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In Pictures: The Russian Linesman

Image shows a mirrored TARDIS

Mark Wallinger, whose Time and Relative Dimensions in Space, is seen here, won The Turner Prize in 2007. Courtesy Anthony Reynolds Gallery the artist 2009.

image shows a shadowy picture of the mask

This work is part of an exhibition in Swansea called The Russian Linesman, curated by Mark Wallinger. It was inspired by a decision in the 1966 world cup final. Above is Joanna Kane's picture of a life mask of William Blake, 1757-1827.

image shows a profile which gives the impression of being in a continuous circle

This continuous profile (Head of Mussolini) (1933) is by the Sicilian futurist Renato Giuseppe Bertelli. It shows the fascist leader's distinctive profile at 360 degrees. Imperial War Museum Renato Bertelli 2009.

image shows a head sculpted from one block facing different ways

This Roman herm (a square pillar often used as a boundary marker) shows Dionysos, god of wine, the dead and immortality and his bearded tutor and friend, Silenus. who was an elderly drunk with a gift for prophecy when drinking!

image shows a glass bottle with a glass pipe in a u-bend type shape within the bottle

This Francis Oakes work is Single Glass Klein bottle. By joining two twisted loops with a surface on one side (a Mobius strip) a single-sided bottle is formed which contains its inside and outside. Science Museum / Science and Society Picture Library.

Image shows a sculpture of a man lying down with a large chunk of his arm missing

The Dying Gaul (1822) is a cast of a Roman marble sculpture, which was itself a copy of a Greek bronze. Picture by John McGregor.

Image shows two films running side by side in black and white

Amie Siegel's Berlin Remake, in which scenes from old East German films are juxtaposed with her recreations. Two channel video installation - courtesy of the artist. The Russian Linesman is at the Glynn Vivian Art Gallery, Swansea until 20 September, 2009.

The reflective art of a Time Lord
29 Jul 09 |  Arts & Culture



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