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In pictures: Griffithstown Railway

Martin Fay outside the museum

Martin Fay owns and runs this museum dedicated to the railway heritage of this small town near Pontypool. The collection is housed in a former GWR goods shed.

Aslef Sign

One of the leading trade unions was founded here.

Boundary Markers

Railway companies were very territorial as this collection of boundary markers proves.

Signal box lock

The train driver often changed the points himself.

Station Masters Office

The museum houses a recreation of a station master's office.

Railway signs

Martin sold some of his own furniture to buy these signs.

Female railway workers uniform

Women worked on the railways during the Second World War, but had to leave when the men came home.

Signal box bell

Just one of the signal man's tools.

Cast iron gate signs

A forty shilling fine was a lot of money back then.

Martin Fay

Since we first published this photogallery, Martin revealed that he was closing the museum in January 2011 for financial reasons.

Celebration of Torfaen's heritage
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