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Thanks a million from MONTV

Richard Watersone
Richard Waterstone came up with the idea of MONTV while playing golf

MONTV director Richard Waterstone explains the philosophy behind his internet TV station for Monmouthshire, which has registered its one millionth visitor.

We started MONTV two years ago in February 2008. There was nothing like it in the UK at the time.

My fellow director Carles Riba is from Barcelona, where local IPTV (internet protocol television) is a fact of life and a highly valued local asset.

We thought we'd try to do something really special and put Monmouthshire on the map!

Two years later and we're thrilled with the success of the channel - it's not just the million views but also how many local people are involved.

It's something that we're all really proud of. MONTV depends completely on its volunteers and the goodwill of local people who get stuck in.

MONTV trainer Mickey Richardson and colleague
MONTV provides training opportunities as well as coverage of local life

Training is key to it all - we're delighted to say that we've trained over 30 people this year - most have come in with little idea how to make a film and have left two months later with a fantastic piece of work under their belts.

The films are really theirs - their ideas and they've really done it themselves. We just provide the expertise and guidance to help them realise their potential and dreams. Most are very good indeed.

The best thing is that rather than having something on a DVD that's just put in a drawer and left to get lost in all the clutter, most of the films are actually broadcast on MONTV - for all their friends, families and local community - and wider world - to watch and enjoy.

We feel we've really done something valuable at MONTV, and are ready to roll the idea out throughout the country.

Local broadband TV has a lot to offer local communities, bringing training and vital IT skills to communities as well as the chance to watch local news, sports and films that reflect their own lives.

These are exciting times!

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