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Sailor Harry Colclough recalls sinking of the Bismarck
Harry Colclough
Harry Colclough was honoured on his 90th birthday

Harry Colclough, a Royal Navy sailor from Bucknall in Stoke-on-Trent, played a crucial part in sinking the Bismarck.

Naval veteran Mr Colclough has now been honoured on his 90th birthday by the Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent.

In May 1941, Harry was a lookout on HMS King George V when he spotted the infamous Nazi battleship.

The Bismarck was the flagship of the German navy and potentially the most dangerous enemy warship of World War II.

Sink the Bismarck

Harry spoke to BBC Radio Stoke at a special reception hosted by the Lord Mayor to celebrate his 90th birthday.

He recalled the moment when the chase was on to sink the Bismarck:

"We were out at sea and I'm a lookout.

"I shouted like there's something on the horizon and the officer was at the bridge.

"As I look at him, he says we'll look into it.

"And the next thing I know it was the Bismarck."

The sighting of the German battleship by Harry was effectively the moment when the Bismarck's fate was sealed.

The Bismarck was finally sunk on 27 May 1941 after a relentless pursuit by the Royal Navy to avenge the earlier sinking of the British battle cruiser HMS Hood.

Bismarck sinking anniversary
27 May 08 |  England

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