dosn't run you over in his Wheel Mobile he will spray with 60's Brut or cover you in Talc and lets not mention the Red Card!!!! #'@#*~#@

Colin from Kidsgrove

Heyup sug, Mary i hear ginger & co are having a sunday afternoon soul do, i wonder where he got that idea from? i may have chanced going up to yorkshire but i have got a carpet to fit and you know i am the hardest working carpet fitter in the business. ktf Rathead


Hi NickPlease could you play a request for my partner and I on friday? Could you play Gladys Knight "No one could love you more". The chorus which Ms Knight sings with so much soul and feeling at the start of this song is just incredible and really says what I'd like you to tell Phil. hope you can play this for us Nick. KTF Chez xx

charlie hatcher

sorry for the rude words Twiggy.i apologise.ch

rob littlewood

hi nick ,looking forward to your shows in the next couple of weeks.if you get a chance could you please play "just another heartache" by little richie ,love the track ,cheers rob.


I agree with previous posts Eric the guest was excellent put him on with GOLDIE would make a great show Phil

Charlie Hatcher

I do chuckle when I read Twiglets inane ramblings! I've been back on the soul scene since the early 90's & I haven't found it "cliquie" at all, in fact I've made loads of good friends over the last few years. Perhaps Twiglet thinks its a clique cause he hasn't got any mates or doesn't attend any venues. He seems to carry this massive big chip around on his shoulder moaning & whinging about everyone & every venue on the soul scene. Get from behind your keyboard & out to a gig or 2 & you'll soon realise that most folk aren't bothered whether the music is on an original import label, british demo, CD or nowadays MP3. The main thing is they like the tracks that are being played at that venue they are attending or listening to on Mary's show or any one of the other shows that are on other radio stations.Shows like Mary's & the others have opened up the soul scene again to alot of old soulies who didn't realise the scene still existed. So Twiggy stop being such as a northern soul snob because most folk on the soul scene know you are a joke & your ramblings just confirm it to everyone. KTF Charlie Hatcher


Hello agin Nickjust finished watching the above on the bbc sat feed.Wish we could have been there!!S R not bad for 69 years old eh??It's the first time the MURCIANS have ever seen the great SR and they were very impressed.Reminds me of when me and the ROSE went to see him and Marv Tarpin live at the DAVENPORT(demolished now!!) in Stockport 20 years ago.What a fantastic night it was .We could not believe 'old smokey' would ever come to STOCKPORT.Anybody else out there went to that gig??any chance of playing I DON'T BLAME YOU AT ALL by SMOKEY ??one of my favourites that you never here these days.In honour of the great man.we will not 'BLAME YOU' if you cannot fit it in this weeks show!Also just found out about the FUNK BROS,CHRIS CLARKE (yes CC) BRENDA HOLLAWAY (yes BH) mable john and more live at the DONCASTER DOME in November.My daughter would have loved to go but cannot get a baby sitter (and we are a bit far away!)There are sometimes when i still wished i lived in the UK (but not many!!)any of you in the UK going to the above??If so please post some footage on youtube etc if poss for us 'poor' expats etc.Well 'SLYVIA' sorry about the typing.If you could see the size of my fingers ('electricians hands!!')you would see that they were never made for typing.They hit about 5 keys at once.But i do my best!!Well back to 25 o C again today it and it's still in the mid teens at night!!Life can be very hard.What's the weather like in the UK at the moment ??KTF JINKSY AND THE MURCIANS

Paul- Update on Les Cockell

Unfortunately, Les died some years ago. Don't know if it was from the excesses of the late 60/70's or a natural end.


Just had chance to listen to your show this morning and heard the long awaited Eric Knowles. I've always known that both Eric and his brother were soul fans. In fact, they did a Sunday night soul session at the White Bull, Gisburn in around 70/71. We would all turn up with our scooters from Skipton and line them up outside the pub. (Back on scooters again) The records of that time are very much what eric played tonight, but the big one for me was Festival Time, which would have us all in a circle clapping to the beat.And, as for Les at the Electron in Nelson, yes I remember him. At the time I worked for Pendle Council and would sneak out at lunchtime and sift through his records, with some good finds. Yes, he wasn't a soul fan, but he had real customer focus and would go out of his way to help. Back in them days I pretended taht i went to the Wheel, and Harrisons Hoist, but in reality I wasn't allowed. But I did go to the torch and my favorite Blackpool Mecca, again on Lambrettas. Been back into the NS scene since 1997 and Lambrettas/Vespas since 2007and listening to your show for the last 4 years. Keep up the good work.


To Clarence, Believe you me Clarence when you listen to a GOOD Soul Dj who avoids THE FLATLINE happening then its CRAVAT all the way, some have just had far to much of their own way for to long. This weeks guest played with um, he found it easy to chose the stuff to play but he did get an hour, they say ya conna iron Nylon Fishnets put a cloth over um and it does wonders for my fishnets tights. A perfect Cravat Soul Nite for me would be mixing with TRUE LOVERS OF ALL KINDS OF SOUL MUSIC with a better taste of dress without the politics of music crap thats always gone on, any gender as long as they look smart, i think people today dunna dress up that much when they go out, its like all the class as gone and we wonder why our standards have dropped, Fashion was one of the main things of this scene we just need to up the game a bit.To Mac McNulty, i know Chris King when i see him and the guy who appeared on Top of The Pops is Kev Roberts double.The guy on the piano looked as if he hadn't got a clue on how to play it.




21ST NOV ALLNIGHTER at the T A CENTRE WATERLOO RD COBRIDGE S O T DJ LINE UP, BRIAN REA wigan casino soul guy radio, NICK MARSHALL radio stoke, ROB JONES soul guy radio, OZZ soul guy radio,GEESE genuine soul VINNY soulshaker, super clear mackie pro sound system, BIG big super wooden dance floor, 2 bars open all night cheapest ever, 2 tv lounges also hot food/drinks served,even breakfast, shower facilities if needed, large safe on site car park,security 8 till 8 £10 admission on door all welcome details 07939176951

Leigh Vyse

Twiggy Av a gud nite at the Kings - dunna wear ya cravat too slack!

vinny soulshaker



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