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Goldie Lookin Chain record Ryder Cup golf anthem

By Selma Chalabi
BBC South East Wales


GLC go choral to celebrate golf's Ryder Cup in Newport

When a group of second year film students at Newport's University of Wales were given a brief to make a documentary about Newport, they decided to think big.

Jonathan Lawrance, Sam Smith-Higgins and Merlyn Phillips originally started work with local rap band Goldie Lookin Chain (GLC) on a spoof 'where are they now?' film.

However their documentary soon took on another twist after a eureka moment.

They had the idea to capitalise on the biggest event that Newport has ever hosted - the Ryder Cup golf tournament - so they asked GLC to write an anthem to celebrate.

Golf is coming to my town

To the Celtic Manor so come on down

I've been going golfing nuts

Let's all go to the Ryder Cup

"Golf is Coming" chorus

The band obliged and the result is a track called Golf Is Coming which will be released in advance of the big event which takes place at the beginning of October.

If you're expecting to hear "You knows it" all over again, you're going to be disappointed.

What you will get though is the band's uniquely Newport take on the Ryder Cup. Some of the lyrics even refer to going down to the local Cash Converter to get golfing equipment.

GLC producer and band member Rhys thinks it could be as big as Skinner and Baddiel's football song Three Lions.

"So many people are in to golf. It's huge, bigger than speedway," he said.

"People are even playing on the street or in a field. When I was 15, I had a party at my parents' house and we made our own golf course. Luckily nothing got damaged."

Ian Woosnam with the Ryder Cup
Welsh golfer Ian Woosnam welcomes the Ryder Cup to his homeland

Delighted with the result, the trio of aspiring TV producers wanted to get more local input, and approached the Newport Male Voice Choir.

Sam Smith-Higgins, 39, who has returned to college to fulfil a lifelong dream to study film-making, explained what happened when the choir first heard the track.

"There was total silence. They all seemed dumbfounded," she said.

"We were dying on our feet, but then they asked us to play the track again. We did, and they started singing along. We have it all on camera for our documentary."

On Monday evening all 35 members of the choir squeezed in to the recording studio to lay down their sound for the chorus.

Some had even got the bug for rap and want to learn, but were assured they will not have to swear.

Indeed executive producer Jonathan Lawrance thinks many will be surprised by the track.

Celtic Manor Resort, Newport
The Celtic Manor Resort will host the tournament

"GLC have done something they haven't done before," he said.

"They've made a track that is positive and captures the excitement of the whole event. It's made by the people of Newport for the people of Newport."

Choir member Chris O'Malley thinks that the track will get a lot of interest.

"It's very catchy and there's a lot of humour. This is a great opportunity for Newport's best known sons the GLC, our choir and the film school to come together."

He's not the only one to be optimistic about the outcome. The GLC's Rhys is convinced they've caught the zeitgeist.

"I went to Blockbusters the other day to rent out a DVD of Happy Gilmore. All the copies had been rented out. That's how excited people are. It's driving people nuts."

As for the documentary, Jonathan, Sam and Merlyn are hoping to get full marks when they hand their film in at the end of May.

With a nod to GLC's catch phrase, they're going to call it You Knows Golf Is Coming.

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