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Community orchard for Penarth by green campaigners
Anthony Slaughter and other volunteers from GPG plant their community orchard
The group has been given use of a plot of land in Cosmeston Lakes park

Members of a green action group in the Vale of Glamorgan are celebrating the creation of a community orchard.

The trees have been planted on land in Cosmeston Lakes park near Penarth.

Gwyrddio Penarth Greening (GPG) raises awareness about climate change through a number of practical community projects urging residents to grow and buy local produce.

They've planted apple trees as well as a mix of other fruit trees - damson, medlar, pear, plum and quince.

Traditional native varieties of apple such as Pig Aderyn and Pig yr Wydd have been used in the orchard.

The group is also planning to plant an edible hedgerow around the orchard's boundary which will contain a mixture of blackthorn, crab apple, elder, hazel and dog rose.

GPG's campaign is based around the transition town model where communities work together to tackle the effects of climate change and reduce their carbon footprint.

Volunteers planting orchard in Cosmeston
There are plans to surround the orchard with an edible hedgerow

This model has also been adopted by the nearby town of Llantwit Major and by Chepstow in Monmouthshire.

"We hope that the orchard will encourage people to grow their own food, and that it will become a place where horticultural skills and knowledge are shared," said local garden designer Anthony Slaughter, who organised the planting.

"People tend to be quite ignorant about where our food comes from, because we're so alienated from nature.

"But as people become more aware of the impacts of climate change, they realise how urgently we need to reduce food miles and grow food locally."

Last year the group launched a loyalty card encouraging people to shop with local retailers in the town.

The scheme has proved a success and currently has 50 retailers signed up to it.

GPG hopes that Penarth's new community orchard will play an important role in maintaining local biodiversity by providing a haven for wildlife.

They also plan to launch a community garden for the town later in 2011.

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