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Drama comes to supermarket aisles
Shopper wearing headphones with a trolley

Shoppers in Cardiff and Caernarfon can now get more than their usual grocery items at the supermarket with a new Welsh theatre production.

Wondermart takes people on an entertaining 30 minute audio journey through their local store.

Participants will listen and respond to instructions on an MP3 player as they push their trolleys around the aisles.

Wondermart is a two-week collaboration between the Wales Millennium Centre and Galeri in Caernarfon starting Friday.

As shoppers wander around the supermarket listening to the audio track they will become both audience and actor.

Fellow shoppers may have no idea of the drama that's unfolding around them.

Close up of supermarket shopping trolley
The drama unfolds as participants follow instructions on their headphones

Fiona Allen, artistic director of the Wales Millennium Centre, described it as "a unique theatre experience that breaks away from traditional theatre conventions.

"Wondermart takes place in a public space, at a time that suits the person taking part and this flexibility means it's a great way of getting involved in the arts," she added.

The soundtrack can be downloaded free of charge from the Wales Millennium Centre website .

It is available in English, Welsh, French and German versions and can be used in any large supermarket.

People without MP3 players can borrow one from the Wales Millennium Centre or Galeri between 16 July and 1 August 2010.

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