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Fi Star-Stone tweets through birth of baby boy Oscar
Fi Star-Stone with Oscar
Fi Star-Stone posted nine tweets during the birth of her second child Oscar

A mother from Stafford used the social networking website Twitter to give live updates during the birth of her son.

Fi Star-Stone decided to tweet her progress to online friends and family during the 13-hour labour of her baby boy, Oscar.

She says she wanted to dispel some of the myths of child birth and was amazed by the number of tweets she got back.

"The support was absolutely amazing and it just really helped with the whole pain relief," said Fi.

Mother of two Fi, runs a runs a childcare advice website, Childcare is Fun and so the Twittersphere seemed a natural place to post the latest news of her labour.

Thousand followers

As many as a thousand followers were waiting for updates from the 34-year-old.

She said: "I managed a good 10 hours tweeting before I needed to handover to husband, when I needed to start to concentrate a little bit more."

Fi insists that towards the end, she was receiving so many replies, that her mobile phone eventually crashed.

But barely 20 minutes after the birth, Fi returned to Twitter to tell everyone the news they were waiting for:

Introducing Oscar John Michael Victor Stone. Thanks so much for all your support. I'm shattered and sore but the happiest mummy on the planet.

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