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Page last updated at 17:46 GMT, Tuesday, 9 March 2010
The Red Lady of Paviland's world premiere in Carmarthen
Image of Paviland Gower on cave showing the perspective from the mouth of the cave out to sea
Paviland Cave on Gower

As inspiration goes a set of 20,000-year-old bones might not be the most obvious.

Add to that the fact that they were discovered in a cave, and had been painted red.

But the story of the Red Lady of Paviland, who actually turned out to have been a man, has done just that.

It provided the inspiration for a bi-lingual presentation of Welsh music, history, mythology and scientific fact, which will premiere in Carmarthen.

The performance at the Lyric Theatre is the result of the combined skills of composer Andrew Powell, Welsh poet and librettist Menna Elfyn, musical director Craig Roberts and scientist Professor Mark Brake.

The performance will also feature award-winning tenor soloist Robyn Lyn, Royal Harpist Claire Jones, 2009 Welsh League Champions Burry Port Town Band, a mixed choir and a children's chorus.

Culture in decline

The centrepiece of the performance will be a newly commissioned work 'Y Dyn Unig', a cantata by Andrew Powell and Menna Elfyn.

It starts in the middle of Dyn Unig's funeral, which at that time would have been inland, far removed from the coast, and then a storm begins.

Musical director Craig Roberts said that he was keen that the performance incorporated a brass band.

He said: "Brass bands have been a culture in decline and part of the reason for that is an image problem.

"But actually they are one of the most versatile ensembles there are."

The work was commissioned by Craig and the Burry Port Town Band, and supported by a Steps to New Music award from the Arts Council of Wales.

The Red Lady of Paviland world premiere is on Thursday, 1 April 2010 at 7:15pm in the Lyric Theatre, Carmarthenshire.

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