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Trentham Boat Club's girl rowers win national title
Rowing team
Trentham Rowing Club has a growing membership and also boasts a new 400,000 boathouse

Trentham Boat Club's under-18 coxed octuplet has won the British Rowing Championships in a borrowed boat.

The eight girls with cox Kyle Pedley beat crews from all the home countries to lift the blue ribbon of British rowing at Clydesdale near Glasgow.

The team, however had to borrow their boat from Royal Chester Boat Club.

But because future funding still appears to be limited, coach Darren Barton said: "We will have to continue to beg and borrow."

Darren added: "A new racing boat costs upwards of £19,000, but the rowing community is very supportive particularly of young up and coming talent."

The team consists of students from three Stoke-on-Trent high schools: St Joseph's College, Trentham High School and St. Peter's High School.

Extra training sessions

They were identified with potential in their first year at secondary school and have been training together ever since, often for 10 hours each week on Trentham Lake with extra training sessions in their own school gymnasiums.

The girls are breaking down barriers in a sport traditionally dominated by the major independent schools of the south.

Tammy Bloor said: "You cannot help but be aware that other teams in meetings up and down the country will have more resources, but rowing is about what you out in and not what you've got."

The three Ds

Rebecca Dell added: "It's about dedication, determination and drive and we've all got that in spades."

Captain Laura Cruxton added: "But you got to apply that with the right technique and we simply could not compete without our coach Darren Barton and the support of Trentham Boat Club."

Darren isn't the only man in the team with cox Kyle Pedley steering the boat and driving the rowers.

Kyle said: "They really only listen to me when we are in the boat, otherwise I can't get a word in edgeways."


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