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Stoke & Staffordshire band & gig news, February 2010
By Alana Hughes

Members of the English National Ballet pose with three Gibson guitars
Ballerinas with guitars - is this the band that Joxer dreams about?

BBC Subculture has the latest news from the local band music scene in Stoke, Staffordshire & South Cheshire.

We're now reporting February 2010 gossip, but if you have any news and gig-announcements, even if it's further in the future, just let us know.

Reporting what's happening on the local unsigned bands scene is just part of what the show does.

Alana Hughes' update this page every Thursday - so thanks to all of you for the supply (you know who you are).

You can keep the bits coming - via e-mail ...

NEWS (and Gossip)

I really love Mauskramp

Hurrah! MausKramp are back, with their noisy sound (at Stafford on Friday 26 February - details above), after the success of their last self-promoted Activerb night. MausKramp mix "elements of dance music, krautrock and dirge with scuzzy rock n roll sounds and distorted noises to form their own self-styled badtempered-rocknrolldisco".
So… girly folk it ain't then?

Introduce yourselves

If you were slow off the mark for SU, then here's your consolation prize: BBC Introducing tell us that they can slip a few more bands in for a Maida Vale session.
All you have to do is creep massively to Rob, and get him to suggest you to Huw Stephens and the others. Easy!

It's quite cool going there as well ...have a quick look at the vid they made last time to see what the experience is all about.

The really top news is that Rob made it happen for The Pegasus Kings, the South Cheshire band. They went off to M-Vale and had a great time. See photos of the session on our Facebook page.

In the past, we've also successfully put forward other bands for these sessions - Herzoga and the Novellos have done one.

Zombies R Us

Great news is: that we now have the release of Eaton Park's "Lost Souls" music video, which was shot in Stoke-on-Trent - and attended by an army of actors and actresses who posed as zombies for the shoot! The video was produced by Flashgun Films.
To view the film on YouTube: click here .

Eaton Park are the well established "working class band" signed to local music label Foundry Records. They released a single last year called 'One Day In My Shoes' reaching No.3 in the indie music charts.

Weird fact about EP: their latest material was played as background music on a TV show (4Sport). True.

Staffordshire Rocks

School-based bands are signing up to the county's rock competition, held by Staffordshire Performing Arts, taking place in May and June.

Bands of any ability are encouraged to enter the competition. To enter, bands must attend school in Staffordshire, and have an endorsement from their school. Application forms are available at schools, or from Staffordshire Performing Arts , where there is more information about the competition.

Wolves Civic upset

Hard to believe but, yes, all the Staffordshire bands have already been knocked out of the Wolves Civic Battle of The Bands competition.

The Civic's competition is probably the best of the regional ones, so… commiserations to: Demise from Eccleshall; This Day Will Dawn from Cannock; and The News Of Tomorrow from Rugeley.

There is a get-out-of-jail card for them though. Yes indeed. Their fans can vote for them online to try to get them into the final - with the online wildcard though! Do it, and do it often.

Bits & Pieces

We pick up a lot of things hanging around at gigs. Er... I mean snippets of info of course. Such as:

Members of the English National Ballet pose with three Gibson guitars
Ballerinas with guitars - is this the band that Joxer dreams about?

• I met Joxer at a Voodoo Lounge gig. He said he was thinking of forming a band called Ballerinas With Guitars. Then I found this photo (right). Joxer - does it inspire you?
• Nice to see a band that isn't embarrassed about being compared to Chris Martin. Lundie from Sgt Wolfbanger told us: "Basically we have a more mature style now; it's a lot more Coldplay and Snow Patrol, and music we're much more comfortable with."
• JO-EE-T says on myspace "being from Stoke-on-Trent doesn't do you any favours". Do we agree? I happen to quite like this place!
• Martyr Defiled are from Nantwich, are on tour and they've got loads of dates all over the country. The one that really caught my eye is on April 30 at the Barroselas Portugal SWR XIII Festival with a band called Dying Fetus, Nice.
• A random thought now: I think that Maybe This Friday play 'pretty rock'. Yes. I've just invented a new genre there. It's because the lead singer is a really beautiful Disney princess look-alike which I think is going to make pretty good viewing. Their manager Dec Brennan may run with that if he wants!
• Troops Of Mafeking have got a new EP out now. Hooray!
• Highwired are changing their name BACK to 'Nuclear Bunker'. Good idea, boys.
• The Box in Crewe - fabulous bijou venue - with some of the best looking punters I've seen in a while!!!

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