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Your Stadium Tales

Welsh fans celebrate a Six Nations victory

Have you sampled the atmosphere of Cardiff on the day of a big match?

Or have you visited the stadium to see a rock, pop or classical concert?

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Richie, Newport
This stadium is stunning. I've been to concerts, football and rugby internationals several times here. The atmosphere and people are out of this world, the Six Nations internationals should be on everyone's 'to do list'. Just the thought of another visit with all that singing and cheering brings a lump to the throat (and a sore throat after). Then to cap it off you are in the middle of the city to enjoy everything else around you. Wembley Stadium? No thanks!!!

Andrew Welch, Burton-on-Trent
It should host a Champions League Final in the near future. When the English Cup finals were played at the Millennium Stadium the atmosphere was much better than the old and now the new Wembley. A lot better design than the old stadium was.

Rick Thomas, Cardiff
It is tragic that Wales' national football team is not being adequately supported at the Millennium Stadium. The Welsh FA needs to be creative and take a long term approach. A £5 entrance fee for adults with kids entering for free is what is needed. There is plenty of scope for swelling FAW coffers with merchandise, good team performances and future income. Is a Wales home game season ticket a viable proposition? Can we get community projects, charities, young bands and musicians and Welsh celebrities involved? Could Urdd Gobaith Cymru arrange trips for school children from all over Wales to come to Cardiff for a weekend of activities including a football international? We need to build momentum and get bums on seats or else move all fixtures to Liberty or the Racecourse for the foreseeable future.

Stuart Bain, Pencoed
I was a steward at the stadium for five years, finshing in 2006. The novelty never wore off. I went to a Japan world cup match in 2007 after being employed and I couldn't handle the emotion. Being English (adopted Welsh!!) this is the most emotive place I have been in, in my life.... I feel more Welsh than English after these experiences. Do not under estimate the power of the stadium and the influence on opponents.

Liz Gardiner, Caerwent
My rugby-mad grandson who lives in Spain made a solo visit to us in 2006 (he was 14). When I asked what he'd like to do he said, "Visit the Museum like we used to when I was little and can we go to the Millennium Stadium?" I booked tickets for what turned out to be a wonderful experience. Jake, who, like most 14-year-olds, could be unimpressed at the drop of a hat , clearly enjoyed the visit - wearing his Wales rugby shirt - but the special moment for me came as we left. He turned to me and said "Gran, that was excellent!" Praise indeed. Sadly, we've never been able to watch a game there but, over in Spain he's watched Wales play both their current Six Nations games and, I hear, shouted himself hoarse. Thanks for giving us both wonderful memories.

Matthew Jones, Blaina
Been there twice, once for Shane Williams grand slam 15 against the world 15 and I thought that was good, but then in November I went to watch Wales v Canada in the autumn series and the atmosphere was awesome. The Millennium Stadium is one of a kind.

Patric Morgan, Cardiff
We treated my partner's nan to a rugby league international at the stadium a few years ago - Wales v New Zealand. The game was great from what I could make out - one of the lens from my glasses had fallen out to add to the fact that one arm was also missing. As they looked so stupid, I only put them on to view the game. However, one of the camera people must have spotted this as they scanned the crowds and, before I knew it, I was on the big screen for a few seconds. And then a few seconds more. And then a few more seconds. And a bit more. It seemed like an eternity. I have since bought a new pair of spectacles!

Anthony Davies, Western Australia
We live in Oz. In 1999 my son said, 'dad, lets go back for the opening of the world cup at the Millennium Stadium'. So we left on a Wednesday, arrived in Usk - where we left from in 1982 - went to the game, I think it was on a Friday, and flew back to Oz on the Monday morning. A great experience to be in the new stadium but very hard to carry 6 pints up the steep stairs!

Samantha, Gwent
Outside the stadium last year to soak up the atmosphere of Wales v Scotland, a gentleman came up to us and asked us if we were looking for tickets and, before we knew it, he passed us two and told us to go and enjoy ourselves as he was going to watch it in the pub. What a kind gent. It restores your faith and reminds you that there still are some lovely people around. Thank you that kind man.

Benny Otter, Cardiff
I remember seeing the final of the 2005 6 Nations game from the try line, and I've never sung or yelled or screamed myself so hoarse in all my life! Proudest day to be Welsh!

Will, Wirral
Went for a stadium tour - fantastic. Watched Wales v Australia in November 2008 - great atmosphere. Went to Stade De France and Twickers in 2007 - no comparison. Location just brill. Makes you proud to be Welsh.

Gareth, Cardiff
Although the stadium is amazing, and why UEFA say it doesn't meet safety standards is beyond me, since it's held a world cup final. The atmosphere definitely isn't as good as the old Cardiff Arms Park. It's almost as if people have forgotten to sing? Outsiders may think "hang on, what you on about?" but no, the singing and the banter used to be much better! I personally believe it's because rugby matches are now infested with urban chavs rather than the traditional valleys boys whom are extremely passionate. My opinion? Ban all chavs in hoodies.

R King, Chepstow
Over the last 60 years I have seen most rugby matches played at Cardiff Arms Park Stadiums. My present debenture seat is superb, on the halfway line behind the TV cameras. But a number of times my view is spoiled by people going to bars etc at crucial times of play. I hope the BBC never lose rights to broadcast these matches because I rush home to see the recordings of the moves I missed like many other Welsh supporters.

Jack Taylor, Cardiff
I'm lucky enough to have gone to most of the Welsh rugby matches there over the years! It's an amazing stadium and makes you proud to be Welsh! It's a shame though the north stand is smaller! The reason it's smaller is because Cardiff RFC wouldn't let them knock down the old stand, so the second stand you see on that end has been there for over 100 years!

Adam Whitehouse, Carmarthen
I have seen many events at the Millennium Stadium, such as Feeder, Stereophonics, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, James Brown, the Police, the 2008 Grand Slam team Wales whooping Italy 47-8, British Lions v Pumas and more besides. What a great stadium - World Class Wales!

Chris from Harrogate
I've been to two rugby league Challenge Cup finals at Cardiff and although neither results went our way, the stadium was amazing and I also had the luck of seeing one game with the roof open and one with it closed. Both were equally good experiences and the country of Wales should be proud to have this as their national stadium.

Paul, Walsall
I went to the Millenium for three Rugby League Challenge Cup Finals and for the two where St Helens beat Wigan. I was on the middle tier behind the posts and what a fantastic view it was too. Miss going there now because they took the Challenge Cup back to Wembley. Must admit it was great when we went down to Cardiff with the banter loads of pubs, plenty of places to eat, just a great day out.

Peter Barry
I went with Leeds for the Championship playoff final against Watford a couple of years ago. The atmosphere in the stadium with the roof closed was electric although getting away after the game was a bit of a nightmare!

Glynis Harrison, Haverfordwest
Congratulations to John Jenkins who proposed to Pam Cowley on the half-way line of our fantastic stadium on Sunday, April 20th 2008. She said yes, of course!

John Wells, Caerphilly
One of the best stadiums in the world and yet it is so underused. In 2007 at one point on the calendar there was 167 days left in the year and only 13 events pencilled in. Someone somewhere needs to get to grips with maximising the use of this wonderful stadium, unless they want it to become a white elephant.

Iain McLaren, Coventry
I was there for the opening match of the 2005 Six Nations when Wales beat England, and the atmosphere both in Cardiff city centre and the stadium was fantastic. It was a mixed crowd of English and Welsh fans with no trouble and despite the long queues to get a train out of Cardiff it was all good natured. There was even a singing contest between the Welsh and English fans (which the Welsh won).

Margaret Price, Market Harborough
I lived in Cardiff in the late 1970s and went to the Arms Park. I loved international days in Cardiff - the atmosphere was electric. Now I have seen the Millennium Stadium also - my son treated me, we saw Canada play Wales - fantastic. Former England captain Martin Johnson comes from the town I live in. They do not pride their players as much as the Welsh do. The town where he lived and played his rugby have not put a bronze statue of him. Not like the one of Gareth Edwards. How lucky you are in Wales - support your team, give them all the help you can. I'm proud to be Welsh and always will be.

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