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Spotlight on busiest hospital in Wales

Charlotte Church spreads good cheer as she visits the University Hospital

TV cameras have returned to the Cardiff's University Hospital of Wales to show staff at work on and behind the medical frontline.

Five camera teams spent seven days at the Heath to film the second series of Hospital 24/7.

It focuses on the people who keep the services and premises running day to day - from surgeons to housekeepers, and phlebotomists to pest control.

Hospital 24/7 can be seen from Monday to Thursday on BBC One Wales.

Surgeon Dheeraj Mehta explains how beating heart surgery works

The series shows a wealth of stories gleaned from just one week of filming.

They range from injured patients delivered from the sky by air ambulance to those who find themselves suddenly confronted by violence.

In the emergency unit, clinical director Dr Suzanne Wyatt explains that people can start their day perfectly normally and end it in hospital after "something catastrophic" happens to them.

"It's the place where we can make the most difference," she says.

Also making a huge difference are the staff at the IVF clinic where patient Leeanne Spragg is hoping to receive the gift of starting a family.

From life being created to saving those already in the world, the cameras capture extraordinary scenes as consultant cardiac surgeon Dheeraj Mehta operates on a still-beating heart, while another removes a tumour without even cutting the patient open.

Environmental officer Paul Thomas at the University Hospital of Wales
Paul Thomas tackles birds and bugs at the hospital and other public buildings

And while environmental officer Paul Thomas, from Cwmbran, is removing some of the little critters that plague such public buildings - from the disease-carrying pigeons roosting everywhere to small insects he thinks have been imported in dried fruit - elsewhere the world's leading wound expert Professor Keith Harding is using them to heal - with maggots employed to clean up devastating skin complaints.

On the non-medical side, cook Mike Jones is nearing the end of service as he prepares to say goodbye to dishing up the 16 loaves of toast and 150 eggs he serves up during breakfast in the hospital's Heathfields restaurant every day.

There's spiritual healing to be reckoned with too as hospital chaplain Reverend Trevor Williams shares some precious moments with patients and meets a fellow Everton fan who may be the youngest he's come across.

The week-long story ends with a celebrity visitor, as singer Charlotte Church, patron of the Noah's Ark appeal to raise money for the Children's Hospital on the site, takes a tour, and reveals she was once one of the recipients of the hospital's care herself.

Hospital 24/7 is on BBC One Wales from Monday 11 to Thursday 14 January at 2235 GMT nightly (2245 GMT Wednesday)

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