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Rock band's blind ambition prompts graffiti attack
Blind Ambition bus stop graffiti
Two bus stops in Caerphilly county were vandalised by fans of the band

A south Wales rock band which asked fans to use their imagination to help promote them are in hot water with a local council over graffiti.

Blind Ambition initially asked people for help via their Facebook site.

But following complaints from Caerphilly council over bus stop graffiti, the band posted a message asking fans not to vandalise property.

The band have recently released their debut single Judgement Day and fans are campaigning to get it in the charts.

The five piece heavy metal rock band whose members come from Aberdare, Blackwood, Newport and Cardiff formed in 2007.

Blind Ambition have built up a loyal fan base over the last three years and are well established on the live music scene in south Wales.

They've recently released their debut single and lead singer Martin Care says they asked fans via their Facebook site for help with raising their profile.

Blind Ambition
The band have appealed to fans to stop using graffiti to promote them

Martin admits that there's so much competition for publicity amongst unsigned bands nowadays that they asked fans to use their imagination in promoting the band.

"We've been handing out flyers in Cardiff, Swansea and Newport," he said.

"Some fans have been going door to door with flyers and others have been wearing jackets with Blind Ambition on the back of them.

"We didn't think though that they'd spray paint bus stops - it's the last thing we expected. We don't condone vandalism."

The first the band knew about the vandalism was when they received an e-mail from Caerphilly council on 26 August telling them about it and asking for their co-operation in removing the graffiti.

Two bus stops had been vandalised - one in Blackwood, the other in Pontllanfraith.

Martin Care lead singer of Blind Ambition
Lead singer Martin Care says their objective is to get the band recognised

The band were told that if they failed to cooperate the council would charge them for the cost of removing the graffiti.

Martin says they immediately offered to clean the graffiti themselves and posted a message on Facebook asking fans not to vandalise bus stops.

He adds. "We're grateful to Caerphilly Council for how they've handled this situation."

A spokesperson for Caerphilly council said: "We take an extremely tough stance on graffiti and indeed all other environmental issues in our county borough.

"We believe our residents should be able to live their lives in a clean, green and tidy environment and we will not tolerate the very small minority who feel it is acceptable to deface our environment in this way."

Blind Ambition playing live
The band says the campaign has attracted more people to their gigs

"We have recently launched a brand new initiative called Caerphilly StreetPride which encourages members of the public to take pride in the environment by reporting their environmental concerns to us."

Martin says that despite this incident, fans' help with publicity, especially the creation of a Facebook group to promote their single has proved successful.

"Last Friday we played at Le Pub in Newport and the place was packed," he said.

"Loads of people were talking to us about the single and singing along to Judgement Day.

"Our main objective is to get the band recognised and with the fans' help we've done that.

"We've recently played five gigs in nine days and we've definitely had a lot more people at each gig."

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