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Page last updated at 18:00 GMT, Tuesday, 2 February 2010
World Champion Kick Boxer Mark Russell opens new class
by Joe Cuffaro

Mark Russell training with a student
Mark Russell shares his knowledge with one of his students

Britain's own Thai/Kick boxing World Champion Mark Russell is expanding his coaching sessions in South Cheshire.

Mark is the former three times heavyweight champion of the world.

Mark, who lives locally in Sandbach, grew up in a tough area of Manchester and became involved in Kung Fu through his uncle.

He said, "Hopefully this will help to raise the profile of Thai/Kick boxing and increase the numbers of young people participating in the sport."

Tony Jaa

Muay Thai Kick Boxing originates from Thailand and is a martial art that consists of striking an opponent, rather than the grapples and throws you may see in Judo. It is one of the only martial arts that uses predominantly knee and elbow attacks.

Kick Boxing has become a popular sport internationally in recent years, thanks somewhat to movies by Tony Jaa. The Thai actor and Kick Boxer is known all over the world after his films Ong Bak and Warrior King.
He is now being compared to film legends like Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan, giving more publicity to the sport.


Mark may not have hit the same scale on the silver screen yet, but he made his film debut in 2006, playing the character "Chongi" in James Marquand's Dead Man's Cards.

But despite pursuing this acting career and being a 3 time World Champion, Mark is happy to take time out to run training classes for aspiring martial artists.

"It's great to be able to come to South Cheshire College and run these sessions", said Mark.

The heavyweight champion has been involved in martial arts since he was five years old and set up his first class in Crewe in 2008. The class still runs at Ruskin Sports College on Monday and Wednesday evenings.

His new class. at South Cheshire College in Crewe, is run every Tuesday as part of Cheshire East Council's Sport Unlimited programme.

For further information call South Cheshire College on 01270 654654 or visit Team Chongi for further class details

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