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The Staffordshire Hoard

Staffordshire Hoard
Museums across Britain are vying to get their hands on the Staffordshire Hoard

Since the Staffordshire Hoard of Anglo Saxon gold was discovered, the debate has raged about where it should be lodged, and whether we should be spending money on it.

Stoke City, Staffordshire and Birmingham councils have been fund raising to keep it in the Midlands.

But its future has now been secured after its £3.3m purchase price was met.

So should be the treasure be housed locally in Staffordshire, or shared across the UK?

Should extra local facilities be built to house parts of it?

The Hoard needs an extra one-and-a-half million that must be spent on display and security. Who will pay for that?

The government's West Midlands Minister Ian Austin said the impact of having it in the region would be "incalculable" in terms of the tourism, education and heritage benefits. But what do you think?

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It should be kept in the Birmingham Museum. It helps people become aware of Mercia and the roots of their English past.
Steve Wilson, Warwick, England

The treasure should stay in Mercia,Tamworth Castle or Lichfield Cathedral would be suitable places,although high security measures would have to be put into place. If there were enough interested parties I'm sure the money could be raised.
Philip Roberts, Tamworth

With regard to the Staffordshire hoard could it perhaps have been a consignment of arms which got ambushed by thieves who tore up the cache in the back of a cart?

As the hoard was found in here in Staffordshire it should stay here. It would bring some much needed tourism and interest to the area.
Angela, Hanley

Most definitely in a Staffordshire museum, too many things get spirited away to other places never to be seen again. It would be good to be local as then our children might get a chance to see our own history!
Dawn B

As this find was found near Lichfield then some of it must be shown at the city's St Marys Heritage Centre, with some of the artifacts to be shown at Tamworth Castle as the main seat of the Mercian Kings.

NOT London, NOT Birmingham, NOT Stoke on Trent as they were never the principal seats of the Kings of Mercia.
Albert Hopkins Shirley

To have now found a Staffordshire Knot on pieces of the collection, there is only one place for it to remain - here in Staffordshire!
Christine Coggins

The hoard was found in the area of South East Staffordshire around Lichfield. The ideal site would be in St Mary's Heritage Centre, in the Market Square which already has the necessary security. Don't let it be treated like the archaeological finds from the creation of the M6 Toll, which have disappeared up to the north of the county, never to be seen or displayed again - despite a perfectly adequate museum at Wall where they were found!

In my view the hoard of Anglo-Saxon findings should be kept in the closest, largest museum to where it was found. I'm not quite sure which museum that would be but it has to stay in a Staffordshire museum as it was found in STAFFORDSHIRE, not London, West Midlands or any other county for that matter.
Philip Colbourne

Initially I believe we should be able to see the whole of the hoard in one exhibition and for me that has to be in Birmingham. It's so easy to get to with excellent facilities. BMAG did well to display parts of the hoard at such short notice. The impact of this find is that it is so large if it is split up the interst will be diluted.

Stoke-on-Trent is the repository for archaeological finds from across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent Museums have a strong history of co-operating with others across the country. Stoke also has "Designated" Collection status for archaeology, so to say their archaeology section is small is actually incorrect.

I think the Hoard needs to be housed in the most visted museum in Britian, a place that can deal with the security and staffing an expensive find such as this will require. The British Museum...the only viable solution!
Simon Glover

Am I missing something? This was found in Brownhills not Tamworth! There is too much to put in one place, split it between Brum (regional centre), Walsall (nearest town to the find) and Staffordshire (Old Mercian centres of Lichfield and Tamworth). Stoke has no reason to be involved.

The hoard should definitely be kept in Mercia - somewhere like Tamworth, Birmingham or Lichfield.Join this Facebook Group to support this:"Long live Mercia - keep the Staffordshire treasure hoard here"
Philip Beddows

Birmingham seems most suitable place, but equally there may be a case for dividing between say Birmingham and Tamworth as there is a lot of duplication in the finds.
Greg Coombs

The Hoard should stay in Staffordshire where it was found.
Mary El Menyiy, Staffordshire Resident

I live in Cheshire and am convinced that the hoard should be housed in the Mercia region NOT London. They got the peat bog man from Wilmslow which was disgraceful, don't let them get their hands on this too.
Paula Isherwood

If it is St Edwin's treasure and was stolen in battle, then it should return to Northumbria. York Minster would be suitable. Failing that then BMAG is central. London and the Vatican should be told to keep their thieving paws off it.

Hey, Birmingham was part of Mercia too and has the facilities to deal with a hoard of this scale and importance. Stoke and Brum should share responsibility as joint custodians and be ready and willing to tour parts of it throughout this region - Lichfield, Tamworth, Walsall, Wolverhampton and Stafford. It could be a fantastic resource for the whole region, not just one museum. I'm suprised there have been no claims from East Anglia or Northumbria because the Mercians probably took it from those poor devils!
Patrick Tryers

Anglo Saxon Hoard

The gold belongs in Tamworth and where better to keep it than Tamworth castle!
Yoni Wolf

The find obviously has early Christian links, it should have it's own museum linked to Lichfield cathedral, which was founded to commemorate St Chad, Bishop of the Mercians from 669 to 672, in 700. The British Museum has store rooms full of undisplayed finds, I'd like to see some included to illustrate the treasure's Saxon context.
Keith Ryan

The Hoard is of such national significance that it should go in its entirety to the British Museum in London. However it is only fair to other museums and to people who can't easily get to London that it should go on regular exhibition in other Museums around the country.
Ian Sweet

These items were found in South Staffordshire so what has it got to do with Stoke on Trent. Birmingham is much closer and more relevant to people of South Staffordshire.

With the Sutton Hoo treasure.
Professor Guilmain

The hoard should remain in Mercia. Preferably the Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery. It is the best location for this find to be seen close to Lichfield.
Julie Watton-Butler

why did it go to Birmingham in the first place? Distance is no object these days. It will take some prising out of the hands of Birmingham.

Well I think it should go to the closest place, because it was where the Anglo-Saxons were at the time.

A special centre should be built at Lichfield. Lichfield was crucial to the kingdom of Mercia and is the town of greatest contemporary relevance to to where the hoard was found.
Joanne Jeavons

Leave it in Birmingham, it is central, easy to get to and accessible to almost everyone.
Martin Key

Saw the items when they were in Birmingham. They were found near Burntwood Staffs and although demand will mean that they will tour around countrywide museums, their home should be in Staffordshire. It should be the museum at Stoke which currently houses all previous artefacts discovered in the County.
Tony Bibb

The Hoard should be housed in a special visitors centre here in BURNTWOOD where is has lain for 1,500 years (Not Tamworth).
Stephen Allport

Stoke museum has a very small archaeology section. Is that really the right place? but better there than Birmingham.
Metal Detectors Rule!

This is a great opportunity for Tamworth to trade on its Mercian history. Let's make it happen for Tamworth!!!!

I think it should be housed it Birmingham museum and should not be taken out of the Midlands, London has enough. Birmingham should keep it.
Christine Holmes

The relics should stay in the region that they were found. They have no connection with London, Stoke or Birmingham and cutting their connection with their original location would erase a part of their history. Furthermore this rewriting of history would only be for the sake of pure monetary gain (entrance fees) sought by other greedy locations.
John Graham , Hoogstraten, Belgium

I am not from Staffordshire but I think that is where the horde should remain. Tamworth was the seat of the Mercian Kings and so it should be kept in the nearest secure appropriate site to Tamworth. Too many things go to London where the rest of the UK can't see their own history. It's about time we kept everything locally, where it is relevant and, importantly too, where it can help boost the local tourist industry and economy.
James Halligan , Stockport

The hoard should be kept together for purposes of study and preferably near scholars so that lots of people can study the items. A large museum is needed, and that probably means the BM or maybe B'ham.
L.S. Creider , Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

From the replies it seems Birmingham is a top choice and stoke definatly is not. But to suggest Lichfield and Birmingham were large influencial Anglo saxon loactions is not a defence, Tamworth was the capitol of Mercia far more influencial than these villages. I however know the people of Tamworth are unfortunatly not geared towards success on this topic and therefore believe a new visitors centre should be opened on the site it was found (or within 1 mile).
Jay , Tamworth

As the hoard was buried in the Midlands, and, as the man who buried it is dead, of course it should stay here, but, WHO do we have to pay. It belongs in, & to, the MIDLANDS, we should NOT HAVE TO PAY for something that obviously BELONGS HERE. It is NOTHING to do with LONDON.
Cynthia Howells, Stourbridge

It should be housed in the British Museum in London. The argument, that because the hoard of Anglo-Saxon gold was found in a Staffordshire field it should, therefore, remain in Staffordshire, is essentially a point of view based on geography. It is not a point of view any historian could support.

The Hoard is of its time, obviously. This means that as an expression of Anglo-Saxon culture, it relates to the pre-Conquest kingdoms then occupying the area which now approximates to England: the gold has nothing to do with the culture of Staffordshire in the twenty first century any more than the Elgin Marbles are an expression of the culture of modern Greece. This argument supported the Sutton Hoo find being housed in a national institution in the 1950s.

By retaining this new find in the British Museum, it can be housed in close proximity to the Sutton Hoo treasure, found in East Anglia fifty years earlier, where both tourists and serious scholars will be able to view the two finds simultaneously which will add immeasurably to the experience of seeing both collections.

Finally, the security of the new find is of paramount importance, and at a time when local budgets are severely constrained, it would seem to be foolish not to make use of the existing arrangements already operating at the British Museum.

Tom Thorpe, Oxford, UK

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