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Life with the Calzaghe Clan
Enzo and Joe Calzaghe
That's my boy - Enzo celebrates Joe's victory over Bernard Hopkins

How did an Italian rock'n'roll musician guide his son to become Britain's most successful world champion boxer?

Joe Calzaghe's father and trainer Enzo was at his side throughout his undefeated 16 years at the top.

Programme makers have been given unprecedented access to Enzo, his family and friends over the past year to find out what it's like to be part of the Calzaghe Clan.

The four-part series starts on BBC One Wales on 5 October at 10.35pm.

"In 1990 this crazy musician took over as my coach!" says Joe.

"Everybody was telling me to move on, get a professional, but I stuck with him because he taught me the basics and taught me how to box in the first place."

Calzaghe Clan follows Enzo's story from the family first moving to the Italian community in Bedford and on to his eventual move to Newbridge in south Wales.

Here a man who had never boxed in his life coached his son to become the undefeated champion of the world and created the legendary Calzaghe boxing gym.

"Enzo never had a boxing bout ever," says his brother Uccio.

"The only boxing bout that Enzo ever had was with me. So it must have been within himself, instinct," he adds.

"He didn't read boxing books, he didn't do anything like that, but it was like this Lennon and McCartney team."

Sergio (left) and Enzo Calzaghe recording their track Summer Boy
Enzo and brother Sergio returned to the recording studio in 2008

Before taking the boxing world by storm Enzo came to the UK as a rock n' roll musician, who along with his brothers Uccio and Sergio had dreams of stardom.

Signed to the Barron Knights management team, the Calzaghes were on the edge of a major American tour, when Enzo pulled the plug.

"If he didn't do it, maybe Joe wouldn't have happened," says Uccio.

Brian Doogan, sports writer and Calzaghe family biographer, has a few insights into Enzo's personality.

"He's just irrepressible I think that's one word you would definitely associate with Enzo," he says.

"I think he's lived his life how he's wanted to live his life and there's no compromise there. I think that's an essential part of his character.

"Everyone else has to yield to that essence of his character. If Mussolini had more of a dictatorial complex I'd be very surprised! Everybody yields to him."

"To me I've always been on adrenaline," says Enzo.

"I think that's what keeps me alive. I don't know myself. I actually look in the mirror and I question myself. I mean I do and I say 'what have I done that for?'

"I've got a split personality probably, I don't know. But I fire, I don't hold back. I don't hold nothing back."

Calzaghe Clan starts on BBC One Wales on 5 October at 10.35pm - and don't forget to follow Joe's progress in Strictly Come Dancing

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