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Giant kite sculpture inspired by Alexander Graham Bell
The Blue Bell Hangar Project

A group of artists from Cardiff have created a giant kite sculpture in the Vale of Glamorgan based on Alexander Graham Bell's experimental aircraft.

The New British Art collective were inspired by the pyramid-shaped box kites devised by the man most famous for inventing the telephone.

People are invited to view the sculpture at an aircraft hangar at Picketstone near St Athan on Saturday.

The artists will attempt to fly the giant kite in May.

The Blue Bell Hangar project is named after the aircraft hangar where the sculpture is housed.

Most famous as the inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell was also involved in innovations in a wide variety of fields including aeronautics.

Becky Whitmore of New British Art said Bell was an inspiration.

"As a collective we want to create work in the same spirit of endeavour and experimentation that Bell and his team adopted," she said.

"Working together on this project has enabled us to pool our individual expertise and energies to create such a large artwork."

Cygnet II
Cygnet II was one of Bell's experimental aircraft

Bell experimented by creating tetrahedral box kites and wings. His creations called Cygnet I, II and III were flown between 1907-1912.

The creators of the sculpture, New British Art, are a group formed from a wide range of artists, sculptors, painters, print-makers and film makers. They are supported by Welsh public art consultancy Safle.

The sculpture has been created from 1604 'tetrahedral modules' each one shaped like a pyramid. The sculpture measures 12 metres (40 ft) by 3.5 metres (12 ft).

The artists are inviting people to see their work at the Bluebell Aircraft Hangar in Picketstone on Saturday 27 March between 4pm and 8pm.

Ms Whitmore said they would attempt to fly the sculpture in May at an event to be recorded by Bafta-winning film maker John Minton for a documentary of the project.

"If the sculpture doesn't fly we won't consider this a failure but another stage in the life of this piece of work," she said.

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